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  • This book presents biologically inspired walking machines interacting with their physical environment. It describes how the designs of the morphology and the behavior control of walking machines can benefit from biological studies.

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  • Within this book the fundamental concepts associated with the topic of power electronic control are covered alongside the latest equipment and devices, new application areas and associated computer-assisted methods. *A practical guide to the control of reactive power systems

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  • In BWR’s steam bubbles have a negative steam bubbles have a negative reactivity feedback, if the steam fraction reactivity feedback, if the steam fraction increases in the core the reactor power increases in the core the reactor power decreases

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  • The discovery that nitric oxide (NO) plays crucial roles in mammalian systems has spurred considerable interest in its translational application. However, the major problem with its application in clinical settings is the high reactivity of NO, which makes it difficult to supply NO with spatiotemporal accuracy while maintaining its bioactivity.

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  • This paper describes a novel reactive obstacle avoidance approach for mobile robot navigation in unknown and dynamic environment. This approach is developed based on the “situated-activity paradigm” and a “divide and conquer” strategy which steers the robot to move among unknown obstacles and towards a target without collision.

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  • In this paper a new hybrid optimization algorithm, referred to as Crossbreed spiral dynamics bacterial chemotaxis algorithm (CSDBCA) is proposed to solve the optimal reactive power dispatch (ORPD) Problem. CSDBCA synergizes bacterial foraging algorithm (BFA) chemotaxis approach and spiral dynamics algorithm (SDA)

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  • The purpose of this study is to investigate whether an SMR would have enough control rod worth to compensate for large reactivity feedback. The investigation begins with classification of reactivity and completes an analysis of the reactivity balance in each reactor state for the SMR model.

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  • The main purpose of this work is to use the MTR_PC package to evaluate the effect of the partially insertion of the control rod on the neutronic parameters at the operating core of the Tehran Research Reactor. The simulation results show that by increasing the insertion of control rods (bank) in the core, the absolute values of power peaking factor, reactivity coefficients and effective delayed neutron fraction increased and only prompt neutron life time decreased.

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  • A brief overview of the model followed by results from simulations performed to validate the model is presented. Simulations illustrate stable behavior of the reactor dynamics and temperature feedback effects to reactivity excursions. Stable and smooth changes at various nodal temperatures are also observed. Control strategies for molten-salt reactor operation are discussed, followed by an illustration of the open-loop load-following capability of the molten-salt breeder reactor system.

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  • In particular, CANDU reactors have always taken advantage of the small value of the PCR associated with their design characteristics, such that the overall design and safety characteristics of the reactor are not sensitive to the value of the PCR. For other reactor design concepts a PCR which is both large and negative is an important aspect in the design of their engineered systems for controlling reactivity.

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  • Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) is a type of ultra-high strength concrete. Due to its dense microstructure, is vulnerable to explosive spalling at elevated temperatures. Remarkable application of RPC in special structures throughout the world has drawn the attention to understand the performance of RPC at elevated temperatures, which has not been investigated extensively yet. The main objective of this work was to evaluate the performance of RPC at elevated temperatures from 200 C to 800 C, by obtaining residual mechanical properties after exposure.

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  • In the paper, the influence of harmonic was taken into consideration during the realization of the AVC system in the power grid of Wuhu region, relevant study and development were conducted from the perspective of application and practice, and concrete proposal of practicable reactive voltage power optimization was put forward.

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  • Molecules Interacting with CasL (MICAL1), a multidomain flavoprotein monoxygenase, is strongly involved in the mechanisms that promote cancer cell proliferation and survival. Activation of MICAL1 causes an upregulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in HeLa cells. ROS can function as a signaling molecule that modulates protein phosphorylation, leading to malignant phenotypes of cancer cells such as invasion and metastasis.

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  • This paper proposes a distributed device that could compensate reactive power by centralized control. This device only manipulates a controller for a capacitor system and loads. The controller collects the data of current, voltage, and power in each of the load branches in order to adjust total reactive power in priority sequence.

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  • The ability to understand another’s emotions and act appropriately, empathy, is an important mediator of relationship function and health intervention fidelity. We adapted the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) – an empathy scale – among seroconcordant expectant couples with HIV in the Homens para Saúde Mais (HoPS+) trial – a cluster randomized controlled trial assessing couple-based versus individual treatment on viral suppression – in Zambézia Province, Mozambique.

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  • n recent years, renewable energy sources have greatly affected the structure and operation of power systems. Previously, grid-connected PV generators using inverters were only allowed to generate active power to ensure the utilities to adjust the voltage in the distribution grid. It is no longer optimal for system power transmission and system stability, especially when solar power sources with a capacity of hundreds of MWs having a role in regulating grid voltage. Accordingly, this paper proposes a smart inverter model of a gridconnected PV system that can regulate the reactive power.

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  • The state-of-the-art of controlled radical polymerization (CRP) in 2011 is presented. Atom transfer radical polymerization, stable radical mediated polymerization, and degenerate transfer processes, including reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer are the most often used CRP procedures. CRP opens new avenues to novel materials from a large range of monomers. Detailed structure-reactivity relationships and mechanistic understanding not only helps attain a better controlled polymerization but enables preparation of polymers with complex architectures.

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  • The area of work that is, perhaps, most readily associated with work in the realm beyond the rationality and control is research on emotions. A num- ber of broad domains of scholarship can be seen as working to describe the emotions or feelings experienced in learning situations. Research on the brain, spurred by advancements in imaging technology, offers tanta- lizing glimpses into the relationship between emotions, cognition, and behavior. Another general domain in the study of emotions focuses on students’ feelings about themselves or their performance.

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  • Under the SRA and cuts specified in the 2008 farm bill, the reimbursement rate for A&O expenses averaged 18% of total premiums in 2009. 16 This means that for every $100 in premiums collected, the companies receive a reimbursement of $18 from the federal government. The reimbursement rate varies by insurance product, depending on whether it is for a yield-based or a revenue insurance product. The SRA places a maximum for A&O reimbursements at $1.3 billion per year (adjusted annually for inflation) and a minimum at $1.1 billion.

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  • In addition to reducing the risks and costs associated with multiple births, insurance coverage for infertility would provide oversight and quality controls. Payers, both public and private, generally set eligibility criteria for who may receive or perform certain procedures. Such criteria could recommend a limit on the number of embryos transferred in ART. The most efficient method to accomplish this would be to require adherence to ASRM guidelines, which are updated periodically.

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