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  • We have developed an approach to natural language processing in which the natural language processor is viewed as a knowledge-based system whose knowledge is about the meanings of the utterances of its language. The approach is orzented around the phrase rather than the word as the basic unit. We believe that this p a r a d i ~ for language processing not only extends the capabilities of other natural language systems, but handles those tasks that previous systems could perform in e more systematic and extensible manner. ...

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  • A web-based Knowledge Base System is an online Knowledge resource on the net. Knowledge Base System creates a huge archive of information on a website that help people gain knowledge. Knowledge Base System also is a communication tool that helps people share knowledge quickly and easily.

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  • Nội dung bài giảng "Các hệ cơ sở tri thức (KBS: Knowledge Based Systems)" trình bày 5 chương sau: Chương 1: Tổng quan về hệ cơ sở tri thức, chương 2: Biểu diễn và suy luận tri thức, chương 3: Hệ MYCIN, chương: Hệ học, chương 5: Hệ thống mờ cho các biến liên tục. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo.

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  • Hệ CSTT là chương trình máy tính được thiết kế để mô hình hoá khả năng giải quyết vấn đề của chuyên gia con người Hệ CSTT là hệ thống dựa trên tri thức, cho phép mô hình hoá các tri thức của chuyên gia, dùng tri thức này để giải quyết vấn đề phức tạp thuộc cùng lĩnh vực. Hai yếu tố quan trọng trong Hệ CSTT là: tri thức chuyên gia và lập luận, tương ứng với 2 khối chính là cơ sở tri thức và động cơ suy diễn....

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  • CL Research began experimenting with massive XML tagging of texts to answer questions in TREC 2002. In DUC 2003, the experiments were extended into text summarization. Based on these experiments, The Knowledge Management System (KMS) was developed to combine these two capabilities and to serve as a unified basis for other types of document exploration. KMS has been extended to include web question answering, both general and topic-based summarization, information extraction, and document exploration. ...

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  • DSS Case Study: A knowledge-based Decision Support System for enterprise mergers and acquisitions includes Introduction, Mergers and acquisition method and process, The architecture of the knowledge-based DSS, Conclusions.

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  • This paper describes a spoken dialog QA system as a substitution for call centers. The system is capable of making dialogs for both fixing speech recognition errors and for clarifying vague questions, based on only large text knowledge base. We introduce two measures to make dialogs for fixing recognition errors. An experimental evaluation shows the advantages of these measures.

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  • Knowledge-Based Report Generation is a technique for automatically generating natural language reports from computer databases. It is so named because it applies knowledge-based expert systems software to the problem of text generation. The first application of the technique, a system for generating natural language stock reports from a daily stock quotes database, is partially implemented.

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  • AnswerBus News Engine' is a question answering system using the contents of CNN Web site 2 as its knowledge base. Comparing to other question answering systems including its previous versions, it has a totally independent crawling and indexing system and a fully functioning search engine. Because of its dynamic and continuous indexing, it is possible to answer questions on just-happened facts. Again, it reaches high correct answer rate. In this demonstration we will present the living system as well as its new technical features. ...

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  • This demo abstract describes the SmartWeb Ontology-based Annotation system (SOBA). A key feature of SOBA is that all information is extracted and stored with respect to the SmartWeb Integrated Ontology (SWIntO). In this way, other components of the systems, which use the same ontology, can access this information in a straightforward way. We will show how information extracted by SOBA is visualized within its original context, thus enhancing the browsing experience of the end user.

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  • We propose a method to generate large-scale encyclopedic knowledge, which is valuable for much NLP research, based on the Web. We first search the Web for pages containing a term in question. Then we use linguistic patterns and HTML structures to extract text fragments describing the term. Finally, we organize extracted term descriptions based on word senses and domains. In addition, we apply an automatically generated encyclopedia to a question answering system targeting the Japanese InformationTechnology Engineers Examination. ...

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  • This pape~ describes an "intelligent" tutor of foreign language concepts and skills based upon state-of-the-art research in Intelligent reaching Systems and Computational Linguistics. The tutor is part of a large R&D project in ITS which resulted in a system (called DART~ for the design and development of intelligent teaching dialogues on PLATO I and in a program (called ELISA~ for teaching foreign language conjunctions in context. ELISA was able to teach a few conjunctions in English, Dutch and Italian.

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  • In the field of knowledge based systems for natural language processing, one of the most challenging aims is to use parts of an existing knowledge base for different domains and/or different tasks. We support the point that this problem can only be solved by using adequate metainformation about the content and structuring principles of the representational systems concerned. One of the prerequisites in this respect is the transparency of modelling decisions.

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  • IV Familiar with the database and the interaction language Ill Familiar with the contents of database II Familiar with the domain of application I Passing knowledge of the domain of application Of course, as users gain experience with a system, they will continually attempt to adapt to its quirks. If the purpose of the evaluation is to demonstrate that the natural language understanding system is merely useable.

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  • A sophisticated natural language system requires a large knowledge base. A methodology is described for constructing one in a principled way. Facts are selected for the knowledge base by determining what facts are linguistically presupposed by a text in the domain of interest. The facts are sorted into clnsters, and within each cluster they are organized according to their logical dependencies. Finally, the facts are encoded as predicate calculus axioms.

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  • This paper presents an expectation-based Japaneseto-English translation system called JETR which relies on the forward expectation-refinement process to handle ungrammatical sentences in an elegant and efficient manner without relying on the presence of particles and verbs in the source text. JETR uses a chain of result states to perform context analysis for resolving pronoun and object references and filling ellipses. Unlike other knowledge-based systems, JETR attempts to achieve semantic, pragmatic, structural and lexical invariance. ...

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  • Semantic Web Technologies provides a comprehensive overview of key semantic knowledge technologies and research. The authors explain (semi-)automatic ontology generation and metadata extraction in depth, along with ontology management and mediation. Further chapters examine how Semantic Web technology is being applied in knowledge management (“Semantic Information Access”) and in the next generation of Web services

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  • Pressing demand. Past market-based systems never saw real field testing, and contention was often artifi- cially generated. Today, a deployed market system could have immediate usage and solve real resource conflicts. Real usage data will help researchers calibrate and eval- uate their market-based resource schedulers. Previous mechanism designs were not able to take advantage of user feedback to drive the mechanism design process. Improved operating system infrastructure.

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