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  • Nobody likes it when you mention the unconscious, and nowadays, hardly anybody likes it when you mention the environment. You risk sounding boring or j udgmental or hysterical, or a mixture of all these. But there is a deeper reason. Nobody likes it when you mention the unconscious, not because you are pointing out something o bscene that should remain hidden-that is at least partly enjoyable. Nobody likes it because when you mention it, it becomes conscious. In the same way, when you mention the environment, you bring it into the foreground. In other words, it stops being the environment.

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  • This simple narrative journal was written at Cañon Creek in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, in the middle of December, 1852, by Mrs. Lodisa Frizzell, who, with her husband, Lloyd Frizzell, and their four sons, set out on April 14th, of that year, from their unnamed home, not far from Ewington, Effingham County, Illinois, on the upper reaches of the Little Wabash River, on an overland journey to California. The journal records her observations and experiences from the Little Wabash, across Illinois and Missouri, to St. Louis and St. Joseph, and over the St.

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  • Out of the sunshine and shadows of sixty-eight years come these personal recollections of California--of the period when American civilization first crossed its mountain heights and entered its overland gateways. I seem to hear the tread of many feet, the lowing of many herds, and know they are the re-echoing sounds of the sturdy pioneer home-seekers. Travel-stained and weary, yet triumphant and happy, most of them reach their various destinations, and their trying experiences and valorous deeds are quietly interwoven with the general history of the State....

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  • The poor in mountainous areas of Quang Nam province give priority to food security in farming. Main food crops on upland were rice, cassava and banana; on lowland were rice and cassava; in home garden was jackfruit; in forest were acacia and cinnamon. Strategies to ensure food security and sustainable income for the poor are improve upland agriculture production by crop diversification, “short-time crops support long- time plants”, sustainable intensifications of local varieties and breeds, and enforce local people integrated in chain values of banana, cassava and mungbean.

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  • Africa is the second largest continent in the world. The world’s biggest desert, the Sahara, dominates the landscape of the north, while in the south forests and vast grasslands are home to wild animals, such as leopards, lions, and elephants. The Great Rift Valley, one of the Earth’s major geological features, runs from the Red Sea down to Mozambique. This huge crack in the Earth’s surface, caused by a series of faults, is made up of mountains, volcanoes, deep valleys, and lakes.

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  • In Hawaii, local production currently accounts for about 18 percent of the total amount oflettuce consumed. Major production areas in Hawaii include Mountain View and Waianae for leafy and semi-head lettuces and Kula and Kamuela for iceberg types. Smaller areas of production are found throughout the state, and lettuce is also grown year-round in most home and community gardens. Hawaii's commercial production decreased by more than 35 percent over the past few years due to the tomato spotted wilt virus, a devastating, thrips-trans- mitted disease.

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  • We should all be prospectors of happiness. There are those who discover it in the solitudes of the mountains where freedom is breathed in the air that touches the lofty .peaks. Others find it in the depths of the forest in the songs of the birds, of the brook, of the trees. Most of us must find it in the daily walks of life where the seeking is ofttimes difficult. Nevertheless, there it is in the manufactured glory of the city, in the voices of children, and in the hearts and faces of men. Happiness becomes a habit with some;...

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  • Shouldn’t it be possible to conceal a house in an Alpine slope while still exploiting the wonderful views and allowing light to enter the building? Surprised that it was permissible to construct a pair of dwellings so close to the world famous thermal baths of Vals, the client seized the opportunity to develop the site, without disturbing the bath’s expansive views. The introduction of a central patio into the steep incline creates a large façade with considerable potential for window openings.

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  • Weary of boarding at seashore and mountain, tired of traveling in search of comfort, hating hotel life, I visited a country friend at Gooseville, Conn. (an assumed name for Foxboro, Mass.), and passed three happy weeks in her peaceful home.

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  • But now we can argue that to make a found art object out of a landscape is to abstract from what it ecologically is. The ecological processes are not just at the pull-over sights; they are pervasively present on the landscape. They are back home on the landscapes left behind. This organic unity in a landscape is not gained by treating it as beautiful scenery, though it might be found if one discovered its ecology. A British visitor to the Rocky Mountains, despite the fact that his Denver hosts had urged him, 'You'll love the Rockies', complained that there were...

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  • The Manchus are descended from a branch of certain wild Tungusic nomads, who were known in the ninth century as the Nü-chêns, a name which has been said to mean "west of the sea." The cradle of their race lay at the base of the Ever-White Mountains, due north of Korea, and was fertilised by the head waters of the Yalu River.

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  • Traditional herbal medicine has been used since ancient time in many parts of the world where access to formal and modern healthcare is limited. Nepal is not exempt and in mid-hills, mountainous and rural areas of the country where access and services are limited, herbal medicine is the basis of treatment of most illness through traditional knowledge. It is estimated that approximately 90% of the Nepalese people reside in rural areas where access to government health care facil- ities is lacking [30]. These people rely predominantly on traditional herbal medicine.

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