Nociceptors and visceral

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  • the end consumer as the most important element in the food chain, and to re- construct the single elements of the food production and distribution process from the consumers perspective – in other words to start a reversed food chain thinking. This approach makes it possible to come to a kind of hierarchical analysis of the research issues in three main categories1 : Consumer Science Consumer confidence in food safety has recently dropped to very low levels, as illustrated e.g.

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  • The action/period of eligibility cannot last more than 12 months. If after the signing of the agreement and the start of the project it becomes impossible for the beneficiary, for dully justified reasons beyond his control, to complete the project within the scheduled period, an extension to the eligibility period may be granted by the way of an addendum. In duly justified cases the duration of the action could be extended of three months maximum when the action is linked to an event (e.g.

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  • The oldest and most basic form of animation used up to the present is 2D animation. The process of 2D animation is done by combining multiple sets of two-dimensional hand-drawn objects and placing them in a sequence and in a manner that creates an illusion that the drawn objects are in fact moving. With the advancement of computer technology, 2D animation has evolved into more than just handmade drawings. Today, these drawings are given more depth by scanning each frame individually and further manipulation and enhancement are processed by software applications.

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  • Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and ICF Macro. 2010. Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2008-09. Calverton, Maryland: KNBS and ICF Macro. Comments Percentage of breastfed babies receiving complementary foods at 6-9 months of age reduced from 84.2% (2003) to 82.8% (2008/09). However, it is important to note that 32% of babies are introduced to complementary feeds too early at the age of 2-3 months; this malpractice has however improved over time from 81% (1993) to 32% (2008/09).

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  • “Designing Outdoor Sculpture Today for Tomorrow” was written for sculptors, owners, art managers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, fabricators, foundry personnel, conservators, community groups and others who care about outdoor sculpture. Allies in the broader field of public art will find this a useful tool too. This guide was written by their colleagues—Glenn Wharton, conservator, with assistance from Rita Roosevelt, public art specialist, and Mark Rabinowitz, sculptor and conservator.

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  • Our homes, businesses and factories account for more than 70 percent of the energy we consume, and we need to invest in energy efficiency in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to improve U.S. competitiveness, lower electricity bills, and protect our environment. This is why the President has laid out a bold vision for sparking a new home-grown industry in making our homes, buildings, and factories more energy efficient.

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  • A library search was also conducted using the Children’s Play Information Service (CPIS) to include the most up-to-date published research. Information was collated from relevant websites including that of British Toy and Hobby Association4 . The review also draws extensively on Play for a Change, by Lester and Russell (2008), published by Play England and is informed by the research undertaken for Getting it Right for Play: The Power of play – an evidence base published by Play Scotland in January 2012. ...

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  • This initial stage of the project also provides the project manager with opportunities to get to know the team and help them get to know each other. The time-honored kick-off group lunch can be combined with techniques often using in training sessions such as sharing personal and professional information with a colleague who then makes the group introduction. In addition, the project manager should ensure that the physical workspace is arranged in a way that facilitates collaborative activities such as pair programming and team problem solving.

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  • Investing in Infrastructure? Another option for the use of potential surpluses would be investment in the state’s infrastructure. Our forecast, for example, assumes no additional bond authorizations for infrastructure even though several programs, such as K-12 and higher education, have exhausted most of their existing bond authority. Our forecast also does not include bond payment costs related to the $11 billion water bond now scheduled for the November 2014 statewide ballot.

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  • A major in Finance will offer you a wide range of employment opportunities. Potential careers may be found in corporations, retail and wholesale banking, insurance companies, finance companies, and brokerage houses. Specific jobs include portfolio management, risk management, personal financial planning advisory services, project and investment analysis, treasury operations, foreign exchange and money market dealing, and equity operations. A sample of career possibilities is below along with some of the roles performed in those jobs.

