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  • The project baseline, which is the focus of Chapter 7, arguably falls into place when planning is complete and the team members have agreed all the scheduled dates. At this juncture, values are stored, and these include the agreed tasks; the scheduled start and finish dates for the tasks; team members who will be responsible for scheduled tasks; and the budgeted cost. All that is done cognisant of performance, cost, time and scope (PCTS) of the project.

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  • Similarly, if you come to a card which is BLACK, put it face-up on your BLACK pile. Think BLACK and select a random face-down card. Put this face-down card in a pile in front of your BLACK pile. Go through this procedure until you run out of face-up cards. You now have the following: a RED pile and in front of that a pile containing the same number of face-down cards you selected while thinking RED. You also have a BLACK pile in front of which is a pile of random cards you selected while thinking BLACK. Interestingly your thoughts...

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  • While the financial meltdown of the last decade and its consequences are still being felt, many are already talking of another one originating in the Euro zone. The global economic slowdown was a natural consequence of the events of 2007-8 which has led to a gloomy investment climate. For obvious reasons, most investors appear to have adopted a more cautious approach. The situation has not been very different in India, with the potential addition of other issues to contend with.

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  • A heightened concern for the environment, combined with increasing sophistication in tracking and modelling air currents, has led to the realization that local air and water may be contaminated by pollutants emitted many miles away. Indeed, this realization has resulted in inter-regional and international tensions regarding air pollution. For example, much of the acid rain problem in the northeastern United States is a result of SOx emissions from coal-fired power plants in the Midwest.

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  • But we not only feel with Gretchen, we also feel sympathy and compassion for the maid, we experience what Witasek calls feelings of involvement [Anteilsgefühle]. The status of such sympathy-feelings is perhaps relatively easy to understand: they are genuine feelings which the subject himself genuinely has when he presents to himself a given object.

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  • To their credit, some highway advocates support tolling of added capacity to recover costs and control congestion, but this only addresses two of the external costs of induced travel. Only if all the pricing reforms described above are fully implemented can roadway expansion be justified and efficient.

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  • In this low-cost competitive environment, a region’s best chance to differentiate itself is with its brainpower: the education, knowledge, skills, and abilities of its workforce. From this perspective, every region has the potential to be competitive. Until recently, economic development practitioners paid scant attention to workforce issues, but this is changing.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'financial aid awarded, fiscal year 1999: grants, loans, and student earnings from institution jobs', tài chính - ngân hàng, tài chính doanh nghiệp phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Not to forget about my former and current employer Mercer Management Consulting who showed flexibility and provided resources which made this dissertation project much easier. Thanks to my advisor Wolfgang Krenz, my team leader Thomas Kautzsch, and my doctoral colleague Jan Burgard. Finally, and most importantly, my thanks go to my family. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am; evidently, I wouldn’t be at all without my parents. For this reason, I guess it is suited to dedicate this work to Ute and Fredy Frankenberger.

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  • The price of cinema was probably an important factor for the kind of audience it interested. Before the Nickelodeon prices varied, from a dollar or more for the first special Lumière events, to a few cents to fifty cents for a travelling showman (Musser 1990: 299). But in general, the market was in too turbulent a condition to put a reliable average price on motion picture watching. This even harder because they were often part of live entertainment. The prices the Nickelodeon charged were between five and ten cents, which often enabled the spectator to stay...

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  • However, superior performance in the past does not necessarily mean that it will continue into the future. This is because superior performance may be due to either a manager’s skill or good luck. Therefore, it is interesting to understand the characteristics of funds and to know what caused the performance; this helps investors to understand how to select their fund manager. This literature survey chapter is organised as follows. Section 2.2 surveys the writings related to performance measures and empirical evidence to do with them in the developed markets. Section 2.

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  • Within a sub-fund, separate currency hedged Share Classes may be issued (suffixed by "H" and the currency into which the Base Currency is hedged or the currency into which the currency the sub-fund total assets are primarily invested in, is hedged. These currency hedged share classes will be named: "ACHEUR" or "ACHGBP" for a Capital-Accumulation Share Class hedged into Euro or Pound Sterling). For the RMB Fixed Income sub-fund, any hedged Share Classes issued shall provide a hedge against the Base Currency of the subfund, i.e. the US Dollar.

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  • Our goal is to study a broad sample of countries. We gather reliable data for 55 nations and measure the size of each country’s mutual fund industry relative to the country’s assets in “primary” domestic securities (which includes equities, bonds, and bank loans) that are available to prospective investors. For completeness, we also report the size of national fund industry assets relative to the country’s GDP and population. We study the industry as a whole, and equity and bond funds separately, because certain hypotheses apply only to one of the two subsectors. ...

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  • Apparent throughout this report is the outstanding competence and capability of the NASA organiza- tion in its Centers and Headquarters. The Agency’s leadership was clearly committed to providing the bud- get and other requirements to achieve the clearly defined program goals. The major progress in establishing the mission flight system elements and facility infrastructure was started under NASA’s first Administrator, Keith Glennan, well before the Apollo mission was defined.

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  • This is not to say that this is not a linguistics text. It is, and linguistics permeates every single page. But the difference is that it is not trying to tell you how to become a linguist – and what things to get excited about – but what linguistic theory has to offer for the understanding of the English language. Many introductory text books in syntax use language data as a way of justifying the theory, so what they are...

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  • The polynomials Pn(x) are what we need. Indeed, let α vary over [0,π]. Then nα varies over [0,nπ], and the functions x =2cos α and Pn(x)=2cos nα range over the segment [−2, 2]. Moreover, x covers this segment exactly once, while Pn(x)coversit n times, assuming alternating values ±2for x = arccos(kπ/n),k = 0,...,n. This means that the graph of the polynomial Pn(x) lies in the strip |y|≤ 2 and contains n + 1 points of its alternating boundaries. Let us summarize: there is a unique monic polynomial of degree n, given by (7.

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  • Facilitating access is concerned with assisting people to command appropriate health care resources in order to improve or preserve their well-being. If services are available, then a population may ‘have access’ to health care provision. The extent to which access is gained can depend on administrative, political, social and cultural factors and barriers. The services available must be relevant and effective if people are to gain access to improved health outcomes.

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  • In 1984 the state of Colorado and EPA approved a trading program for the Dillon Reservoir to control nonpoint sources of phosphorus. This program constitutes the only trade nationwide to date. Under the program, sewage treatment authorities pay for the installation of nonpoint source controls and receive credit in their discharge permits of 1 pound for every 2 pounds of phosphorus removed from nonpoint sources. Sewage ...

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  • Computing technologies change rapidly. Users want more powerful but compact devices. New technologies constantly increase processing speed and storage capacity, while decreasing the device size in order to satisfy this demand. These technologies may require new clearing and purging techniques. Advancing technology has created a situation that has altered previously held best practices regarding magnetic disk type storage media.

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