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  • Các dạng bài tập: 1.Dạng bài tập 1: Nối 2 câu có cùng chủ ngữ thành 1 câu có cụm từ chỉ mục đích hoặc mệnh đề chỉ mục đích. (“want” + to-inf).

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  • (BQ) The dictionary will prove useful for native speakers who are looking for synonymous idiomatic phrases. Many phrases can be expressed in a variety of ways, and this dictionary, through crossreferencing, can lead the native speaker to equivalent forms with the same or similar meaning. The index provides a means for a writer to find the most appropriate phrase for a given purpose. Native speakers can find most of what they want by looking up words representing key ideas in the index and following the references to phrases in the dictionary itself.

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  • This paper proposes a new class-based m e t h o d to estimate the strength of association in word co-occurrence for the purpose of structural disambiguation. To deal with sparseness of data, we use a conceptual dictionary as the source for acquiring upper classes of the words related in t h e co-occurrence, and then use t-scores to determine a pair of classes to be employed for calculating the strength of association. We have applied our m e t h o d to determining dependency relations in Japanese and prepositional phrase attachments in English. ...

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  • Intuitively, a Ruantifier is any word or phrase that expresses a meaning that answers one of the questions "How many?" or "How much?" Typical English examples include all, no, many, few, some but not many, all but at most a ver~ few, wherever, whoever, whoever there is, and also, it can be argued, 0nly (Keenan, 1971), also (Cushing, 1978b), and the (Chomsky, 1977). In this paper we review an empirically motivated analysis of such meanings (Cushing, 1976; 1982a) and draw out its computational significance.

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  • The purpose of the TOEFL® is to evaluate a non-native English speaker's proficiency in the English language. Almost one million students every year from 180 countries register to take the TOEFL®: the majority of universities and colleges in North America as well as in other English-speaking countries require official TOEFL® score reports for admission. The test is also used by institutions in other countries where English is the language of instruction.

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  • This glossary has been developed in cooperation with numerous professional translators and editors. Its purpose is to establish high standards for the quality of language usage, to promote uniformity in language usage, and to minimize the risk of misinterpretation of Vietnamese-language materials issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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  • English tense system which was at the same time a scientific study and a work which could be used as a reference grammar by linguists and students of English with a basic knowledge of descriptive linguistics and a fairly advanced proficiency in English. Difficult as it is to reconcile these two purposes with each other, we have attempted to write a grammar that comes up to this double expectation.

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  • English with a basic knowledge of descriptive linguistics and a fairly advanced proficiency in English. Difficult as it is to reconcile these two purposes with each other, we have attempted to write a grammar that comes up to this double expectation.

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  • For purposes of deriving/identifying categories, references having to do with courtship, sex, pair-bonding, parenting, fidelity, mate guarding, and provisioning were initially targeted, along with themes related to long-term as well as short-term mating strategies. In the process of attempting to code the lyrics it became apparent that emotional expressions could be partitioned into different action references. For instance, “love” could either convey commitment, fidelity assurance, or a non-specific state. “Love” represents commitment when sung as “I love you.

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  • The purpose of the following selections is to present to students of English a few of Huxley's representative essays. Some of these selections are complete; others are extracts. In the latter case, however, they are not extracts in the sense of being incomplete wholes, for each selection given will be found to have, in Aristotle's phrase, "a beginning, a middle, and an end." That they are complete in themselves, although only parts of whole essays, is due to the fact that Huxley, in order to make succeeding material clear, often prepares the way with a long and careful definition.

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  • We present a novel approach to parse web search queries for the purpose of automatic tagging of the queries. We will define a set of probabilistic context-free rules, which generates bags (i.e. multi-sets) of words. Using this new type of rule in combination with the traditional probabilistic phrase structure rules, we define a hybrid grammar, which treats each search query as a bag of chunks (i.e. phrases). A hybrid probabilistic parser is used to parse the queries.

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  • Graphic design is the phrase to refer to a career focused on the fine arts. In particular the term "graphic" to only the drawing is displayed on a flat surface (multi-material), and the verb "design" includes constructive sense, creative. Then you can understand, "graphic design" is to create an image, a work surface to a certain material, meaning the purpose of art decoration, beauty, serve the needs of children people.

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  • You can click on some special purpose words and phrases in the reading passages to view a definition or explanation of the term. In the example below, test takers can click on the word "shamans" to view its definition.

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  • Definition – Ad Hoc Network • Ad hoc is a Latin phrase which means "for this [purpose]" • The purpose is to interconnect computational nodes for information exchange i f ti h • I t Interconnection is being realized d ti i b i li d decentralized, without t li d ith t pre-existing infrastructure, e.g. routers, access points • Nodes participate in routing of packets, deciding dynamically, dynamically based on connectivity to neighbour nodes nodes. 11 12 .

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  • By becoming a member of a team, each member dedicates themselves to the success of the TEAM. If you are waiting on a team member to accomplish a task and they are behind, it is your responsibility to help them in any way you can. If you cannot help them, you must make sure they get the help to accomplish their task. The victim phrase does not absolve you of any responsibility, rather it makes you look like you are not a team player. Risk management can be a complex process, for our purposes, we will use a simple...

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  • Previous algorithms for the generation of referring expressions have been developed specifically for this purpose. Here we introduce an alternative approach based on a fully generic aggregation method also motivated for other generation tasks. We argue that the alternative contributes to a more integrated and uniform approach to content determination in the context of complete noun phrase generation.

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  • This paper addresses the alignment issue in the framework of exploitation of large bimultilingual corpora for translation purposes. A generic alignment scheme is proposed that can meet varying requirements of different applications. Depending on the level at which alignment is sought, appropriate surface linguistic information is invoked coupled with information about possible unit delimiters. Each text unit (sentence, clause or phrase) is represented by the sum of its content tags. The results are then fed into a dynamic programming framework that computes the optimum alignment of units. ...

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