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  • Nevertheless, a cursory look at these self-reported barriers provides interesting information. Distance from a bank is a much greater barrier in rural areas, as expected. Technological and other innovations that help overcome this barrier of physical distance could pay off—potentially increasing the share of adults us- ing a formal account by up to 23 percentage points in Sub-Saharan Africa and 14 percentage points in South Asia.

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  • Ayadi et al. (2009) argue that different institutional forms should coexist and should be made sufficiently strong so that they have a fair chance of emerging successfully from thestruggle inwhichdifferent formsoforganizingbankingactivity compete with each other. They argue that diversity in the field of financial intermediaries is only a positive thing and that policymeasures should be taken to preserve diversity.

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  • 1 Generally speaking, the better your credit, the lower the cost of obtaining that credit, usually in the form of interest rates and fees. That means, you’ll have more available for savings and spending. Lenders will have more confidence in your ability and commitment to repay the loan on time and in full. Conversely, if your credit history is not strong, you’ll probably pay higher interest rates and fees and have less money available for savings and spending. You could end up being short on money and playing “catch-up,” juggling between payments on several bills.

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  • Virtually all comprehensive sexuality education programs promote abstinence from sexual activity as part of the curriculum, and try to teach young people how to resist pressure for unwanted sex. One type of program known as the “abstinence-only-until-marriage” approach teaches young people the social, psychological, and health gains to be realized by abstaining from sexual activity. Such abstinence-only programs do not offer students other strategies, for example, quality information for youth who already are or may become sexually active.

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  • Disparities in access to essential basic services, such as sanitation, clean water, health, education and access to the judiciary system, are fundamental inequities that can produce lifelong inequalities and deep-seated feelings of injustice. These inequities extend to things like access to information: while access to communication technologies, including the internet, may seem like a luxury, in reality it means that while most young people in developed countries, and the wealthier young people in poor countries, can obtain the information they seek, others cannot (see Figure 1).

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  • Some proposed calorie­lowering strategies include eating foods that are low in calories for a given measure of food (e.g., many kinds of vegetables and fruits and some soups). However, when making changes to improve nutrient intake, one needs to make substitutions to avoid excessive calorie intake. The healthiest way to reduce calorie intake is to reduce one’s intake of added sugars, fats, and alcohol, which all provide calories but few or no essential nutrients (for more information, see chs. 6, 7, and 9).

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  • Our Journal, the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer (Editor-in-Chief Dr. Uzi Beller and Associate Editor-in-Chief Dr. Gillian Thomas) continues to improve and the impact factor is now 2.179. The future of our Journal is promising to become a very prestigious one for our members. During my time as President I would like to focus on “education” to enhance the global impact of our Society. Fortunately, Dr. Jonathan Berek has accepted my request to serve as the Chair of the Education Committee.

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  • Immunization coverage has been regarded an one of the parameters for measuring the effe ctiveness of the health programme of organization to the plight of the displaced persons, particularly, children. It could be observed from the table (Table 2) that immunization coverage was substantial for meningitis (34.72%) followed by measles (20.65). Lafia town is naturally both humid and hot and so, the relatively high level of immunization with cerebrospinal meningitis antigen is a justifiable preventive action by the state government.

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  • By contrast, three examples of speculation in relation to raw materials are not convincing in relation to their productive influence since in each case all that is involved is speculation on a rise in the price of commodities (wood, wine and wheat) and not on a source of progress: Even if in each of these situations there is no wish to deceive and if, in extremis, there is a service provided to the consumer – thus the speculative hoarding of wine allows the market to be supplied when all other supplies are exhausted – there is effectively a speculative hope...

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  • Translational medicine requires the full extent of patient data to be accessible so that questions spanning multiple data sources, such as those discussed above, can be asked and answered. For example, a physician in clinical practice would like to easily ask for the criteria for the diagnosis of a disease and the recommendations for perso- nalized medicines. However, TMKB has the potential to be equally relevant to scien- tists developing new pharmaceutical products.

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