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  • A case study "Value stream analysis of a re-engineered construction supply chain" is presented that documents the most common configuration of the supply chain for pipe supports used in power plants in the USA. This supply chain, like many others in construction, has numerous inefficiencies, many of which occur at the interfaces between processes, disciplines or organizations. Recognizing and understanding such inefficiencies, their causes and potential remedies provides a basis for process re-engineering.

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  • Lecture Information technology project management (Eighth Edition): Chapter 2, after studying this section will help you understand: Describe the systems view of project management and how it applies to information technology (IT) projects; Understand organizations, including the four frames, organizational structures, and organizational culture; Explain why stakeholder management and top management commitment are critical for a project’s success.

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  • Lecture Information technology project management (Eighth Edition): Chapter 3, after studying this section will help you understand: Describe the five project management process groups, the typical level of activity for each, and the interactions among them; Understand how the project management process groups relate to the project management knowledge areas; Discuss how organizations develop information technology (IT) project management methodologies to meet their needs.

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  • A new species, Comalcandona gibsoni sp. nov., was found from Comal Springs, Comal County, Texas, USA. The new species has four horn-like projections located on the antero- and posterodorsal ends of the valves and this unique character separates this species from Comalcandona tressleri. Some other distinguishing differences in chaetotaxy (e.g., position, length, and number of setae on the segments) can also be seen in the soft body parts (e.g., absence of gamma seta on mandibula, duckbill shape of clasping organ of first leg, numbers of whorls in Zenker’s organ).

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  • This introductory page attempts to define the organization, its history, objectives, branches, and specializations of each branch, and to introduce the historical transformations that the work of this international organization has witnessed.

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  • Lecture Product Design and Development (5e) - Chapter 2: Development processes and organizations. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: concept development process, generic product development process, planning, (phase zero) input, project mission statement, system-level design, detail design,...

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  • Lecture Software Project Management describes the tools to efficiently coordinate and automate the various project management component processes. Project management software generally offers extensive reporting features, such as dayto-day status updates of project progress, scheduling and dependency trees, and system-generated alerts when schedules slip beyond pre-set tolerances.

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  • In organizations, knowledge management becomes more and more popular discipline and practice. Indeed, modern project management plays an important role in improving the efficiency of knowledge management. Agile Methodology is an emerging approach to manage projects smoothly. The paper aims to study background knowledge of Knowledge Management and Agile Methodology. Finally, a case study named using Knowledge Management and Agile Kanban to manage Final Projects in the ISD course will be fully illustrated.

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  • Lecture Electronic commerce - Chapter 16: Launching a Successful Online Business and EC Projects learning objectives: Understand the fundamental requirements for initiating an online business. Describe the process of initiating and funding a start-up e-business or large e-project. Understand the process of adding EC initiatives to an existing business. Describe the issues and methods of transforming an organization into an e-business. Describe the process of acquiring Web sites and evaluating building versus hosting options.

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  • This article is taken from the study project, “Job Satisfaction of Basic Education Teachers in Southeast Asia”, a collaborative endeavor among SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization) Centers.

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  • The final common project it is legal establishing of brand new private ship management company. Realistic plans contain: budgeting for 1 year, organizing office and staff , preparing ISM code, etc.

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  • "EBook Research training in the biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research sciences" present committee biographies; gender of full-time graduate students in the behavioral and social sciences; future workforce projections; the national academy of engineering was established in 1964, under the charter of the national academy of sciences, as a parallel organization of outstanding engineers it is autonomous in its administration and in the selection of its members, sharing with the national academy of sciences the responsibility for advising the federal government.

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  • (BQ) The following will be discussed in Ebook Network security essentials: Applications and standards – Part 2: Intruders, malicious software, firewalls, some aspects of number theory, projects for teaching network security, network management security, legal and ethical aspects, standards and standards-setting organizations,...

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  • The following will be discussed in Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices - Part 2: Authentication applications, Electronic mail security, IP security, web security, intruders, malicious software, firewalls, standards and standards-setting organizations, projects for teaching cryptography and network security,...

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  • The community plays a key role in defining and organizing aspects of all the required works for their village in the watershed program. The position in the Entry Point Activities is evident in the implementation of works that were taken up in watershed project area. In Grama Sabha, all the entry point activities were identified through consultation with the village's public and they ensure that all categories of communities have participated such as SC, ST, and women’s groups and so on.

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  • Green energy is considered the backbone for all the environmental strategies as it impacts the organizations in three key areas, such as the economy, society, and environment. Green energy projects have emerged as the sustainable drivers of economic elevation for a country, replacing the conventional energy sources that damage the ecology to a great extent. In this paper, the primary purpose is to overview the financial processes to pursue green energy. Moreover, this paper has analyzed all the financial mechanisms required in Georgia to carry out green energy projects.

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  • A field experiment on weed management in rice-garlic under organic production system was conducted during 2017-18 to 2019-20 at All India Coordinated Research Project on Integrated Farming System, Rewa (M.P.). The study reveals that maximum grain yield of rice and bulb yield of garlic was noted under incorporation of mustard oilcake @ 50 quintal per hectare with one hand weeding followed by two hand weeding at different stages under organic production system.

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  • The project was based on the management of the rich bio-resources of North Bengal region and their sustainable use through biotechnological intervention and development of innovative technologies for socio-economic growth and upliftment of the rural populations in this state.

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  • The responses to a given risk reflect the risk assessment and the organization’s attitude to risk, response method to risk can cause a problem to the response method of another risk. Therefore, the project manager cannot decide which risk response will be used in case of conflicts happen. Until now, the amount of research which deals with risk responses is count-on-finger. This paper proposes a model and the algorithm to resolve this conflict.

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  • A field experiment was conducted on sesame during semi-rabi season of 2014-15 in vertisols of Madhya Pradesh at the Research Farm, Project Coordinating Unit (Sesame and Niger), JNKVV, Jabalpur to study the impact of integrated application of chemical fertilizers along with organic manures and biofertilizer on growth, yield attributes, yield and economics of Sesame.

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