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  • or purposes of this book the term private equity refers to the common stock of a corporation where that common stock is held by a relatively few investors and is not traded on any of the conventional stock markets. Normally the senior managers of the firm hold a significant percentage of the firm's stock, and we will assume that is the situation in all the cases discussed in this book. F

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  • Phân tích cơ sở dữ liệu của khách hàng và của ngân hàng * Cơ sở dữ liệu của khách hàng Một khách hàng khi mở một tài khoản tại một Ngân hàng nào đó sẽ được gán một số Tài khoản xác định duy nhất kèm theo một mã Password hay một số nhận dạng cá nhân PIN (Private Identification Number) mà chỉ duy nhất có người đó biết, và ứng với số tài khoản đó là một số tiền xác định (lớn hơn hoặc bằng một số tiền tối thiểu mà ngân hàng yêu cầu để có thể...

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  • Nicholas Biddle, president of the Second Bank of the United States: "And how can you do that Nick" "Andy, I can make or break any business man in the country," Andy Jackson, the Indian brave fighters, asking Nick replied, "by extending credit or a loan." and Andy back, "Then Nick, eternal, I will kill your bank" - and he did and that is exactly what he wanted Andy to do because Nick's heart was set lapvao private banks, and from that disastrous action in the 1830's Andy Nation has lived a busy life at the mercy of banks believed to...

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  • Although the growing literature on the importance of finance in economic growth contrasts bank-based financial systems with market-based financial systems, little attention has been paid to the role of the bond market. Correspondingly the role of the bond market has been very small relative to that of the banking system or equity markets in most Asian emerging economies. We argue that the underdevelopment of Asian bond markets has undermined the efficiency of these economies and made them significantly more vulnerable to financial crises....

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  • The Bundesbank is in practice the only means - other than relying on their competitors - for smaller private banks without a giro network of their own to execute payments intended for other banks on behalf of their customers. Since 1982 a combined private national payment transaction company has existed for the German banking sector, Gesellschaft für Zahlungssysteme mbH (GZS). This is an independent processing company which ensures the low-cost handling of card-protected payments and develops new electronic payment systems.

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  • Various kinds of actors are involved in the processing and transfer of remittances to Asian countries, including financial institutions, banks, exchange houses, and money transfer organizations. Exchange houses are a principal means of sending money from the oil -producing countries in Western Asia. Some Indian states and private banks have established agreements with these exchange houses to facilitate the transfers of remittances. These transfers typically occur in an account-to-account manner, and are concentrated in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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  • As laid down by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, a key require- ment for the proper management of a bank’s interest rate risk is the defi nition of the relevant principles and processes based on proportionality. More specifi cally, it is important to clearly defi ne responsibilities and accountability in taking risk management decisions as well as what kind of instruments are eligible. The purposes or goals for which eligible instruments may be used need to be specifi ed as well.

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  • Japan is one of many countries that is reconsidering the role of its postal savings system as it prepares for the financial realities of the 21st century.

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  • This paper analyzes the experience of the United States postal savings, and compares it to Japan’s experience with a view to assessing the past and potential future role of postal savings in Japan. It finds that demand for postal savings deposits is explained, in both countries, mainly by two variables: price (interest- differentials) and confidence in private banks. Geographical accessibility in rural areas is of less, and diminishing, importance.

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  • A bad bank plan can be implemented in a centralized or decentralized manner. Under a decentralized plan, each troubled bank is split into its own good and bad bank. Under a centralized plan, all distressed assets in the banking sector are deposited in a single bad bank. If one bad bank were established for each of the three main pillars of the German banking industry – i.e. for the credit unions, savings banks and private banks – this would also qualify as a centralized bad bank plan. Mixed solutions that combine private and public sector funding as well as centralized...

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  • With the increase of wealth and commerce in Europe, private bankers established themselves in all the principal cities and towns. They re- ceived money on deposit; they managed the money affairs of states and individuals; they lent money to such borrowers as could give the neces- sary security; and they bought and sold bills of exchange, bullion, and coin. The English bankers were not slow in perceiving the profits which the Bank of England derived from the circulation of its notes. They imitated its example.

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  • Up to the end of the twentieth century, the French banking industry consisted of four distinct groups of large banks. In addition to the large private banks comprising Banque Nationale de Paris, Société Générale and Paribas, which were major players in the corporate and foreign business, the government-owned banks Crédit Lyonnais1 and Post Office Savings Bank were of considerable importance for the retail banking. However, the retail banking was largely dominated by the coop- erative banks Crédit Agricole, Banques Populaires and Crédit Mutuel.

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  • The structure of the Italian banking system at the beginning of the 1990s can be traced back to the regulations introduced after the Great Depression, most importantly the forma- tion of the IRI (Instituto per la Ricostruzione industriale), which was a public holding company containing the three largest private banks (Banca Commerciale Italiana, Credito Italiano, and Banca di Roma) and a large number of public banks (Körnert and Nolte 2005: footnote 3). Many of the banks that were nationalized at that time were still publicly owned almost 60 years later.

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  • The increase in branch offices is more likely to be a consequence of the lifting of regional restrictions than of privatization. All large banking groups have shown a tendency to ex- pand nationally, and even smaller banks have expanded into new geographical areas. This development was not limited to privatized banks, but included other banks, although the expansion of the latter lagged behind that of the privatized banks (Deutsche Bank 2004b: 16).

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  • For a long while, commercial banks have been reluctant to get involved in microfinance. On other hand savings banks and socially committed retail banks often lack expertise in microlending and microinsur- ance. However, the performance of some industry players and “pioneer experiences” by mainstream banks over the recent years has demonstrated that microfinance can be both socially-efficient and profitable when well-managed.

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  • This report is available for free and is available to be re-branded by everyone who holds a copy. To download your re-branding kit, visit This book is not to be sold. You ARE allowed to give away a copy of this report to whomever you choose, in its' current form or after rebranding it. The only limitation is that you are not allowed to change any contents of this report, and that includes taking credit for writing it. There are NO Private Label Rights available; this is a free report owned by Luke W Parker for you to...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Macroeconomics - Private and public choice" hass contents: Money and the banking system, stabilization policy, output, and employment; stabilization policy, output, and employment; gaining from international trade; international finance and the foreign exchange market,...and other contents.

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  • Several main observations are developed in the discussion below. First, while geographic availability of depository services to areas not served by private banks was always a prime justification of postal savings – in the United States as well as in Japan and Europe – it has not proved to be the major source of demand for postal savings, even if it was important to a few rural customers. From the start, the U.S.

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  • Following are the various methods being adopted by corporate entities for marketing the securities in the New Issues Market: Pure prospectus method, offer for sale method, private placement method, initial public offers (IPOs) method, right issue method, bonus issue method, book-building method, stock option method, bought-out deals method.

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  • This paper employs CAMELS rating system to evaluate the performance and soundness of Vietnam’s commercial banks. Based on the analysis of data from financial statements of the banks in the years 2005/2008–2013, the research results show that the total assets and equity capital of Vietnam’s commercial banks have increased.

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