Polarization of light

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  • Interference and diffraction of light are arguments for wave charactiristics of light. We know that there are two types of wave processes: transverse & longitutional waves →to what are light waves belong ? Study of polarization of light makes clear that This conclusion is in according to the concept that light waves are electromagnetic waves with a definte band of frequencies. Recall that electromagnetic waves are transervse waves in which e-vectors & m-vectors oscillate in such follwing directions...

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  • The sign of the chirality per unit energy of a HE or EH mode is the same as or opposite to, respectively, the sign of the phase circulation direction. When the fiber radius is large enough, the field in a quasicircularly polarized hybrid mode can be superchiral outside the fiber. In particular, outside a fiber with a radius of 600 nm, the fields in the quasicircularly polarized HE11, HE21, and HE31 modes are superchiral.

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  • The quantum theory is the first theoretical approach that helps one to successfully understand the atomic and sub-atomic worlds which are too far from the cognition based on the common intuition or the experience of the daily-life. This is a very coherent theory in which a good system of hypotheses and appropriate mathematical methods allow one to describe exactly the dynamics of the quantum systems whose measurements are systematically affected by objective uncertainties.

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  • It is a pleasure and an honor to comment on this outstanding book, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: Principles and Applications by Dr H. Fujiwara. It is a tutorial introduction, yet offers considerable depth into advanced topics such as generalized ellipsometry and advanced dispersion and oscillator models for analysis of complex materials systems. Each chapter is extremely well referenced, with over 400 literature citations in total, providing the reader rapid access to considerable published literature from fundamentals to recent advances.

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  • In this article, we introduce a new approach to receive general solutions which describe all of the properties of the light propagating across optical uniaxial crystals. In our approach we do not use the conception of refractive index ellipsoid as being done in references. The solutions are given in analytical expressions so we can handly calculate or writing a small program to compute these expressions.

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  • I started my first photobiological research project almost exactly 50 years ago, in the spring of 1957. My scientific interest ever since has been focused on photobiology in its many aspects. Because I have been employed as a botanist, my own research has dealt with the photobiology of plants, but throughout this time I have been interested in other aspects, such as vision, the photobiology of skin, and bioluminescence. A first edition of the present book was published in 2002, but this second edition is much expanded and completely updated.

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  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date optics resource available Prepared under the auspices of the Optical Society of America, the five carefully architected and cross-referenced volumes of the Handbook of Optics, Third Edition, contain everything a student, scientist, or engineer requires to actively work in the field. From the design of complex optical systems to world-class research and development methods, this definitive publication provides unparalleled access to the fundamentals of the discipline and its greatest minds....

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  • Photoelasticity and Polarized Light Up to now we have treated the light field as a scalar quantity. The electromagnetic field, however, is a vector quantity which is perpendicular to the direction of propagation and with a defined orientation in space. This property is known as the polarization of light. In our treatments of interferometry and holography it is silently understood that the interfering waves have the same polarization. In practice, however, this condition is fulfilled to a greater or lesser degree....

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  • n this book some recent advances in development of photodetectors and photodetection systems for specific applications are included. In the first section of the book nine different types of photodetectors and their characteristics are presented. Next, some theoretical aspects and simulations are discussed. The last eight chapters are devoted to the development of photodetection systems for imaging, particle size analysis, transfers of time, measurement of vibrations, magnetic field, polarization of light, and particle energy.

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  • The observed polarization anisotropy of optical properties is caused by symmetry characterization of polarized light and opal structure. The obtained results agree fairly well with calculated photonic band structure, which is also compared with predictions based on the group theory.

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  • We present polarization- and angle-resolved optical reflection of a fine artificial opal photonic crystal consisting of SiO2 spheres into a face-centered-cubic lattice. The measurement shows the polarization dependence on high-order reflection (energy region a/λ = 1.0 – 1.5). It is shown that the reflection peaks are strongly dependent on s- and p-polarized light illuminating on the sample. The experiment results are analyzed and compared with photonic bands which are obtained according to prediction based on group theory.

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  • In this study, we improved the traditional colposcopy with a polarized light source, and captured images with high resolution. Based on the image obtained, we developed image processing algorithms, initially analyzed and evaluated some of the common features of cervical disease.

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  • Objectives: To evaluate spindle position of mataphase (M) II oocyte and the development of embryos origined from oocytes with spindle and without spindle. Subjects and methods: 250 MII oocytes were analyzed with polarized microscopy in In vitro Fertilization Centre of Vietnam Military Medical University.

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  • POLARIZATION DEVICES A. Polarizers B. Wave Retarders C. Polarization Rotators Augustin Jean Fresnel (1788-1827) advanced a theory of light in which waves exhibit transverse vibrations. The equations describing the partial reflection and refraction of light are named after him. Fresnel also made important contributions to the theory of light diffraction.

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  • Although the term "Waste Places" carries an implied meaning of "worthless," yet, interpreted in the light of Nature's methods, each region described, useless as it may apparently seem, possesses a definite relation to the rest of the world, and therefore to the well-being of man. The Sahara is the track of the winds whose moisture fertilizes the flood-plains of the Nile. The Himalaya Mountains condense the rain that gives life to India. From the inhospitable polar regions come the winds and currents that temper the heat of the tropics....

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  • LCD basically consists of a layer of liquid crystal, sandwiched between two polarizing plates. The polarizers are aligned perpendicular to each other (one vertical and the other horizontal), so that the light incident on the first polarizer will be blocked by the second. This is because a polarizer plate only passes photons (quanta of light) with their electric fields aligned parallel to the polarizing direction of that plate.

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  • This paper reports the morphological characters of 18 Iranian species of the genus Alchemilla using light and scanning electron microscopy. The pollen grains are monad, radially symmetrical, isopolar, or subisopolar, small to medium in size, triand tetracolporate, rectangular to cylindrical (from equatorial view) and triangular to circular (from polar view) in outline and prolate-spheroidal to subprolate and prolate in shape.

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  • Pollen morphology of the 13 taxa of Scorzonera L. (Asteraceae) from Turkey was investigated by using light(LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). As a result of LM and SEM observations, it was found that the pollen types are generally isopolar, radially symmetric, triangular in polar view, and lophate, with lophae ornamentations that are echinate-perforate and an exine thickness ranging from 6.99 to 11.82 μm.

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  • The pollen morphology of 45 specimens of 29 species of the genus Astragalus L. of the section Onobrychoidei DC. distributed in Turkey was studied with light and electron microscopies. The pollen is generally 3-colporate. Pollen of the section is prolate, subprolate, and prolate-spheroidal. Size varies, with the polar axis ranging from 23.4 to 42.6 μm and the equatorial axis from 14.3 to 36.4 μm.

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  • An effective separation method of very pure binder fraction to assess radiocarbon dating is proposed in the present contribution. The elimination of contaminant error sources and the suitable selection of mortar samples enable the reliable dating. Petrographic analysis under polarizing light microscopy is used to identify different mineralogical phases of mortar samples, aggregate nature, and the limestone fragment remains.

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