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  • This monograph, part of a larger study of ways to reduce collateral damage undertaken for the U.S. Air Force, analyzes media and public reactions to civilian casualty incidents, whether these incidents affect media reporting or public support for military operations, and, if so, how. It analyzes case studies of incidents of civilian

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  • 1- Ăn cháo đá bát. -- Eaten bread is soon forgotten. 2- Con giun xéo lắm cũng quằn. -- Even a worm will turn. 3- Họa trung hữu phúc. -- Every cloud has a silver lining/ Misfortune has its uses.

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  • The original motivation for writing this book was rather personal. The first author, in the course of his teaching career in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS), University of Cambridge, and St John’s College, Cambridge, had many painful experiences when good (or even brilliant) students, who were interested in the subject of mathematics and its applications and who performed well during their first academic year, stumbled or nearly failed in the exams. This led to great frustration, which was very hard to overcome in subsequent undergraduate years.

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  • I have enjoyed so many rail journeys through the years, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the Nile Valley Express, which runs across the desert of northern Sudan, The one misfortune in my youth, growing up in South Africa

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  • My Stay at Paris and My Departure for Strasburg, Where I Find the Renaud--My Misfortunes at Munich and My Sad Visit to Augsburg At ten o'clock in the morning, cheered by the pleasant feeling of being once more in that Paris which is so imperfect, but which is the only true town in the world, I called on my dear Madame d'Urfe, who received me with open arms. She told me that the young Count d'Aranda was quite well, and if I liked she would ask him to dinner the next day. I told her I should be delighted to see him, and then I...

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  • My Misfortunes in Chiozza--Father Stephano--The Lazzaretto at Ancona --The Greek Slave--My Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Loretto--I Go to Rome on Foot, and From Rome to Naples to Meet the Bishop--I Cannot Join Him--Good Luck Offers Me the Means of Reaching Martorano, Which Place I Very Quickly Leave to Return to Naples The retinue of the ambassador, which was styled "grand," appeared to me very small.

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  • I have undertaken the task of tracing the History of the Grand Army and its Leader during the year 1812. I address it to such of you as the ices of the North have disarmed, and who can no longer serve their country, but by the recollections of their misfortunes and their glory. Stopped short in your noble career, your existence is much more in the past than in the present; but when the recollections are so great, it is allowable to live solely on them.

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  • These are payments made by an employer to a contractor which are not authorized by the contract. They are occasionally paid when a contractor has performed very much to the satisfaction of the employer but has shouldered some extra cost clearly not attributable to his own actions, such as exception- ally bad weather or some other misfortune outside his control. Only the employer can decide to make an ex-contractual payment, not the engineer or other person acting on his behalf; and the employer must himself have power to make the payment.

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  • This subject has indeed been, in some measure, preoccupied by persons far more capable of doing it justice than I can pretend to be. Had Captain Cook and Mr Anderson lived to avail themselves of the advantages which we enjoyed by a return to these islands, it cannot be questioned, that the public would have derived much additional information from the skill and diligence of two such accurate observers.

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  • .Family and the law in eighteenth-centuryfictionoffers challenging new interpretations of the public and private faces of individualism in the eighteenth-century English novel. John P. Zomchick begins by surveying the social, historical and ideological function of law and family in eighteenth-century England's developing market economy. He goes on to examine in detail their part in the fortunes and misfortunes of the protagonists in Defoe's Roxana, Richardson's Clarissa, Smollett's Roderick Random, Goldsmith's The Vicar of Wakefield and Godwin's Caleb Williams.

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  • The revolution of the 20th of March will form unquestionably the most remarkable episode in the life of Napoleon, so fertile as it is in supernatural events. It has not been my intention, to write the history of it: this noble task is above my powers: I have only attempted, to place Napoleon on the stage of action, and oppose his words, his deeds, and the truth, to the erroneous assertions of certain historians, the falsehoods of the spirit of party, and the insults of those timeserving writers, who are accustomed to insult in misfortune those, to whom they...

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  • The author of the following discourses, Lewis Cornaro, was descended from one of the most illustrious families in Venice, but by the ill conduct of some of his relations, had the misfortune to be deprived of the dignity of a nobleman, and excluded from all honours and public employments in the state. Chagrined at this unmerited disgrace, he retired to Padua, and married a lady of the family of Spiltemberg, whose name was Veronica.

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  • Men engaged in Intelligence Services during a war divide their particular opponents into two classes. One consists of neutrals who go out of their way to help the enemy for the sake of gain; and for such men we have not much compassion should they fall upon misfortune. They are interfering in great matters with which they are not concerned, in order to make a little money. The other class is made up of men who, abandoning the opportunities of their own careers, go secretly away in the sacred service of their country, play a lone hand, and run the gauntlet of foreign laws. For...

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  • THE following sheets contain a journal of principal events of the French Revolution. The best authorities have been resorted to, and the facts are related without any comment. The reader will find a faithful outline of an interesting and momentous period of history, and will see how naturally each error produced its corresponding misfortune. Various causes contributed to effect a revolution in the minds of Frenchmen, and led the way to a revolution in the state.

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  • Chapter 20 explores the causes of income inequality, its measurement, and means by which government redistributes income to reduce poverty. The Lorenz Curve (numerically, a Gini ratio) illustrates the degree of income inequality in a country. Income inequality is caused by differences in ability, education and training, discrimination, preferences and willingness to take risks, wealth, market power, luck, connections, and misfortune.

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