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  • About Bradley: Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley (June 3, 1930 – September 25, 1999) was a prominent author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook. In literary circles, she is often referred to by her initials, "MZB," a nickname reinforced by her friend and editor, Donald A. Wollheim. Source: Wikipedia Also available on Feedbooks for Bradley: • The Door Through Space (1961) • The Colors of Space (1963) • Year of the Big Thaw (1954) Copyright: Please read the legal notice included in this e-book and/or check the copyright status...

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  • The Lhari spaceport didn't belong on Earth. Bart Steele had thought that, a long time ago, when he first saw it. He had been just a kid then; twelve years old, and all excited about seeing Earth for the first time—Earth, the legendary home of mankind before the Age of Space, the planet of Bart's far-back ancestors. And the first thing he'd seen on Earth, when he got off the starship, was the Lhari spaceport. And he'd thought, right then, It doesn't belong on Earth. He'd said so to his father, and his father's face had gone strange, bitter and remote....

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  • I've always wanted to write. But not until I discovered the old pulp science-fantasy magazines, at the age of sixteen, did this general desire become a specific urge to write science-fantasy adventures. I took a lot of detours on the way. I discovered s-f in its golden age: the age of Kuttner, C. L. Moore, Leigh Brackett, Ed Hamilton and Jack Vance. But while I was still collecting rejection slips for my early efforts, the fashion changed. Adventures on faraway worlds and strange dimensions went out of fashion, and the new look in science-fiction—emphasis on the science—came in...

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  • YOU SAY that Matthew is your own son, Mr. Emmett? Yes, Rev'rend Doane, and a better boy never stepped, if I do say it as shouldn't. I've trusted him to drive team for me since he was eleven, and you can't say more than that for a farm boy. Way back when he was a little shaver so high, when the war came on, he was bounden he was going to sail with this Admiral Farragut. You know boys that age—like runaway colts. I couldn't see no good in his being cabin boy on some tarnation Navy ship and I...

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