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  • Against this background, we make several advances over the literature. We construct a new dataset that covers virtually the entire global stock market in capitalization terms and find—for this more comprehensive dataset—that industry effects have gone from less than half as important as country effects in the mid-1990s to almost twice as important in recent years. This shift is primarily driven by a dramatic rise in magnitude of industry effects, with country effects roughly stable since the mid-1990s.

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  • Agroforestry is a dynamic and sustainable land management system of deliberately growing woody perennials along with agricultural crops on farmlands to secure both tangible and intangible benefits to the farmers.It plays a vital role in conserving our natural resources, thus it is a step towards sustainable productivity. The present study is the outcome of socio-economic diagnosis of traditional agroforestry practices followed by farmers in Gumla district of Jharkhand. Among cast categories ST (92.50%) was the most dominant caste followed by GEN (5.00%) whereas minimum SC (0.

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  • These include not only technological as well as social limitations but ‐above all‐ the way we address the future. We are used to face the future with our existing knowledge and experiences from the past. This strategy, however, can hardly lead to knowledge off the beaten path. We therefore suggest a new learning approach for organizations, which enables to literally envision a desired future scenario and thereby, allows for the creation of radical new knowledge. We argue that the created knowledge yields a higher degree of novelty and radicalness.

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  • The robotics and automation in its execution have worked tremendously generating welldefined processes in the food and beverages sector, maintaining good hygiene in hospitals for serving the patients and old ages. It prevents the human touch resulting in proper hygiene. It also decreases labor dependence and increases economic benefits. Based on this fact, a serving robot was developed for food, medicines and other goods, especially beverages from one place to another.

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  • Assessment of outcomes for spinal surgeries is challenging, and an ideal measurement that reflects all aspects of importance for the patients does not exist. Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), EuroQol (EQ-5D) and Numeric Rating Scales (NRS) for leg pain and for back pain are commonly used patients reported outcome measurements (PROMs).

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  • The most established nationwide medical registry in Germany is the Perinatal Registry, which collects maternal health records concerning pregnancy, delivery and perinatal outcome from now more than 1100 hospitals. Over the past 16 years, data collection was transformed from printed questionnaires to digital records. A special web-based information source of the German Perinatal Registry does not exist.

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  • Hemodynamic monitoring is one of the major diagnostic tools available in the acute care setting to diagnose cardiovascular insufficiency and monitor changes over time in response to interventions. However, in recent years, the rationale and efficacy of hemodynamic monitoring to affect outcome has come into question. We now have increasing evidence that outcome from critical illness can be improved by focused resuscitation based on existing hemodynamic monitoring, whereas non-specific aggressive resuscitation impairs survival.

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  • In the first workshop, the experts pointed out thematic clusters for future research according to their opinion and experience. These clusters were defined in a guided brainstorming process. References to existing and past research programmes and initiatives were minimised to ensure a creative approach to the topic. The resulting thematic landscape of research issues, which included a broad range of topics from e.g. functional food over the generation of new raw material to traceability and labelling systems, was subsequently checked for comprehensiveness and put into a logical order.

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  • In many countries, no comprehensive and coherent policy and legislation exists for water pollution control or for environmental protection (see Case Study XIII, Yemen). This does not prevent water pollution control from taking place before such policies have been formulated and adopted, but the most efficient and effective outcome of water pollution control is obtained within a framework of defined policies, plans and co-ordinating activities.

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  • Subjectivity analysis is a rapidly growing field of study. Along with its applications to various NLP tasks, much work have put efforts into multilingual subjectivity learning from existing resources. Multilingual subjectivity analysis requires language-independent criteria for comparable outcomes across languages. This paper proposes to measure the multilanguage-comparability of subjectivity analysis tools, and provides meaningful comparisons of multilingual subjectivity analysis from various points of view. ...

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  • For the period between 1976 and 2017, this study investigates the relation from remittances and trade to economic growth. Study applied time series econometric techniques; unit root, cointegration and error correction mechanism to examine long-run and short-run association between dependent and independent variables. Outcome confirms a long-run relationship between remittance, trade and economic growth. However, no short-run causal relationship exists between remittances and economic growth, but trade showed significant influence even in the short run in GDP for the period of analysis.

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  • Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a DNA virus belonging to the Hepadnaviridae family that infect humans causing a disease infecting liver cells displaying a substantial hepatic tissue tropism, and inducing chronic liver damage and subsequent Hepato carcinogenesis. In Oncology patients receive packed red blood cell suspensions and other blood products regularly and they are in the high-risk group for infections due to these viruses.

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  • Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the organisms that naturally exist in the vagina. The importance of bacterial vaginosis with respect to pregnant women’s health is emphasized by the association between bacterial vaginosis and adverse outcome of pregnancy. The aim of present study was to evaluate the direct smear microscopy and culture for determination of bacteria from vaginal discharge of pregnant women. Vaginal discharge in women is sometimes caused by candida and aerobic bacteria organisms like E.coli, staphylococcus aureus, and β- haemolytic streptococcus.

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  • Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common malignant brain tumor with median survival of 12-15 months. Owing to uncertainty in clinical outcome, additional prognostic marker(s) apart from existing markers are needed.

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  • The diversity that exists in Ontario’s classrooms has helped to shape the policy outlined in this document, which is intended to promote good outcomes for English language learners. These students need to learn the language of instruction in English language schools at the same time as they are working towards meeting the curriculum expectations. Implementation of this policy will promote academic achievement among English language learners at the level expected of all learners in Ontario.

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  • UPLOADING FILES • • • • • • • Check the error level. Verify on the server that the file doesn t exceed the maximum permitted size. Check that the file is of an acceptable type. Remove spaces from the filename. Rename files that have the same name as an existing one to prevent overwriting. Handle multiple file uploads automatically. Inform the user of the outcome. You need to implement these steps every time you want to upload files, so it makes sense to build a script that can be reused easily. That s why I have chosen to use a custom class....

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  • Neither randomized clinical trials nor meta- analysis are available and evidence is based on a number of retrospective studies with multivariate for mortality risk factors or data from national cancer registries (Gilliland et al., 1997; Hundahl et al., 1998). Unfortunately, very remarkable differences in patient’s selection, staging systems, and clinical management affect the available studies. In particular, radioiodine treatment is not routinely carried out in a standard manner and outcome results of different studies are thus not comparable (Sciuto et al., 2009).

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  • While the links between ICT and environmental outcomes are becoming clearer, there is no separate statistical field that links the two. Nevertheless, some data are available from official statistical sources, from analytical work and from product life cycle studies. This report suggests a conceptual framework for the new statistical field “ICT and the environment” based on an existing OECD framework for information society statistics. Sources of official data to populate the framework are investigated and some relevant work has been identified.

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  • Individuals can benefit from enhanced peace of mind, less anxiety and less pain – and better health outcomes when waiting times are very long29 – when provided with speedier access to care, as afforded by private health insurance in duplicate PHI markets. There are nonetheless trade-offs with other policy goals, such as equity, which have led policymakers in the Netherlands to make different policy choices.

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  • Concerning the motives for consuming luxury brands, it has to be stated that the notion of ―buying to impress others‖, still more or less serves as a strategic principle for the marketing management of luxury brands (Berry 1994; Dittmar 1994; Corneo and Jeanne 1997; Vigneron and Johnson 1999, 2004; O‘Cass and Frost 2002). According to the theory of impression management, consumers are highly affected by the internal drive to create a favorable social image from the outcome of their purchase behavior (Eagly and Chaiken 1993; Mandrik 1996; Sallot 2002).

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