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  • Widespread thermal anomalies in 1997–1998, due primarily to regional effects of the El Nin˜ o–Southern Oscillation and possibly augmented by global warming, caused severe coral bleaching worldwide. Corals in all habitats alongthe Belizean barrier reef bleached as a result of elevated sea temperatures in the summer and fall of 1998, and in fore-reef habitats of the outer barrier reef and offshore platforms they showed signs of recovery in 1999. In contrast, coral populations on reefs in the central shelf lagoon died off catastrophically.

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  • Move gates to 10 percent open as measured at the scale on the servomotors and check to see if the gate position needle indicates 10 percent. If the gate position needle does not indicate 10 percent, move the eccentric adjustment in the restoring shaft bell crank to position it correctly (photograph 3). Move it toward the restoring shaft if there is over travel and away from the restoring shaft if there is under travel (figure 7). Move the gates to 90 percent, as measured at the servomotor scale, and check the gate position indicator needle. It may...

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  • The mutual fund data come from the 1998 CRSP Survivor Bias FreeMutual Fund Database. Our initial sample contains 2,609 domestic equity mutual funds. We exclude multiple share classes for the same fund as well as funds with only a year or less of available returns. The initial sample is used to obtain the values of the prior parameters in the empirical Bayes pro- cedure mentioned previously.

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  • The  value of  the UK  LCEGS  sector was £106.5 billion  in 2007/8.  In  terms of  size,  this puts  the  low  carbon  and  environmental  economy  somewhere  between  the  UK’s  healthcare  and  construction  sectors.   The UK is the world’s sixth largest low carbon and environmental economy, with 3.5% of global market  share.  As  shown  in  Figure 2,  the  Environmental  sector  accounts  for £22.3 billion  (21%) of  total UK  market  value,  Renewable  Energy  for  £31.

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  • As laid down by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, a key require- ment for the proper management of a bank’s interest rate risk is the defi nition of the relevant principles and processes based on proportionality. More specifi cally, it is important to clearly defi ne responsibilities and accountability in taking risk management decisions as well as what kind of instruments are eligible. The purposes or goals for which eligible instruments may be used need to be specifi ed as well.

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  • In addition, the distributions of deaths by age and by cause in Delhi are very different from those in the U.S. In the U.S., over 70 percent of all deaths occur after the age of 65. In Delhi, over 70 percent of all deaths occur before the age of 65, with over 20 percent occurring before the age of five. Furthermore, 46 percent of all non-trauma deaths in the U.S. are attributable to cardiovascular disease compared to only 23 percent in Delhi.' Because the main effects of acute exposure to air pollution on daily deaths occur through impacts on...

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  • Whether mode choice yields expected impacts on daily activity level remains an open question. Available research confirms declining activity levels for children (Dietz and Gortmaker, 2001; Trost et al, 2002) and adolescents (Sallis, et al, 2000). However, studies evaluating the role of walking to school have been mixed in finding statistically significant increases in children's daily activity level (Krizek et al, 2004).

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  • What is most needed is to adjust the requirements of SEA and EIA directives. The logical order of these assessments should be ensured, as should the respect of the results of SEA in subsequent EIA procedures. Repeated assessment (on the same level of details) shall be avoided, whereas at the same time the availability of information from earlier relevant SEA procedures should be ensured in subsequent EIA procedures.

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  • A few studies have provided information on longitudinal trends in VOC concentrations and emissions in new houses (Lindstrom et al., 1995, Hodgson et al., 2002). In four manufactured houses, the area specific emission rates of formaldehyde and hexanal were generally similar at the beginning and end of the 7.5-month study period demonstrating that the sources of these compounds were not depleted rapidly (Hodgson et al., 2000).

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  • Bolivia suffers from serious problems of poverty and social exclusion that particularly affect the indigenous majority of the population. Bolivia has an extensive and complex social, ethnic and cultural background. The ethnic group and place of origin of a person, family or social group have a strong influence on the potential for social mobility and on available opportunities. Furthermore, models based on Western society are not necessarily shared by sectors that identify with the values and behaviour of the Andean cultures.

