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  • Strengthening functioning systems to improve health outcomes will, in some cases, require new ways of thinking about health investments and greater dialogue with partner countries about constraints and opportunities.

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  • In thissection,somebasic issues foradvancing the industrialbioeconomyarediscussed,by referencetotheresourcebase,conversionoptionsandalternativeproductsandservices.The emphasis ison tropicalandsubtropicalbiomass resources,althoughsomeof theprocesses andproductsarealsorelevantfortemperateclimates.Thediscussionbelowisnotintendedto beanexhaustive listofpotential resourcesandproducts,but rather toprovidea flavour for someoftheoptionsavailable.

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  • The U.S. EPA has targeted wood furniture manufacturers because they are the largest industrial users of solvents in paints and coatings among original equipment manufacturers in the United States, using over twice as much solvents as automobile manufacturers. 1 Wood is coated to protect it from physical and chemical damage, and natural degradation, as well as to impart an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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  • One key element, also specified in Criterion 2.6, is that each set of competencies should be made available to school or program constituents, especially students. The site visit team will expect to see instructional objectives, programmatic competencies (for all MPH students), concentration competencies and course learning objectives in the self-study document and/or in an on-site resource file, but also in more public venues such as the website, student handbook, recruitment materials and course syllabi.

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  • Pacific country populations remain highly vulnerable to HIV infection due to, small highly mobile populations, high rates of STIs and high rates of at risk sexual behaviour. There have been approximately 30,000 reported cases of people living with HIV in the Pacific, but this figure is under-representative due to limited surveillance capacity across the region. Notably, cases from Papua New Guinea make up a significant majority of the total cases detected in the Pacific—from 21% in 1989 to over 99% in 2008.

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  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently revised 10 CFR Part 35, which covers the medical use of byproduct material. All diagnostic nuclear medicine facilities must reevaluate their procedures and protection programs to determine whether these remain in compliance and what, if any, remedial actions are necessary. At the same time, the NRC’s new risk-informed, perfor- mance-based approach focuses not on procedures but on outcomes.

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  • Endometrial biopsy: This kind of biopsy can be done in a doctor's office. A very thin flexible tube is placed into the uterus through the cervix. Then suction is used to remove a small amount of endometrium. The suction usually takes less than a minute. The discomfort is much thing like menstrual cramps and can be helped by taking a drug like ibuprofen before the test. Sometimes numbing medicine is put into the cervix just before the test to help reduce the pain. Ultrasound (see below) is often done before the biopsy. This helps the doctor find any suspicious areas...

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  • Intra-partum, post-natal and neonatal cares have the potential to save 20-40% of newborn lives. However to date, post-natal care for mothers and newborns has received relatively little emphasis in public health programmes in Bangladesh, with only a tiny minority of mothers and babies in high-mortality settings receiving post-natal care. Care at birth and in the first days of life not only saves the lives of mothers and newborns, but also reduces serious complications that may have long- term effect.

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  • The train of emigration was rapidly moving westward in 1830; prospects for expansion were bright, and the offer was thankfully accepted. Doctor Steele came on to examine the place and approved of it. The Reformed Medical College of Ohio, better known as the Medical Department of Worthington College, was instituted, and Doctor Steele was made President. The latter proved wanting and was asked to vacate, when a stalwart young Kentuckian, 3 full of vigor, resource, and ability, and fresh from the New York Institution, was installed at the head of the venture.

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  • In addition to the discussions on whether a two-pronged approach should be adopted, the session also offers an opportunity to discuss which gender issues should be prioritized in a future development agenda. There has been a call to focus on women’s strategic priorities which will help to transform women’s lives in the long-term. It has also been suggested that the new goals should reflect an understanding that women’s poverty is, in part, a result of their socially enforced gender roles and relations.

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  • The economy continues to undergo structural change as it shifts from being dominated by the agricultural sector. The shares of the service and industry sector in real GDP have increased over the last three decades, whereas agriculture accounts for little more than 10% today compared to 25% in the mid-1970s. Because of the widely diverging labour productivities in the different sectors and significant employment of unpaid family workers in agriculture these changes are not fully reflected in the sectors’ shares in employment.

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  • We posit that the Russian fiscal system presents noteworthy shortcomings relative to the Chinese system. These include lack of transparency in the capture of energy revenues, lack of integration of fiscal expenditures into a unified Treasury system, and massive implicit subsidies in relationships between producers and both national and sub- national governments. Further, we argue that, at least in the rapidly-growing coastal provinces of China, the public sector in China is moving more rapidly than in Russia toward a greater orientation to growth-supporting activities.

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  • This chapter proceeds from an ecological framework, which recognizes that multiple aspects of an adolescent's life may affect their reproductive health experiences, including a teen's family environment, their individual attitudes and behaviors, and peer attitudes and behaviors. In addition, the characteristics of a teen's community, including school context, neighborhood environment, and broader policies may affect reproductive health behaviors.

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  • Every year, farm operators apply more than 12 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer and 8 million tons of phos- phorus fertilizer to agricultural land in the U.S. Unless carefully managed, much of it is carried off the fields by runoff or percolates into drainage systems, eventually ending up in streams, rivers, lakes and underground aquifers. Animal manure from livestock is also an important contributor to nutrient pollution, particularly phos- phorus.

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  • For the 2004 edition, the committee updated terminology and editorially reformatted the document to follow the 2003 Manual of Style for NFPA Technical Committee Documents; however, the basic features of the standard remained unchanged. In addition, the committee added a table in Annex A that created a crosswalk among FEMA CAR, NFPA 1600, and BCI & DRII professional practices. The committee added significant informational resources to Annexes B, C, D, and E. The document continues to be developed in cooperation and coordination with represen- tatives from FEMA, NEMA, and IAEM.

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  • Reasonable as they might seem, the stakeholder arguments with respect to practitioneroriented research do not hold up under scrutiny. There is no self-evident relationship between lack of theory in a discipline and the ability to undertake research/consultancy for industry in marketing or elsewhere (Grey, 2001). There is mounting evidence, and there has been for some time, that marketing knowledge in its current form is not particularly valued by business.

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  • Motivation and the resources for carrying out an attack make humans potentially dangerous threat-sources. Table 3-1 presents an overview of many of today’s common human threats, their possible motivations, and the methods or threat actions by which they might carry out an attack. This information will be useful to organizations studying their human threat environments and customizing their human threat statements.

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  • The analysis assumes that individuals maximize welfare as they conceive it, whether they be selfish, altruistic, loyal, spiteful, or masochistic. Their behavior is forward-looking, and it is also consistent over time. In particu- lar, they try as best they can to anticipate the uncertain consequences of their actions. Forward-looking behavior, however, may still be rooted in the past, for the past can exert a long shadow on attitudes and values.

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  • Whether relying on Section 3(c)(1) or Section 3(c)(7), fund managers should note that “knowledgeable employees” (as defined in Rule 3c-5 under the Investment Company Act) may own securities of a fund that relies on Section 3(c)(1) or Section 3(c)(7), even if doing so would result in more than 100 persons beneficially owning the fund’s securities and even though such employees are not qualified purchasers.

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  • The purpose of the International Standards for Tuberculosis Care (ISTC) is to describe a widely accepted level of care that all practitioners, public and private, should seek to achieve in managing patients who have, or are suspected of having, tuberculosis. The Standards are intended to facilitate the effective engagement of all care providers in delivering high-quality care for patients of all ages, including those with sputum smear-positive, sputum smear-negative, and extra pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis caused by drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (M.

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