Loss of derivatives

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  • Dedicated to Yum-Tong Siu for his 60th birthday. Abstract Let {X1 , . . . , Xp } be complex-valued vector fields in Rn and assume that they satisfy the bracket condition (i.e. that their Lie algebra spans all vector fields). Our object is to study the operator E = Xi∗ Xi , where Xi∗ is the L2 adjoint of Xi . A result of H¨rmander is that when the Xi are real then E is o hypoelliptic and furthemore it is subelliptic (the restriction of a destribution u to an open set U is “smoother” then the restriction...

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  • We give a proof of the Nirenberg-Treves conjecture: that local solvability of principal-type pseudo-differential operators is equivalent to condition (Ψ). This condition rules out sign changes from − to + of the imaginary part of the principal symbol along the oriented bicharacteristics of the real part. We obtain local solvability by proving a localizable a priori estimate for the adjoint operator with a loss of two derivatives (compared with the elliptic case).

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  • This study of a large, nationally representative sample of Australian women who had recently given birth provides the first examination of consultancy patterns across conventional maternity care providers and CAM practitioners during pregnancy. The study presents four key findings. First, the study reveals a substantial level of CAM practitioner use with nearly half of the pregnant women consulting a CAM practitioner concurrent to conventional maternity care.

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  • am not more sensible of the distinction conferred upon me when you allowed me to inscribe this history with your name, than pleased with an occasion to express my gratitude for the assistance I have derived throughout the progress of my labours from that memorable work, in which you have upheld the celebrity of English learning, and afforded so imperishable a contribution to our knowledge of the Ancient World.

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  • Introduction. II. Background to reform Act 36/2002 on Spanish nationality. III. Main modifications regarding acquisition and loss of Spanish nationality. A) Relating to the right of option. B) Relating to acquisition through residence. C) Relating to loss of nationality: 1. Exception to loss of Spanish nationality through the “declaration of conservation”. 2. Exception to loss of foreign nationality through non-renunciation. D) Other modifications deriving from Act 36/2002. IV. Conclusions...

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  • Despite the theoretical advantages of identifying individuals with cognitive impairment, there is no evidence to indicate whether this leads to a net benefit or risk to the individual. Although pharmaceutica agents are able to produce measurable changes in cognitive performance in people with Alzheimer’s disease, none has been shown to result consistently in clinically significant improvement. The high cost of investigation to exclude reversible causes of dementia, and the negative effects of labelling are examples of potential harm.

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  • For this, credit is due to a set of economists and water quality engineers who were actively exploring the application of taxes to the problems of large, polluted watersheds. In the mid-1960s, large studies of the Delaware River Estuary were undertaken to assess, among other things, the desirability of using effluent charges to control pollutants. In 1967, Johnson reported that a “zoned” effluent charge program (where different tax levels were applied in different zones along the estuary) would cost half as much as a “uniform treatment” regulation.

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  • Income tax rates are at the center of many recent policy debates over taxes. Some policymakers argue that raising tax rates, especially on higher income taxpayers, to increase tax revenues is part of the solution for long-term debt reduction. For example, in the 112th Congress the Senate passed the Middle Class Tax Cut (S. 3412), which would allow the 2001 and 2003 Bush-era tax cuts to expire for taxpayers with income over $250,000 ($200,000 for single taxpayers). Other policymakers argue that maintaining low tax rates is necessary to foster economic growth.

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  • Among the many hardships of military activation is the possibility of losing earnings, and although some research points to such a loss, other research suggests that reservists in fact earn substantially more when they are activated. The authors examine earnings reports from the 2004 and 2005 Status of Forces Survey of Reserve Component Members (SOFS-R) and those from administrative data

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  • Boston Children’s Hospital Library’s Resources for Leadership Guide brings together materials found at the hospital library and reputable web sites for managers from all walks of Boston Children’s. The Resources for Leadership Guide includes lists of management books and journals available from the library as well as useful databases, leadership associations, and information about health care reform from the New England Journal of Medicine.

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  • Chapter 2 - Basic principles of stock options. In this chapter we will discuss: What options are and where they come from, why options are a good idea, where and how options trade, components of the option premium, where profits and losses come from with options.

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  • However, an altruistic basis for donation does not necessarily exclude other approaches: systems based on altruism and systems involving some form of payment are not mutually exclusive. This holds in two circumstances: first, in the absence of reward, where payment may be used to recompense the donor for costs actually incurred in donating (that is, in order to avoid financial losses as a result of donation); and second, in the presence of reward, where some forms of reward (monetary or otherwise) may in fact co-exist with altruistic intent.

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  • In addition to improved data storage and retrieval capabilities, in 2001 the Board began to address the huge volume of paperwork and physical records storage generated by its activities. The agency started to scan documents into a database for easier retrieval and reduced storage needs. In response to an expansion of the types of documents being scanned, in 2004 the agency created a separate Document Imaging Unit. The Document Imaging Unit has a state-of-the-art client/server and browser based electronic imaging system.

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  • Childhood obesity is a global epidemic and rising trends in overweight and obesity are apparent in both developed and developing countries. Available estimates for the period between the 1980s and 1990s show the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children increased by a magnitude of two to five times in developed countries (e.g. from 11% to over 30% in boys in Canada), and up to almost four times in developing countries (e.g. from 4% to 14% in Brazil).

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  • Schools have an important role to play in equipping children with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to protect their health. Skills-based health education is part of the FRESH framework (Focusing Resources on Effective School Health), proposed and supported by WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA, and the World Bank. This document was published jointly by agencies that support the FRESH initiative, and emphasises the role of schools, however this document will also be relevant to out of school settings.

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  • It is hard to imagine a time when law was more important to managers. The rapid growth of unregulated subprime mortgages and financial derivatives fueled a real estate bubble from 2001 through 2006, during which time executive compensation in the financial services companies soared. When the bubble burst in 2007, many executives of these companies walked away unscathed, leaving employees, stockholders, and taxpayers holding the bag.

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  • The pressure for B2B marketers is on. Modern B2B buyers have an increasing tendency and capacity to research purchasing decisions online long before they engage with Sales. They are empowered with information, and are reluctant from a persistently struggling economy. Winning over modern B2B buyers requires organizations to revolutionize their marketing approach, and the barriers to success are vast. Facing great scrutiny, we must act on the buyer’s terms, tie all activities into revenue, and continually optimize performance.

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  • Other Comprehensive Income Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 130 Comprehensive income includes traditional net income and changes in equity from nonowner transactions. 1. Changes in the market value of securities available for sale (described in Chapter 12). 2. Gains, losses, and amendment costs for pensions and other postretirement plans (described in Chapter 17). 3. When a derivative is designated as a cash flow hedge is adjusted to fair value, the gain or loss is deferred as a component of comprehensive income and included in...

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  • AI refers to several different procedures, all of which involve inserting sperm into a woman’s body, the differences referring to whether the sperm is placed in her vagina, uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes. AI can also be combined with hormonal drugs to stimulate production of multiple eggs to increase likelihood that one of them will be fertilized. AI can be done at home with a syringe or in a medical setting.

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  • Investment transactions are accounted for on the trade date. Realized gains (losses) from the sale of investments and unrealized appreciation (depreciation) in the value of investments are calculated with reference to the average cost of the related investments which exclude brokerage commissions and other trading expenses. All net realized gains (losses), unrealized appreciation (depreciation) in value, and transaction costs are attributable to investments and derivative instruments which are deemed held for trading, and are included in the Statement of Operations....

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