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  • We would like to thank the Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University for giving us the time and space to develop this idea into a use- ful project for thousands of teachers. We would also like to thank Trudy Forsyth at the National Wind Technol- ogy Center and Richard Michaud at the Boston Office of the Department of Energy for having the vision and foresight to help establish the Kid- Wind Project in 2004. Lastly, we would like to thank all the teachers for their keen insight and feedback on making our kits and materials first rate!...

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  • The SB interest rate was decreased in March 2003, from 4% to 3.5%, when inflation was around 3%. In April 2010, after RBI changed the method of calculating interest on SB accounts, the depositors saw an increase in their returns on savings. However, the fluctuating inflation has been very high in recent years. The SB deposits are the major source of savings (investment) for many depositors, including pensioners, small savers and senior citizens. Not having the ability to be good money managers, such persons are getting high negative returns on their hard earned monies.

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  • Our paper offers two contributions to the literature: First, we investigate RNDs for the German stock market, which is the largest stock market in the euro area. Second, we evaluate whether a comprehensive set of factors can explain the changes in the uncertainty about future equity prices. Hence, we analyse which types of information affect the perceptions about future stock market movements as contained in DAX option prices.

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  • Third, the interest-on-reserves regime might very well be self-financing; it even has the potential to generate significant additional revenue for the government. At worst, switching to the interest-on-reserves regime would involve a relatively small adverse effect on government finances. Paying a market rate of interest on reserves could create cash flow problems for a central bank; but these problems would be manageable. Finally, the interest-on-reserves regime would eliminate entirely distortions in financial markets due to the tax on reserves.

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  • Work on this document began in July 2008. At the end of August, a first draft was submitted to over 120 people who are active within the structure of the Mental Health Commission of Canada – members of the Board of Directors, members of the eight Advisory Committees and staff. In September, an internal consultation process was initiated, beginning with all those who had lived experience of mental health problems and illnesses, followed by Advisory Committee members and staff.

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  • Although the Standard & Poor's 500 is the most commonly used measure of the performance of the U. S. stock market, it is sometimes argued that, because this index is so heavily populated with high quality, large capitalization stocks, it may not be an appropriate benchmark with which to compare a mutual fund which may be invested in lower quality, smaller capitalization stocks. The obvious refutation: If one can obtain a higher return by investing in...

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  • Besides conducting national censuses, the CBS is a primary source of information for multi-sectoral data in the country. It was in the early nineties that the CBS established a separate Household Survey Section (HSS). This section initiated four small-scale surveys with funding from the GoN. Then a comprehensive survey for Nepal was launched by the CBS in 1995/96 through its multi-topic (consumption, income, housing, labor markets, education, health etc.) national household survey called the Nepal Living Standards Survey (NLSS I) with financial assistance from the World Bank.

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  • The cash flows diagram for the mexican CAT bond is described in Figure 4. CAT-MEX Ltd. issues the bond that is placed among investors and invests the proceeds in high quality assets within a collateral account. Simultaneous to the issuance of the bond, CAT-MEX Ltd. enters into a reinsurance contract with SRC. The proceeds of the bond will also serve to provide SRC coverage for earth- quakes in Mexico in connection with an insurance agreement that FONDEN has entered with the European Finance Reinsurance Co. Ltd., an indirect wholly- owned subsidiary of SRC.

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  • Recently, the public sector has began to recognize the potential opportunities offered by ICT and e-business models to fit with citizens’ demands, to offer better services to citizens and to increase efficiency by streamlining internal processes. Tapscott and Caston (1993) argue that ICT causes a “paradigm shift” introducing “the age of network intelligence”, reinventing businesses, governments and individuals. Paradigm shifts prevail in the public sector too.

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  • A Historical query pulls alerts only from the database; there is no interaction between the alert cache and a Historical query. There is no refresh of newer alerts because the Historical Threat Analyzer only requests alerts from a specific time frame. Any alert file alteration (acknowledgement, deletion, and so forth) is simultaneously saved to the database. Thus, the Historical Threat Analyzer can pull and push alert records directly from the database.

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