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Mapping data to classes

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  • Fusion genes are known to be drivers of many common cancers, so they are potential markers for diagnosis, prognosis or therapy response. The advent of paired-end RNA sequencing enhances our ability to discover fusion genes. While there are available methods, routine analyses of large number of samples are still limited due to high computational demands.

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  • Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) has been used broadly in genetic studies for several species, especially those with agricultural importance. However, its use is still limited in autopolyploid species because genotype calling software generally fails to properly distinguish heterozygous classes based on allele dosage.

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  • Chapter 24 - Binary trees. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Learn about binary trees; learn how to represent and handle a binary tree using the TreeNode class; learn about binary search trees; review sets and maps, and the java.util classes that implement them.

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  • The object-oriented image analysis delineates segments of homogeneous image areas. The delineated segments are classified to real world objects based on spectral, textural, neighbourhood an object specific shape parameter. Object-oriented classification of highresolution imagery is a challenging job for the remote sensing community. Identification of the object-oriented classes based on objects leads to better classification. In this project, the object-oriented classification for tomato in Shoolagiri and surrounding villages of Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu, India.

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  • Soil organic carbon (SOC) content is key component of the global carbon (C) cycle which is highly variable with respect to space and time. The main objective of this study was to provide an assessment of soil organic carbon (SOC) stock variability for Uttarakhand state. The other objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of different pedotransfer functions for reliable assessment of bulk density. Soil Resource Mapping for Uttarakhand state was conducted on 1:50,000 scale with the help of Satellite imagery (LISS III) along with exhaustive ground truthing through soil surveys.

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  • Spatial analysis by way of weighted overlay was used to determine possible locations where the Boran cattle may strive. By considering elevation and annual rainfall data within the Dry Kolla agro-ecological zone of Ethiopia, one could extract a refined suitability map for the Boran. Within the Dry Kolla ‘mask’, one would extract the two variables or layers (elevation and rainfall) and conduct a simple statistical description by which the means and standard deviations are determined. Classes of suitability are assigned around the mean values according to their standard deviation.

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  • In this paper, we address statistical machine translation of public conference talks. Modeling the style of this genre can be very challenging given the shortage of available in-domain training data. We investigate the use of a hybrid LM, where infrequent words are mapped into classes. Hybrid LMs are used to complement word-based LMs with statistics about the language style of the talks. Extensive experiments comparing different settings of the hybrid LM are reported on publicly available benchmarks based on TED talks, from Arabic to English and from English to French.

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  • This paper describes a method for learning the countability preferences of English nouns from raw text corpora. The method maps the corpus-attested lexico-syntactic properties of each noun onto a feature vector, and uses a suite of memory-based classifiers to predict membership in 4 countability classes. We were able to assign countability to English nouns with a precision of 94.6%. ence. Knowledge of countability preferences is important both for the analysis and generation of English. In analysis, it helps to constrain the interpretations of parses. ...

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  • The Class Model in the UML is the main artefact produced to represent the logical structure of a software system. It captures the both the data requirements and the behaviour of objects within the model domain. The techniques for discovering and elaborating that model are outside the scope of this article, so we will assume the existence of a well designed class model that requires mapping onto a relational database. The class is the basic logical entity in the UML. It defines both the data and the behaviour of a structural unit.

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  • JDBC has simplified database access in Java applications, but a few nagging wrinkles remain—namely, persisting Java objects to relational databases. With this book, you’ll learn how the Spring Framework makes that job incredibly easy with dependency injection, template classes, and object-relational-mapping (ORM). Through sample code, you’ll discover how Spring streamlines the use of JDBC and ORM tools such as Hibernate, the Java Persistence API (JPA), and Java Data Objects (JDO).

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  • Microsoft’s ADO.NET Entity Framework, known widely as EF, introduced out-of-thebox Object Relational Mapping to .NET and Visual Studio. Central to Entity Framework was the Entity Data Model, a conceptual model of your application domain that maps back to the schema of your database. This conceptual model describes the core classes in your application. Entity Framework uses this conceptual model while querying from the database, creating objects from that data and then persisting changes back to the database....

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  • Every Java developer should be exposed to ideas from different languages, and Ruby/Rails is a wellspring of good ideas. Read this book—it will help you learn Ruby and Rails, and give you new ideas transferable to Java.

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  • The gSOAP tools provide a SOAP/XML-to-C/C++ language binding to ease the development of SOAP/XML Web services and client application in C and C++. Most toolkits for C++ Web services adopt a SOAP-centric view and offer APIs that require the use of class libraries for SOAP- specific data structures. This often forces a user to adapt the application logic to these libraries. In contrast, gSOAP provides a C/C++ transparent SOAP API through the use of compiler technology that hides irrelevant SOAP-specific details from the user.

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