Phrase-based translation

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  • We show that unseen words account for a large part of the translation error when moving to new domains. Using an extension of a recent approach to mining translations from comparable corpora (Haghighi et al., 2008), we are able to find translations for otherwise OOV terms. We show several approaches to integrating such translations into a phrasebased translation system, yielding consistent improvements in translations quality (between 0.5 and 1.5 Bleu points) on four domains and two language pairs. ...

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  • Several attempts have been made to learn phrase translation probabilities for phrasebased statistical machine translation that go beyond pure counting of phrases in word-aligned training data. Most approaches report problems with overfitting. We describe a novel leavingone-out approach to prevent over-fitting that allows us to train phrase models that show improved translation performance on the WMT08 Europarl German-English task.

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  • This paper describes a novel technique for incorporating syntactic knowledge into phrasebased machine translation through incremental syntactic parsing. Bottom-up and topdown parsers typically require a completed string as input. This requirement makes it difficult to incorporate them into phrase-based translation, which generates partial hypothesized translations from left-to-right.

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  • We present a statistical phrase-based translation model that uses hierarchical phrases— phrases that contain subphrases. The model is formally a synchronous context-free grammar but is learned from a bitext without any syntactic information. Thus it can be seen as a shift to the formal machinery of syntaxbased translation systems without any linguistic commitment. In our experiments using BLEU as a metric, the hierarchical phrasebased model achieves a relative improvement of 7.5% over Pharaoh, a state-of-the-art phrase-based system. ...

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  • We propose a backoff model for phrasebased machine translation that translates unseen word forms in foreign-language text by hierarchical morphological abstractions at the word and the phrase level. The model is evaluated on the Europarl corpus for German-English and FinnishEnglish translation and shows improvements over state-of-the-art phrase-based models.

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  • Philippe Langlais DIRO Univ. of Montreal, Canada Francois Yvon and Pierre Zweigenbaum ¸ LIMSI-CNRS Univ. Paris-Sud XI, France {yvon,pz} Abstract Handling terminology is an important matter in a translation workflow. However, current Machine Translation (MT) systems do not yet propose anything proactive upon tools which assist in managing terminological databases. In this work, we investigate several enhancements to analogical learning and test our implementation on translating medical terms.

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  • We estimate the parameters of a phrasebased statistical machine translation system from monolingual corpora instead of a bilingual parallel corpus. We extend existing research on bilingual lexicon induction to estimate both lexical and phrasal translation probabilities for MT-scale phrasetables. We propose a novel algorithm to estimate reordering probabilities from monolingual data. We report translation results for an end-to-end translation system using these monolingual features alone.

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  • We present four techniques for online handling of Out-of-Vocabulary words in Phrasebased Statistical Machine Translation. The techniques use spelling expansion, morphological expansion, dictionary term expansion and proper name transliteration to reuse or extend a phrase table. We compare the performance of these techniques and combine them. Our results show a consistent improvement over a state-of-the-art baseline in terms of BLEU and a manual error analysis.

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  • There are a number of systems that use a syntax-based reordering step prior to phrasebased statistical MT. An early work proposing this idea showed improved translation performance, but subsequent work has had mixed results. Speculations as to cause have suggested the parser, the data, or other factors. We systematically investigate possible factors to give an initial answer to the question: Under what conditions does this use of syntax help PSMT?

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  • We introduce a simple method to pack words for statistical word alignment. Our goal is to simplify the task of automatic word alignment by packing several consecutive words together when we believe they correspond to a single word in the opposite language. This is done using the word aligner itself, i.e. by bootstrapping on its output. We evaluate the performance of our approach on a Chinese-to-English machine translation task, and report a 12.2% relative increase in BLEU score over a state-of-the art phrasebased SMT system. ...

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  • Transliteration is the task of converting a word from one alphabetic script to another. We present a novel, substring-based approach to transliteration, inspired by phrasebased models of machine translation. We investigate two implementations of substringbased transliteration: a dynamic programming algorithm, and a finite-state transducer.

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  • Previous work has used monolingual parallel corpora to extract and generate paraphrases. We show that this task can be done using bilingual parallel corpora, a much more commonly available resource. Using alignment techniques from phrasebased statistical machine translation, we show how paraphrases in one language can be identified using a phrase in another language as a pivot.

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