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  • Palyno1ogica1 study in a deep core (69.5 m depth) in the coasta1 area of the Red River De1ta, Vietnam provides evidences on vegetation change in the regiona1 area in abou!12000 years before present. This research aims to reconstruct the vegetation deve1opment and pa1eoenvironmenta1 changes in the Red River De1ta, Vietnam during the Ho1ocene. These data show !hat the region supported a Fagaceae-Coniferous, especially Quercus, Pinus và Castanopsis, simi1ar to contemporary vegetation described in Vietnam and southeast China. Tropica1 broadleaf forest dominated at the time right after 12.

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  • 140 năm qua đã chứng kiến cuộc cách mạng khoa học trong nhiều lĩnh vực, bao gồm nhân khẩu học , khí hậu học , dịch tễ học , kinh tế , thực vật học , di truyền học, phân tích hình ảnh , palynology, sinh học phân tử , hóa sinh, và khoa học đất. Khi bằng chứng mới đã tích lũy, lâu dài quan điểm về thế giới trước khi Columbus đã được thử thách và xem xét lại. Mặc dù có sự đồng thuận không, và Mann thừa nhận tranh cãi,...

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  • Bathymetry is the only way to explore, measure and manage the large portion of the Earth covered with water. This book ,presents some of the latest developments in bathymetry, using acoustic, electromagnetic and radar sensors, and in its applications, from gas seeps, pockmarks and cold-water coral reefs on the seabed to large water reservoirs and palynology. The book consists of contributions from internationally-known scientists from India, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Mexico, USA, Germany, and Brazil, and shows applications around the world and in a wide variety of settings....

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  • .Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences Editors: S. Bhattacharji, Brooklyn G. M. Friedman, Brooklyn and Troy H. J. Neugebauer, Bonn A. Seilacher, Tuebingen anThis book represents the author's doctorals thesis. Therefore, although it is a monograph, it represents the results of numerous discussions and cooperations. First of all I am grateful to Christian Dullo (GEOMAR, Kiel/Germany) for supervising my work on this thesis, for valuable suggestions, and for providing support whenever I...

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  • This is a book about the Cerrado Biome, a major Brazilian savanna-like ecosystem for which no such summary exists. Biologists outside Brazil know little about the cerrados, despite the fact that the biome covers approximately 22% of the country’s surface area, or 2 million km2. Even though much of the attention of conservationists has focused on rainforests such as the Amazon and Atlantic forests, the cerrados are currently one the most threatened biomes of South America due to the rapid expansion of agriculture.

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