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Mechanical engineering industry

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  • Ebook "Polysaccharide-based fibers and composites: Chemical and engineering fundamentals and industrial applications" includes chapters based on the potential uses of polysaccharides such as fibers in food and non-food applications. The complexity of their synthesis in plants, the highly multidisciplinary character of polysaccharide research, and the wide variety of applications from food to clothing to energy are addressed in this volume.

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  • This review paper explores the impact of Industry 4.0 on marine mechanical engineering in the Philippines, the opportunities it presents, and the challenges it brings. The paper starts with a brief introduction to Industry 4.0 and its various components that are relevant to the marine mechanical engineering industry.

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  • This handbook is intended for a wide readership ranging from professors and students in academia to practitioners and researchers in industry and business, including engineers, project managers, and R&D staff, who are affiliated with a number of major professional societies such as IEEE, ASME, SME, IIE, and their counterparts in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. The book is a source of new information for understanding technical details, assessing research potential, and defining future directions in the applications of computational intelligence in manufacturing.

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  • Ebook "Polymer physics: From suspensions to nanocomposites and beyond" explores the interrelationships among polymer structure, morphology, and physical and mechanical behavior. Featuring contributions from renowned experts, the book covers the basics of important areas in polymer physics while projecting into the future, making it a valuable resource for students and chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, and polymer scientists as well as professionals in related industries.

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  • Ebook "The physics of polymers: Concepts for understanding their structures and behavior" presents the elements of this important branch of materials science in the style of a series of lecture. The main focus lays on the concepts, rather than on experimental techniques and theoretical methods. Written for graduate students of physics, materials science and chemical engineering, as well as for researchers in academia and industry entering this field, the book introduces and discusses the basic phenomena that lead to the peculiar physical properties of polymeric systems.

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  • Ebook "Principles of polymer processing" provided with the complete panorama of polymer processing, starting with fundamental concepts through the latest current industry practices and future directions. All the chapters have been revised and updated, and four new chapters have been added to introduce the latest developments.

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  • Due to rapid industrialization and economic growth, the generation of construction and demolition waste (CDW) from the demolishing of buildings is increasing in Vietnam. At present, the Vietnamese government is promoting proper CDW management and reuse/recycling of CDW, supporting protection of the environment (Circular No. 08/2017/TT-BXD) and sound socio-economic development (Directive No. 41/2000/CT-TTg).

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  • Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have become attractive for structural engineering applications due to their excellent specific strength and are becoming an alternative to the conventional materials particularly in the automotive, aerospace and defence industries.

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  • Ebook "Practical problems in soil mechanics and foundation engineering - Volume 2" discusses the problems of weed control in sugarcane against the background of world-wide cultivation, with emphasis on Taiwan's intensive pattern of crop farming. After a brief botanical description of sugarcane and its cultivation in relation to weed control, the weeds themselves are studied. Chemical control of weeds, problems of crop tolerance and responses of weed species to chemicals are examined.

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  • This research focuses on Fibre Cement Felts (FCF), which is a non-woven textile substrate acting as a conveyor belt for the manufacturing of Fibre Cement Sheets (FCS). Fibre Cement Felts are a valued component required in the manufacturing process of Fibre Cement Sheets, used in construction for today’s building industry. Identifying the key factors that most influence FCF will assist in understanding of the relationship between fibre diameters, carded web, and mechanical bonding.

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  • Polyimides are known as high performance polymers that are widely used in optoelectronic devices as well as other high engineering applications. Among polyimides, in particular transparent and colorless polyimides (CPIs) are recently in high demand in optoelectronic industries because of their transparency as well as balanced thermo-mechanical properties.

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  • Polycaproamide (PCA) is a polymer, characterized by high wear resistance, mechanical strength, chemically resistant, resistant to most solvents. It is a promising structural material and is widely used in industry, for example, in shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, etc.

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  • The aim of this Masters of Engineering (MEng) - Aerospace thesis was to investigate the durability of Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors (PWAS) for the health monitoring of composite structures. One significant challenge faced by the aviation industry is the cost and time associated with maintaining aircrafts, in particular, aging airliners. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a possible approach to reduce the high cost of inspection and maintenance.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers: Part 2 presents the following content: Section 11 transportation; section 12 building construction and equipment; section 13 manufacturing processes; section 14 fans, pumps, and compressors; section 15 electrical and electronics engineering; section 16 instruments and controls; section 17 industrial engineering; section 18 the regulatory environment; section 19 refrigeration, cryogenics, and optics; section 20 emerging technologies.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Marks’ standard handbook for mechanical engineers (Tenth Edition): Part 2 presents the following content: Power generation; materials handling; transportation; building construction and equipment; manufacturing processes; fans, pumps, and compressors; electrical and electronics engineering; instruments and controls; industrial engineering; the engineering environment; refrigeration, cryogenics, optics, and miscellaneous.

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  • This article will focus on analyzing the current situation and clarifying the shortcomings in production technology, R&D activities, product quality management activities of mechanical supporting industry enterprises. On that basis, some recommendations are made to promote production technology innovation, R&D, and the application of quality management standards to supporting industry enterprises of mechanical engineering.

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  • Industry 4.0 is expected to lift people from the production lines, also creates a breaking by supplying chance for the development of each individual with support of information, knowledge and new technology. Mechanical human resource in Vietnam with low quality, weak soft skills and low flexibility is hindering the development and integration of the mechanical industry in the new stage. New requirement of knowledge and skills for Vietnamese mechanical engineers in an age of smart manufacturing is to improve the efficiency, quality, and utilization of operation in modern mechanical factories.

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  • TOEIC has been recognized as a golden to unlock doors of job opportunity for working people. At Hanoi University of Industry (HaUI), TOEIC certificate has become a compulsory requirement for high quality students to be qualified for university degree. This article explores the students’ difficulties in the test of TOEIC reading comprehension and then proposes applicable solutions to the difficulties.

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  • This paper applied the method developed by the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - VDMA). This assessment method is based on 6 pillars and 18 dimensions described for enterprises to self-assess readiness levels in IR 4.0.

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  • This paper presents a review on improvement of aluminium alloy for engineering application. The study shows that inclusion of agro industrial waste improved mechanical properties of the developed material.

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