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  • Introduction were constrained by the inadequate availability of same-domain, comparable texts in electronic form. The type of nonparallel texts obtained from the LDC or university libraries were often restricted, and were usually out-of-date as soon as they became available. For new word translation, the timeliness of corpus resources is a prerequisite, so is the continuous and automatic availability of nonparallel, comparable texts in electronic form.

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  • In this work, we tackle the task of machine translation (MT) without parallel training data. We frame the MT problem as a decipherment task, treating the foreign text as a cipher for English and present novel methods for training translation models from nonparallel text.

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  • We present a simple and effective method for extracting parallel sentences from comparable corpora. We employ a statistical machine translation (SMT) system built from small amounts of parallel texts to translate the source side of the nonparallel corpus. The target side texts are used, along with other corpora, in the language model of this SMT system. We then use information retrieval techniques and simple filters to create French/English parallel data from a comparable news corpora.

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