On the acquisition of lexical entries

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  • This paper describes a computational model of concept acquisition for natural language. W e develop a theory of lexical semantics, the Eztended Aspect Calculus, which together with a ~maxkedness theory" for thematic relations, constrains what a possible word meaning can be. This is based on the supposition that predicates from the perceptual domain axe the primitives for more abstract relations. W e then describe an implementation of this model, TULLY, which mirrors the stages of lexical acquisition for children. ...

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  • The SRI Core Language Engine (CLE) is a general-purpose natural language front end for interactive systems. It translates English expressions into representations of their literal meanings. This paper presents the lexical acquisition component of the CLE, which allows the creation of lexicon entries by users with knowledge of the application domain but not of linguistics or of the detailed workings of the system. It is argued that the need to cater for a wide range of types of back end leads naturally to an approach based on eliciting grammaticality judgments from the user.

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  • This paper presents a formalization of automatic grammar acquisition that is based on lexicalized grammar formalisms (e.g. LTAG and HPSG). We state the conditions for the consistent acquisition of a unique lexicalized grammar from an annotated corpus. idea in this study is to automatically obtain the lexical entries from an annotated corpus, which will greatly reduce the cost of building the grammar.

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