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  • Central to any policy discussion of regulating food advertising to children is an understanding of the nature of children’s comprehension of advertising. Numerous studies have documented that young children have little understanding of the persuasive intent of advertising (Strassburger, 2001; Kunkel, 1995; John, 1999). Young children are easily exploited because they do not understand that commercials are designed to sell products and because they do not yet possess the cognitive ability to comprehend or evaluate advertising.

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  • The result for the best performing firm on each issue is highlighted by the outer dashed line. The chart illustrates that in the best performing firm in all of the shops on that firm, shoppers said ‘yes’ to the question ‘Did the salesperson say that PPI was optional?’. The inner dashed line indicates results for the worst performing firm for each issue. For example, when considering the question ‘Was the customer told whether the shop was made on an advised or non-advised basis?’ in the worst-performing firm, no shoppers were told the basis on which the sale was made. ...

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  • Finally, if there are effects, it is important to know whether they are lasting. Providing financial education to schoolchildren is pointless unless their adult behaviour changes. Questionnaires administered immediately after a lesson cannot address the key issue. Fortunately, there are a few studies sufficiently well designed to minimise these problems. All find evidence that the effects of financial education on behaviour are positive but modest. Unfortunately, all the studies relate to the US.

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  • MBA (International Business) is a six trimester general management programme with a focus on International Business for developing a competent cadre of business executives to meet the country's growing requirements for trained personnel in the field of International Business Management. Developments in the international market on the one hand and the consequential impact of the same on India's domestic market on the other, call for an increasingly professional approach and sensitivity to ...

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  • Second, information providers such as teachers and facilitators should be trained to effectively convey reproductive health education to adolescents. Similarly, service providers should be trained on elements of adolescent friendly services. Third, since the adolescents showed positive attitudes towards health facilities for contraceptives and STI services, relevant authorities should prepare health facilities for adolescent-friendly services.

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  • Sputum samples were fi rst classifi ed according to their macroscopic aspect in the laboratory. Salivary samples were immediately removed and a new sample was requested. The time between sputum collection and analysis was recorded. A 20–30 mm smear was made on a new slide with a wooden applicator. After heat fi xation, hot Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) staining was performed: carbol fuchsin 0.3%, slow heating until steaming, rinsing after 5 min, destaining with 25% sulfuric acid, rinsing, counterstaining with methylene blue 0.3% for 1 min, rinsing and drying.

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  • This phenomenon has also been found to hold outside of the United States. Kaplan (1994a, b) finds that turnover probabilities for both Japanese and German executives are significantly related to earnings and stock price performance. Estimates of turnover probability in both countries indicate that stock returns and negative earnings are significant determinants of turnover. 10 Regressions using changes in cash compensation of Japanese executives document a significant impact for pretax earnings and negative earnings, but not for stock returns and sales growth.

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  • Finally, stock exchange alliances and increasing collaboration is acting to improve governance standards globally. Through exchange alliances and initiatives to attract dual listings, exchanges are also helping to spread good governance standards globally. For instance, NASDAQ OMX has been active in providing counselling to exchanges in Eastern Europe and the Middle East on how to improve transparency and disclosure in their local market though sharing its experiences in this area.

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  • Since the vast majority of LVOC production processes have not benefited from a detailed information exchange, Chapter 3 provides very brief (‘thumbnail’) descriptions of some 65 important LVOC processes. The descriptions are restricted to a brief outline of the process, any significant emissions, and particular techniques for pollution prevention / control. Since the descriptions aim to give an initial overview of the process, they do not necessarily describe all production routes and further information may be necessary to reach a BAT decision....

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  • Nowhere is the importance of people more evident than with technology professionals, or “techies.” Techies are the heroes of the New Economy: they influence the spending of $1 trillion of annual purchases; they are mission-critical for any organization; and they are in extremely short supply. In fact, there are currently 700,000 open IT jobs, or one-third of the total of all IT jobs, with the shortage expected to more than double in the next five years.

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  • Business leaders can no longer afford to continue doing business without the critical skills necessary for success. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is intended to strengthen the fundamentals of business, emphasizing practical skills important to the "real world" of corporate and business administration in a manner that is applicable to the regional and business challenges of the participant. In an increasingly competitive global environment, organizations need to develop managers capable of dealing with complexity and change.

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  • The state of Jammu and Kashmir, a north temperate region of Indian subcontinent, is a rich source of indigenous germplasm. Owing to the rich biodiversity in terms of sheep, goat, camel, yak and poultry, the livestock activity has a contribution of about 11percent in the Gross Domestic Product of the state. It offers promising employment opportunities and handsome economic returns especially in rural mountainous areas of the state. The indigenous livestock populations are very well adapted to various challenges posed due to certain topographic, demographic and other factors.

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  • This study guide provides an overview of the most important topics and current debates covered in Human Resource Management (HRM) field at undergraduate level. Its aim is to help students in their understanding of what HRM is, how it functions in organizational settings, why people are important as organizational resources and how this resource can be effectively managed in the 21st Century. The guide concentrates on the basics of organisational behaviour and Human Resource Management.

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  • With the depletion of oil resources as well as the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels, there is much interest in alternative energy sources. Focusing on some of the most important alternate energy sources for the foreseeable future, the Handbook of Plant-Based Biofuels provides state-of-the-art information on the status of the production of biofuels, in particular, bioethanol and biodiesel. After profiling plant-based biofuels, the book gives an overview of the production of biofuels from biomass materials by thermochemical and biochemical methods.

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  • This study guide provides an overview of the most important topics and current debates covered in Human Resource Management (HRM) field at undergraduate level. Its aim is to help students in their understanding of what HRM is, how it functions in organizational settings, why people are important as organizational resources and how this resource can be effectively managed in the 21st Century. The guide concentrates on the basics of organisational behaviour and Human Resource Management.

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  • Environmental economics as a discipline is expanding rapidly. With this expansion, an increasing vocabulary has been developed to explain various techniques and ideas within the subject area. As a consequence, the need for a dictionary to explain the terms used has arisen. The definitions provided in this dictionary aim to give the reader access to some of the more technical literature that has been produced, as well as a general overview of the main techniques in the subject area of environmental and resource economics....

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  • Through 25 chapters authored by some of the leading researchers in the field, Human Resources Development Review 2008 provides an extensive overview of the contextual factors driving human resources development in South Africa. A key theme throughout the volume is the importance of a multi-faceted skills development strategy operating at three levels.

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  • This briefing paper was commissioned by Ericsson (global provider of telecommunications equipment and related services) and Zain (mobile operator active in seven Middle Eastern and fifteen sub-Saharan African countries) in order to describe the social and economic impact that mobile communication is having in Sudan. The paper aims to give a concise overview of the key economic and social effects of mobile telephony in Sudan and the social and economic development case for continued investment in telecommunications infrastructure by foreign companies.

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  • A brief synthesis of the state of the environment is given using the main themes in AEO-1 as the baseline, but discussing this within the context of the Brundtland report and the programme areas of NEPAD-EAP. Where appropriate, the general regional situation has been placed in the global context. Six thematic areas, forming the basis of the chapters, have been used in the analysis – Atmosphere, Land, Freshwater, Forests and Woodlands, Coastal and Marine Environments, and Biodiversity.

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  • The Internet has brought about many changes in the way organizations and individuals conduct business, and it would be difficult to operate effectively without the added efficiency and communications brought about by the Internet. At the same time, the Internet has brought about problems as the result of intruder attacks, both manual and automated, which can cost many organizations excessive amounts of money in damages and lost efficiency.

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