Leader of the opposition

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  • In the short-run, however, substantial differences existed. During the First World War entertainment expenditure moved in opposite directions in France and Britain and remained stable in the US. During the great depression US real entertainment expenditure shrunk substantially, while European levels remained stable. The French expenditure level was substantially lower than in the other two countries, about a fifth in 1938 using exchange rates, although the difference is difficult to quantify because of devaluation of the franc and purchasing power parity issues.

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  • Who is accountable under international law for the acts committed by armed opposition groups? In today’s world the great majority of political conflicts involve non-state actors attempting to exert a political influence (such as overthrowing a government or bringing about secession). Notwithstanding their impact on the course of events, however, we tend to know little about these groups, and even less about how to treat their actions legally.

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  • Every week’s news brings fresh reminders of the complex array of challenges facing contemporary organizations in every sector. While the realities of organizational life may have actually changed very little over the years, the public perception is otherwise as we are bombarded with reports of inefficiencies, ethical violations, greed, cost overruns, corruption, unwieldy bureaucratic procedures, waste, an absence of planning, and leadership ineptness.

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  • Roe v. Wade stands as a milestone to women’s freedom and equality, and one of its most fundamental tenets is that a woman’s health must always be protected. Yet 39 years after the Supreme Court recognized the right to choose and the vital importance of women’s health, 1 attacks on women’s privacy, and on health protections in particular, continue. Time after time, anti-choice lawmakers vote down proposed health exceptions to abortion restrictions, 2 and prominent anti-choice leaders openly state their opposition to protecting women’s health.

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  • Opposition—usually but not always from conservative, religious sectors of society—in many countries has blocked or severely hampered the spread of sexuality education. As Senderowitz (2000) points out, of the range of YRH interventions, school-based programs typically are the most exposed to criticism and opposition. Sexuality education programs usually unfold in the public sector, are highly visible, and are often under the control of local authorities and thus more open to revision or elimination.

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  • Many societies recognize the reproductive health threats facing young people—especially HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy—and see the schools as an appropriate venue for addressing such threats. They are, however, also concerned with upholding traditions and beliefs, including the expectation that young people abstain from sexual activity until marriage. Thus, traditional and religious leaders—who view themselves as the repository and transmitters of community values and beliefs—are often in the forefront of opposition to sexuality education in the schools.

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  • Despite these problems, even conservative countries have made headway in incorporating high quality sexuality education in the schools. Although not an easy or quick process, opposition to sexuality education can be diminished through active engagement of religious leaders, parents, and teacher groups. Advocates for sexuality education in Nigeria must plan accordingly for such long-term engagement and not expect overnight success.

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