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Logical link control

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  • The purpose of the topic Researching and building models of regional-linked hydropower turbine speed control system. Research on building regional-linked hydroelectric turbine speed control system on the basis of fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks to improve control quality.

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  • In this lecture, students will be able to understand: introduction, network models, data & signals, digital transmission, transmission media, error detection & correction, data link control, wired LANs – ethernet, wireless LANs, network layer - logical addressing, internet protocols, network layer - delivery, forwarding, and routing, transport layer, switching & vlans, application layer.

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  • In this paper, a Simulink modeling of Active Power Filter was established to reduce the harmonic with high adaptability for kinds of loads. Fuzzy logic controller was used to control the capacitor’s DC voltage of the two level three phases inverter that was designed to work as an Active Filter.

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  • In chapter 4, students will be able to: Explain how physical layer protocols and services support communications across data networks, build a simple network using the appropriate, explain the role of the data link layer in supporting communications across data networks, compare media access control techniques and logical topologies used in networks.

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  • Introduction Data link control layer – often abbreviated simply to data link layer – is concerned with the transfer of data over a serial data link The transmission mode may be either asynchronous or synchronous and based on either a character-oriented or a bit-oriented transmission control protocol The data link layer is fundamental to the operation of all data communication applications

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  • Ensuring the sending entity does not overwhelm the receiving entity Preventing buffer overflow Transmission time Time taken to emit all bits into medium Propagation time Time for a bit to traverse the link

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  • Nó thực hiện vai trò thiết yếu cho hoạt động truyền tin khả thi giữa các máy tính, nhưng với nỗ lực một mình của nó thì không đủ. Mỗi chức năng có các hạn chế của nó. Lớp 2 hướng tới khắc phục hạn chế này. Ứng với mỗi hạn chế trong lớp 1, lớp 2 có một giải pháp. Ví dụ lớp 1 không thể thông tin với các lớp trên, lớp 2 làm việc này thông qua LLC (Logical Link Control).

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  • Tầng này đôi khi được chia thành hai tầng con. Tầng con thứ nhất có tên Điều khiển Liên kết Lôgic (Logical Link Control, viết tắt là LLC). Tầng con này multiplex các giao thức hoạt động phía trên tầng liên kết dữ liệu, và theo tùy chọn có thể cung cấp chức năng điều khiển lưu lượng, acknowledgment, và khôi phục lỗi. Tầng con thứ hai có tên Điều khiển Truy nhập Môi trường (Media Access Control, viết tắt là MAC). Tầng con này quyết định tại mỗi thời điểm ai sẽ được phép truy nhập môi trường truyền dẫn....

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  • The Data-Link layer is the protocol layer in a program that handles the moving of data in and out across a physical link in a network. The Data-Link layer is layer 2 in the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model for a set of telecommunication protocols.The Data-Link layer ensures that an initial connection has been set up, divides output data into data frames, and handles the acknowledgements from a receiver that the data arrived successfully. It also ensures that incoming data has been received successfully by analyzing bit patterns at special places in the frames....

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  • public messages 199 registration 70-75 tasks 24 Twitter 11 users 63 social networks about 7 API, adding 348 business logic 8, 9 functions 8 status stream 181, 182 SPAM 390 startFresh() method 86 static profile about 151 contact list, obtaining 155 editing 157 relationships, improving 155 template for viewing 156 viewing 151 static profile, editing date picker 168 profile page, editing 164-166 steps 168, 169 template file, adding 166, 167 user photograph, uploading 157-163 static profile, viewing profile information controller 152 profile link 152 steps 154 statuses about 170 database table,...

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  • Data Link Layer. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to: Explain the role of Data Link layer protocols in data transmission. Describe how the Data Link layer prepares data for transmission on network media. Describe the different types of media access control methods. Identify several common logical network topologies and describe how the logical topology determines the media access control method for that network. Explain the purpose of encapsulating packets into frames to facilitate media access. ...

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