Magnetic materials and applications

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  • Normally, any ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material undergoes a transition to a paramagnetic state above its Curie temperature. Superparamagnetism is different from this standard transition since it occurs below the Curie temperature of the material. Superparamagnetism occurs in nanoparticles which are single domain. This is possible when their diameter is below 3–50 nm, depending on the materials.

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  • Lecture Electromechanical energy conversion - Magnetic circuits and magnetic materials presents the following content: Introduction to magnetic circuits; flux linkage, inductance, and energy; properties of magnetic materials; AC excitation; permanent magnets; application of permanent magnet materials.

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  • Investigation of the magnetic properties of materials is very important, because magnetic phenomena have various scientific and technical applications. The macroscopic properties of matter are a manifestation of the microscopic properties of the atoms of which it is composed. The magnetic properties of materials may be very different for types of material, depending on their nature and structure.

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  • Recent progress in information technology, wireless communication, biotechnology and microelectronics requires advanced technologies and new magnetic materials to meet demands of modern devices. This collection of eight chapters provides an up‐todate review of recent trends and developments in technology, characterization methods, theory and applications of modern magnetic materials with original, never published contributions from the renowned scientists in the field of magnetism.

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  • Magnetic materials are considered as crucial components for a wide range of products and devices. Usually, complexity of such materials is defined by their permeability classification and coupling extent to non-magnetic properties. Hence, development of models that could accurately simulate the complex nature of these materials becomes crucial to the multi-dimensional fieldmedia interactions and computations.

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  • Researching and developing technology for producing magnetic graphite materials from Vietnamese flake graphite sources as materials to be applied in treating the organic polluted environment.

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  • A dual fluidized beds system essentially comprises of two fluidized bed reactors coupled together with a provision of gas or materials transfer in between. It may be a combination of circulating-circulating or bubbling-circulating or bubbling-bubbling type systems. A noble application is in a gasification process for coal or biomass where nitrogen of air is not allowed to dilute the product gas.

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  • Materials are important to mankind because of the benefits that can be derived from the manipulation of their properties, for example electrical conductivity, dielectric constant, magnetization, optical transmittance, strength and toughness. Materials science is a broad field and can be considered to be an interdisciplinary area. Included within it are the studies of the structure and properties of any material, the creation of new types of materials, and the manipulation of a material's properties to suit the needs of a specific application....

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  • The term magnetic bearing refers to devices that provide stable suspension of a rotor. Because of the contact-less motion of the rotor, magnetic bearings offer many advantages for various applications. Commercial applications include compressors, centrifuges, high-speed turbines, energy-storage flywheels, high-precision machine tools, etc. Magnetic bearings are a typical mechatronic product. Thus, a great deal of knowledge is necessary for its design, construction and operation.

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  • Since its first implementation by Lauterbur [1], Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an important noninvasive imaging modality. MRI has found a number of applications in the fields of biology, engineering, and material science. Because it provides unique contrast between soft tissues (which is generally superior to that of CT) and high spatial resolution, MRI has revolutionized diagnostic imaging in medical science. An important advantage of diagnostic MRI as compared to CT is that the former does not use ionizing radiation....

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  • The book offers comprehensive coverage of the broad range of scientific knowledge in the fields of advances in induction and microwave heating of mineral and organic materials. Beginning with industry application in many areas of practical application to mineral materials and ending with raw materials of agriculture origin the authors, specialists in different scientific area, present their results in the two sections: Section 1-Induction and Microwave Heating of Mineral Materials, and Section 2-Microwave Heating of Organic Materials....

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  • It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of magnetic resonance techniques in chemistry. Experimental spectra can usually be successfully interpreted empirically, but more difficult cases require a prediction based on the electronic structure. In the last 25 years the calculation of magnetic resonance parameters from first principles has become a powerful research tool that can significantly enhance the utility of magnetic resonance techniques when empirical interpretations are insufficient.

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  • For fast developing materials science, the communication technology also introduces new applications especially in the field of application of new materials and devices. Metamaterials with repeating structures that exhibit the negative refractive index, negative dielectric constant, and negative magnetic permeability promise many benefits in the wireless communication using a new class of microwave antennas.

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  • The magnetic properties of the nanoparticle powders are strongly dependent on the preparation conditions. The milling process produces damages and defects not only on the surface, but also the crystal structure inside the particles, that cause an undesired strong reduction of saturation magnetization (Ms) and an increase of coercivity (Hc). A suitable post-milling heat treatment is able to heal the particles and recover most of their saturation magnetization and magnetic softness. The nanoparticles are then mixed with paraffin for microwave and radar absorption measurements.

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  • The rare-earth-free hard magnetic material MnBi is potential for permanent magnet high-temperature applications with the ferromagnetic phase formed at low temperature (noted as a Low Temperature Phase – LTP). Up to now, the MnBi powders with high LTP content and coercivity have usually been prepared using the melt-spinning technique. However, the large difference in the melting temperature Tm of the two constituents, Mn and Bi, and the strong reactivity of Bi with the copper-based wheel make the preparation of high-performance MnBi ribbons to be difficult.

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  • In these recent years, magnetite (Fe3O4) has witnessed a growing interest in the scientific community as a potential material in various fields of application namely in catalysis, biosensing, hyperthermia treatments, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents and drug delivery.

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  • In this review, we discuss current-induced domain wall motion under the action of different spin torques in a wide range of antiferromagnetically coupled materials. New approaches and prospective applications of the antiferromagnetic structurebased devices are also discussed.

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  • The magnetoresistive properties of pinned spin valves (SV) and their roles in low-field sensing applications were characterized. The magnetoresistive parameters were extracted, including the exchange bias (Heb) field as a function of the iron content in the CoFe layer and the antiferromagnetic (AFM) thickness, the magnetoresistance (MR) ratio versus the spacer thickness, the coercivity (Hc) as a function of the seed layer, and the composite layer [NiFe/Co] used.

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  • The aim of this work was to develop and validate the ES qNMR method based on PULCON principle using ERETIC-2 tool to determine concentration and purity of organic compounds through the testing of two certified reference materials (CRMs) and three highly interested chemical pharmaceutical materials (CPM) extracted in Viet Nam, thereby establishing procedure for PULCON based ES qNMR method and assessing the applicability of this potential and promising analysis method for the analysis of Vietnamese medicinal herbs.

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  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have played an increasingly important role in sensor and actuator applications. And its key contribution is that it has enabled the integration of multi-components (i.e., electronics, mechanics, fluidics and etc) on a single chip and their integration has positive effects upon performance, reliability and cost. Compared to conventional electrostatic, thermal or magnetic actuating schemes, piezoelectric MEMS inkjet has the advantages of lower power consumption, lower voltage operation and relatively larger driving force....

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