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Measurement and stochastic

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  • Ebook "Partitions, hypergeometric systems, and dirichlet processes in statistics" focuses on statistical inferences related to various combinatorial stochastic processes. Specifically, it discusses the intersection of three subjects that are generally studied independently of each other: partitions, hypergeometric systems, and Dirichlet processes. The Gibbs partition is a family of measures on integer partition, and several prior processes, such as the Dirichlet process, naturally appear in connection with infinite exchangeable Gibbs partitions.

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  • The objective of this research is to measure the technical efficiency (TE) level in furniture manufacturing industry in Malaysia besides analyzing the technical inefficiency factors to improve the firm’s efficiency. Data in the firm levels which were obtained from Department of Statistics (DOS) and will be analyzed by using Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA). The study has used cross-sectional data of 710 firms acquired from DOS.

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  • Part 2 book "Thermodynamics and fluctuations far from equilibrium" includes content: Electrochemical experiments in systems far from equilibrium, theory of determination of thermodynamic and stochastic potentials from macroscopic measurements, dissipation in irreversible processes,... and other contents.

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  • The paper shows the existence and uniqueness of the solution of this equation. The author also studies the moment stability of the solution. The main result of the paper shows the existence and uniqueness of the invariant measure of the solution.

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  • The relative contributions of genetic and environmental factors versus unavoidable stochastic risk factors to the variation in cancer risk among tissues have become a widely-discussed topic. Some claim that the stochastic effects of DNA replication are mainly responsible, others believe that cancer risk is heavily affected by environmental and hereditary factors.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Risk analysis in theory and practice" provides readers with contents including: Chapter 1 - Introduction; Chapter 2 - The measurement of risk; Chapter 3 - The expected utility model; Chapter 4 - The nature of risk preferences; Chapter 5 - Stochastic dominance; Chapter 6 - Mean-variance analysis; Chapter 7 - Alternative models of risk behavior; Chapter 8 - Production decisions under risk;...

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  • The applications in this book are limited to the analysis of samples of fixed size. Applications to more general stochastic processes, including sequential analysis, will make a natural sequel, but are outside the scope of this book. In some measure this book is a product of questions asked by students and the need for a presentation avoiding special approaches for problems that are essentially related. It is my hope that the experienced statistician will see in this book familiar things in a unified, ifun- familiar, way, and that the student will find this approach instructive.

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  • This study examines the relationship between bank efficiency and earnings management (EM) using a large sample of banks from 22 frontier market countries from 2011 - 2018, We hypothesise that EM via loan loss provision (LLP) and loan loss reserves (LLR) adversely impacts bank efficiency. Employing stochastic frontier analysis as a technical efficiency measurement, and random effects and truncated regression to reveal their relationship, we find support for this prediction. Also, in three of the five geographic regions tested, efficiency scores are higher for larger banks.

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  • Single-molecule RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (smFISH) provides unparalleled resolution in the measurement of the abundance and localization of nascent and mature RNA transcripts in fixed, single cells. We developed a computational pipeline (BayFish) to infer the kinetic parameters of gene expression from smFISH data at multiple time points after gene induction.

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  • Allele-specific expression is traditionally studied by bulk RNA sequencing, which measures average expression across cells. Single-cell RNA sequencing allows the comparison of expression distribution between the two alleles of a diploid organism and the characterization of allele-specific bursting.

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  • This measure, developed for evaluating customer churn uplift models, extends the maximum profit measure for evaluating customer churn prediction models. While introducing the MPU measure, we describe the generally applicable liftup curve and liftup measure for evaluating uplift models as counterparts of the lift curve and lift measure that are broadly used to evaluate predictive models.

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  • Lecture Introduction to Stochastic Processes: Lesson 19 provide students with knowledge about invariant measures and stationary distributions, stationary distribution of a Markov chain, how to obtain a stationaty distribution, proof of claim, invariant measure of the Markov chain,...

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  • Lecture Introduction to Stochastic Processes: Lesson 20 provide students with knowledge about suppose the Markov chain is irreducible and recurrent, unique stationary distribution, consequences of the theorem, positive recurrence and null recurrence are both class properties, symmetric transition probability matrix,...

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  • Electrochemical noise measurements have been applied to electrochemical systems that show stochastic behavior. The standard area of study that benefits from this stochastic analysis is localized corrosion modes like pitting and crevice corrosion. Application of electrochemical noise measurements to battery systems, though rare, is recently becoming more popular. The present contribution first establishes a method of analyzing electrochemical voltage noise data for NiCd batteries, then follows four samples of batteries in terms of voltage noise throughout their lifetimes.

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  • This study applies a combination of DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) model and the SFA (Stochastic Frontier Analysis) model to measure the impacts of M&A activities on the banking efficiency in Vietnam from 2011 to 2018. The results show that merge and acquisition (M&A) activities had a positive effect that reflects in an increase of the index of banking efficiency from 2011 to 2013.

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  • The paper aims to enrich previous findings for an emerging banking industry such as Vietnam, reporting the difference between the parametric and nonparametric methods when measuring cost efficiency. The purpose of the study is to assess the consistency in issuing policies to improve the cost efficiency of Vietnamese commercial banks.

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  • Interest in understanding the mechanisms that lead to a particular composition of the Gut Microbiota is highly increasing, due to the relationship between this ecosystem and the host health state. Particularly relevant is the study of the Relative Species Abundance (RSA) distribution, that is a component of biodiversity and measures the number of species having a given number of individuals.

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  • The Stochastic Process Model (SPM) represents a general framework for modeling the joint evolution of repeatedly measured variables and time-to-event outcomes observed in longitudinal studies, i.e., SPM relates the stochastic dynamics of variables (e.g., physiological or biological measures) with the probabilities of end points (e.g., death or system failure).

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  • The Partially-Observed Boolean Dynamical System (POBDS) signal model is distinct from other deterministic and stochastic Boolean network models in removing the requirement of a directly observable Boolean state vector and allowing uncertainty in the measurement process, addressing the scenario encountered in practice in transcriptomic analysis.

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  • Cells operate in an uncertain environment, where critical cell decisions must be enacted in the presence of biochemical noise. Information theory can measure the extent to which such noise perturbs normal cellular function, in which cells must perceive environmental cues and relay signals accurately to make timely and informed decisions.

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