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  • An effective Web site is the key to success for every venture from class reunions to major corporations. And since Web technology changes rapidly, Building a Web Site For Dummies, 4th Edition is fully updated for the cutting-edge tools and trends. If you need to build and maintain a Web site, even if your experience is severely limited, this book makes it easy and fun.

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  • Your one-stop guide to building a user-friendly site with professional flair Whether you're building a site to keep in touch with others, sell products, or promote a cause, you want to make sure yours stands out in the crowd. This handy reference shows you how to design an accessible site, create graphics and navigation menus, build forms, insert sound and video, and keep your visitors coming back for more. Discover how to Plan, maintain, and promote a Web site Design with users in mind Work with HTML and CSS Optimize...

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  • The Metamorphosis. The Transformation. The Makeover. From fairy tales to Walt Disney cartoons to diet pill ads to home improvement television shows, we all have a natural interest in witnessing change taking place before our eyes. The ugly duckling becomes the swan. The neglected step-sister is transformed into a gorgeous beauty at the prince’s ball. The rundown house is made over into the jewel of the neighborhood. When we see these metamorphoses happening to others, we are inspired to emulate these same kinds of changes in our lives.

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  • Do you want to develop Web sites without the help of a programmer? Lucky for you there’s DotNetNuke, a content management system that allows you to build and maintain dynamic Web sites just by using a Web browser. DotNetNuke For Dummies helps you get down to business and shows you how to create a user-friendly Web site. You’ll find out how you can build and manage a flexible, versatile site with all the advantages an open-source application offers, use convenient modules, build a community, and save some money at the same time. This plain-English guide lets you discover how to:...

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  • E-commerce and Security III PART IN THIS PART 12 Running an E-commerce Site 13 E-commerce Security Issues 267 281 14 Implementing Authentication with PHP and MySQL 303 15 Implementing Secure Transactions with PHP and MySQL 327 Running an E-commerce Site CHAPTER 12 268 E-commerce and Security PART III This chapter introduces some of the issues involved in specifying, designing, building, and maintaining an e-commerce site effectively. We will examine your plan, possible risks, and some ways to make a Web site pay its own way.

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  • P erhaps the most important aspect of implementing and maintaining a Web site is making sure that it is accessible and usable by your audience. Regardless of how wonderful content is, if users cannot access the site in a timely and reliable way, they will go elsewhere for the information they seek. Therefore, it is important to know enough about the technologies that run the Internet that you can ensure that your site will meet the demands of its users.

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  • Andrew Connell has a background in content management solutions and Web development that spans back to his time as a student at the University of Florida in the late 1990s managing class sites. He has consistently focused on the challenges facing businesses to maintain a current and dynamic online presence without having to rely constantly on Web developers or have a proficiency in Web technologies.

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  • his book focuses on the nontechnical user who is responsible for building, maintaining, and managing Drupal web sites. The book covers why you should consider using Drupal when building a new web site, what Drupal is, installing and configuring Drupal, creating and managing content, managing users, adding functionality to your web site through Drupal modules, and more advanced topics on using themes, panels, and views.

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  • This module provides students with knowledge of the purpose and benefits of using Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) version 5.0. After completing this module, students will be able to: Describe the service provided by IIS. Configure Web server properties. Create Web sites and virtual directories. Manage Web site content. Configure authentication to a Web site. Configure access to Web pages. Configure browsers for Internet and intranet access. Maintain and update an IIS server.

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  • Lichens have been used to study air pollution chemistry in national parks and forests since the 1980s (Figures 1 and 2). There have also been a few lichen studies on national wildlife refuges. Most of the studies have been floristic studies, reports of baseline concentrations of elements in lichen tissues and, occasionally, trends in these concentrations. Figure 1 shows park and refuge locations with tissue chemistry data. USGS Biological Resources Division maintains a web site listing lichens known from each of the national parks shown on the map (http://www.ies.wisc.

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  • John Walkenbach is a leading authority on spreadsheet software and is principal of JWalk and Associates Inc., a small San Diego–based consulting firm that specializes in spreadsheet application development. He is the author of approximately three dozen spreadsheet books and has written hundreds of articles and reviews for a variety of publications, including PC World, InfoWorld, Windows magazine, and PC/Computing. John graduated from the University of Missouri and earned a master’s and a PhD from the University of Montana. Visit his Web site at

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  • In the “old days” of the Internet, most web pages were nothing more than text files containing HTML. When people visited your site, your web server simply made the file available to their browsers. This approach started out fine, but as web sites grew, and issues such as design and navigation became more important, developers found that maintaining consistency across hundreds of HTML files was becoming a massive headache.

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  • International Travel Agency (ITA) maintains a complex OSPF environment. Your manager asks you to optimize OSPF routing. You need to design and configure multiarea OSPF on the key routers connecting Asian regional headquarters to San Jose corporate headquarters and its local sites.

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  • Over the past few weeks, you've learned a great deal about the various control structures and objects available in JSP. You've see how to retrieve information posted in an online form, and connect your JSP document to a database for dynamic content generation. This week in The JSP Files, we're going to tackle yet another very interesting topic − the problem of maintaining "state" on a Web site.

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  • ASP.NET 3.5 builds on top of its popular predecessor ASP.NET 2.0. While maintaining backward compatibility with sites built using this older version, the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 in general and ASP.NET 3.5 in particular add a lot of new, compelling features to the mix.

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  • The London network administrator informs you that there is no WAN connectivity. ISDN connectivity has been lost between London and San Jose. After some investigation you contact the San Jose administrator. Based on logs maintained in San Jose, there has not been a successful ISDN session since yesterday when a security audit was performed. Though International Travel Agency (ITA) does not rely on sensitive “topsecret” information, the database of customer information has to be kept confidential. Also, the integrity of the reservation systems is mission-critical.

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  • For stakeholders who do not have the ability to access SharePoint, a web site will also be established for the project. Access to the website will be controlled with a username and password. Any stakeholders identified who are not able to access SharePoint will be issued a unique username and password in order to access the web site. The project manager is responsible for ensuring all project communications and documentation are copied to the web site and that the content mirrors what is contained on the SharePoint platform. ABC Corp. maintains software licenses for MS Project...

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  • International Travel Agency (ITA) maintains a secure network ( behind SanJose1, which acts as a firewall. You have been transferred to a remote site in the company ( that is not permitted through SanJose1’s firewall. The company allows you to modify SanJose1’s access list so that you, and you alone, can access the secured resources. Because you work at various stations at the remote site, you decide to configure lock-and-key so that you can get access from any IP address....

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  • Books “R” Us will update Customer A’s buying profile (or open a new one) in order to better serve that person in the future. Books “R” Us’s focus is on retail sales and Web-site design; this is the key to its success. The transaction processing is a necessary evil. In order to do this, Web merchants typically, purchase three to four software systems—one each for credit and payment processing, inventory management and fulfillment, tracking, and customer-information storage and mining. All these systems must talk to one another, which means that interfaces must be maintained.

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  • When XML first appeared, people widely believed that it was the imminent successor to HTML. This viewpoint was influenced by a variety of factors, including media hype, wishful thinking, and simple confusion about the number of new technologies associated with XML. The reality is that millions of web sites are written in HTML, and no widely used browser fully supports XML and its related standards.

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