Organic matter decomposes

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  • During vermicomposting, decomposition of organic matter is mostly carried out by the aerobic microbes, facilitated by the earthworms. Light, an important ecological factor can penetrate up to 3-4 cm into surface soil or organic substrates and therefore is expected to influence the biological function of microbes during decomposition.

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  • Lepidium sativum an important medicinal plant with immense pharmacological properties has been observed to be generally affected by many fungal pathogens in India particularly Alternaria alternata characterized by the appearance of brown necrotic spots on the leaf margin affecting the herb yield.

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  • The production of fine roots (diameter ≤2 mm) contributes considerably to carbon cycling in forest ecosystems. Fine roots constitute a significant organic matter pool with high net primary productivity and turnover. In this study, fine root decomposition, mortality, and production were estimated at a Quercus serrata Murr. plantation in Japan by using rates of diameter-dependent root mortality, decomposition, and the thickening method employed. Sequential soil core and litter bag techniques were used to collect field data. The experiments were set up in a 20×20 m plot.

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  • Decomposedplantmatter is themain sourceofessentialsnutrients. Theharvesting timeof energycrops,quantity(ofenergycroprichinnutrients)removedduringharvestinfluencesthe nutrientcycleofthesoil,asnutrientsareremovedalongwiththecropsduringtheharvest.This removalofnutrientswithharvesting,leadstothetaxingofessentialnutrientsinthesoil.

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  • Healthy soil is the foundation of organic farming. Regular additions of organic matter in the form of cover crops, compost, or manure create a soil that is biologically active, with good structure and capacity to hold nutrients and water (note that any raw manure applications must occur at least 120 days before harvest). Decomposing plant materials will activate a diverse pool of microbes, including those that break down organic matter into plant-available nutrients, as well as others that compete with plant pathogens in the soil and on the root surface.

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  • Research Reports IWMI’s mission is to improve the management of land and water resources for food, livelihoods and environment. In serving this mission, IWMI concentrates on the integration of policies, technologies and management systems to achieve workable solutions to real problems—practical, relevant results in the field of irrigation and water and land resources.

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