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Non .net applications

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  • This study aimed to determine the optimum nitrogen application rate for quinoa in saline soils.

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  • The farmers are using local cultivators ie Jhain Mung which gives poor yield. Generally the farmers are not adopting any nutrient and biofertilizer application and YMV is the major reason for poor yield in this area. As the crop is grown in residual soil moisture, the crop faces water stress condition many times. One of the major constraints of poor yield and spread of green gram, is the non-availability of suitable high yielding variety to replace the traditional varieties.

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  • The biofouling issue is a tenacious issue throughout the history of aquaculture farming in the world, however it has elevated in priority as labour and electricity costs have arisen in recent years. Besides, fouling development is frequently fast on the grounds that the waters encompassing aquaculture activities are enhanced by natural and inorganic squanders (uneaten food, fecal and excretory material) created by high-density fish populations.

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  • A field experiment was carried out on ‘Effect of integrated nutrient management on yield and quality of parching sorghum for identifying an ideal combination of Zinc, organic and inorganic nutrient sources for getting better quality, more net return and uptake of nutrients of kharif parching sorghum. The experiment was carried out at the farm of CRS, Sorghum Research Unit, Dr. PDKV, Akola, during Kharif season of 2016-17 on clayey loam soil.

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  • A field experiment was conducted during kharif season of 2011-12 to 2016-17 to study the rain water management for sustaining groundnut productivity in medium black soils under dry farming condition at Main Dry Farming Research Station, Junagadh Agricultural University, Targhadia of Nourth Saurashtra Agro climatic Zone of Gujarat. The experiment consisting 2 main plots (2 levels of tillage) and 5 sub plot treatments (Management practices) laid out in split plot design with four replications.

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  • The Present study was carried out at Bharatpur district of Eastern Rajasthan during 2015- 16, 2016-17 and 2017-18. Potato is one of the most important vegetable crops of the country. The development of the Agriculture is primarily depends on the application of the scientific technologies by making the best use of available resources. One of the major constraints of traditional potato farming is low productivity due to non management of weeds. To increase the production, productivity and quality of agricultural produce, on farm testing are being conducted at various farmers’ field.

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  • A field experiment was conducted at Rice block in RARS Warangal, during Rabi-2015-16 and 2016-17 to study the rescheduling of fertilizer doses in Rice for Central Telangana. The results revealed that the non significantly higher grain yield and significantly, higher straw yields (6816 and 6187 kg/ha, respectively) were recorded by the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 150%-100%-100% (180-60-40kg/ha) recommended dose over the others. Significantly maximum N, P, K, Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn uptake 199 kg/ha, 25.

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  • Donald Lobo, Michal Mach, and I started CiviCRM almost six years ago. Back then, open source software had gained traction in the operating system arena, but the idea of an open source application designed from the ground up to meet the needs of non-profits and other civic sector organizations was pretty radical. We were convinced that there was a natural affinity between the principals of open source development, namely peer production, collaboration, and transparency, and the goals and culture of many civic sector organizations.

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  • The vast majority of U.S. residential consumers face a monopoly or duopoly in broadband Internet access. Until now, the Internet has been characterized by a regime of “net neutrality,” which means there has been no discrimination between the price of transmitting packets based on the identity of either the transmitter or the identity of the receiver, based on the application, or the type of content the packet contains.

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  • Web Parts are reusable components that extract data from existing Microsoft or non-Microsoft applications for use in ASP.NET Web pages; they can also be used to build user controls Presents developers with an understanding of how Web Parts work and how they can be developed Examines how to secure and integrate Web Parts into other Windows systems (SQL Server, Office, ASP.NET, Content Manager)

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  • T o the folks at Sybex, especially Tom Cirtin who made this book available, Acey J. Bunch for his technical expertise, and Erica Yee and Judy Flynn for their contributions to this book. I want to thank Rodnay Zaks, the president of Sybex, who signed the contract. I also extend my thanks to the other people in the Sybex team. I still need to thank other people, especially the readers who have provided me with their comments and suggestions about my previous works. During the process of writing this book, the test monkey in Chapter 3 frequently reminded me of my early days as a schoolboy.

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  • Web 2.0 Ajax portals are among the most successful web applications of the Web 2.0 generation. iGoogle and Pageflakes are the pioneers in this market and were among the first to show Ajax’s potential. Portal sites give users a personal homepage with one-stop access to information and entertainment from all over the Web, as well as dashboards that deliver powerful content aggregation for enterprises. A Web 2.0 portal can be used as a content repository just like a SharePoint or DotNetNuke site. Because they draw on Ajax to deliver rich, client-side interactivity, Web 2.

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