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  • Biến đổi khí hậu mà trước hết là sự nóng lên toàn cầu, đồng bằng sông Cửu Long (ĐBSCL) sẽ là vùng bị ảnh hưởng nặng nề nhất như nhiều dự đoán của các tổ chức thế giới. Đã có nhiều nghiên cứu về ảnh hưởng của mực nước biển dâng đối với điều kiện tự nhiên, môi trường và con người trên thế giới. Bên cạnh các nghiên cứu tập trung vào các mô hình truyền triều dưới ảnh hưởng của nước biển dâng, việc xây dựng các giả định sự thay đổi cao trình so với mực nước biển khi mực nước biển...

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  • Nghiên cứu này nhằm xác định mô hình hồi quy phi tuyến tính tốt nhất trong các hàm Logistic, Von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, Brody và Negative Exponential để mô tả đặc điểm sinh trưởng của bò lai F1(BBB × Lai Sind) theo độ tuổi.

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  • Approximation Algorithms for Product-Form Networks In Chapter 8, several efficient algorithms for the exact solution of queueing networks are introduced. However, the memory requirements and computation time of these algorithms grows exponentially with the number of job classes in the system. For computationally difficult problems of networks with a large number of job classes, we resort to approximation methods. In Sections 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3 we introduce methods for obtaining such approximate results. The first group of methods is based on the MVA.

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  • As computer networks become cheaper and more powerful, a new computing paradigm is poised to transform the practice of science and engineering. Driven by increasingly complex problems and propelled by increasingly powerful technology, today’s science is as much based on computation, data analysis, and collaboration as on the efforts of individual experimentalists and theorists. But even as computer power, data storage, and communication continue to improve exponentially, computational resources are failing to keep up with what scientists demand of them....

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  • The major obstacle in morphological (sometimes called morpho-syntactic, or extended POS) tagging of highly inflective languages, such as Czech or Russian, is - given the resources possibly available - the tagset size. Typically, it is in the order of thousands. Our method uses an exponential probabilistic model based on automatically selected features. The parameters of the model are computed using simple estimates (which makes training much faster than when one uses Maximum Entropy) to directly minimize the error rate on training data.

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  • We present a stochastic parsing system consisting of a Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG), a constraint-based parser and a stochastic disambiguation model. We report on the results of applying this system to parsing the UPenn Wall Street Journal (WSJ) treebank. The model combines full and partial parsing techniques to reach full grammar coverage on unseen data. The treebank annotations are used to provide partially labeled data for discriminative statistical estimation using exponential models.

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  • The present work advances the accuracy and training speed of discriminative parsing. Our discriminative parsing method has no generative component, yet surpasses a generative baseline on constituent parsing, and does so with minimal linguistic cleverness. Our model can incorporate arbitrary features of the input and parse state, and performs feature selection incrementally over an exponential feature space during training. We demonstrate the flexibility of our approach by testing it with several parsing strategies and various feature sets.

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  • Synchronous Context-Free Grammars (SCFGs) have been successfully exploited as translation models in machine translation applications. When parsing with an SCFG, computational complexity grows exponentially with the length of the rules, in the worst case. In this paper we examine the problem of factorizing each rule of an input SCFG to a generatively equivalent set of rules, each having the smallest possible length. Our algorithm works in time O(n log n), for each rule of length n.

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  • This paper introduces new learning algorithms for natural language processing based on the perceptron algorithm. We show how the algorithms can be efficiently applied to exponential sized representations of parse trees, such as the “all subtrees” (DOP) representation described by (Bod 1998), or a representation tracking all sub-fragments of a tagged sentence. We give experimental results showing significant improvements on two tasks: parsing Wall Street Journal text, and namedentity extraction from web data. ...

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  • Stochastic unification-based grammars (SUBGs) define exponential distributions over the parses generated by a unificationbased grammar (UBG). Existing algorithms for parsing and estimation require the enumeration of all of the parses of a string in order to determine the most likely one, or in order to calculate the statistics needed to estimate a grammar from a training corpus. This paper describes a graph-based dynamic programming algorithm for calculating these statistics from the packed UBG parse representations of Maxwell and Kaplan (1995) which does not require enumerating all parses.

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  • The paper demonstrates that exponential complexities with respect to grammar size and input length have little impact on the performance of three unification-based parsing algorithms, using a wide-coverage grammar. The results imply that the study and optimisation of unification-based parsing must rely on empirical data until complexity theory can more accurately predict the practical behaviour of such parserQ. 1.

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  • Under categorial grammars that have powerful rules like composition, a simple n-word sentence can have exponentially many parses. Generating all parses is inefficient and obscures whatever true semantic ambiguities are in the input. This paper addresses the problem for a fairly general form of Combinatory Categorial Grammar, by means of an efficient, correct, and easy to implement normal-form parsing technique.

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  • Nghiên cứu được thực hiện nhằm phân tích xu hướng sử dụng kháng sinh tại Bệnh viện Phú Nhuận trong giai đoạn 01/2012 - 12/2016 nhằm tạo căn cứ khoa học để điều chỉnh công tác dự trù mua sắm thuốc cho bệnh viện phù hợp nhất với tình hình thực tế.

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