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  • The results of this study contributed to enrich the data of the crosslinking reaction of PVA membranes, and expected to help researcher in suitable choosing crosslinking agent for producing pervaporation PVA membrane for dehydration of ethanol solutions.

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  • The separation performance of plasticizer/polysulfone (TGN/PSF) pervaporation membrane was studied. The optimum amount of plasticizer (TGN) in PSF membranes improved the diffusion selectivity of water to ethanol, which was due to the increase in the permeate diffusion rate difference between water to ethanol molecules. On the other hand

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  • Reactive liquid-liquid extraction of inorganic acids with amines and effect of solvating diluents; Liquid extraction of tall oil from wastewaters of paper industry • Supercritical fluid extraction of natural products; Enzymatic reactions in supercritical CO2; Solubilities of liquids and solids in dense CO2 with entrainer • Relation between the morphology and application properties of polymer catalysts and adsorbents • Study of the permeation and pervaporation of volatile organic substance (propan-1-ol, toluene) • Observation of the competitive adsorption on Vycor glass membr...

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