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  • Reduction of the singularities of codimension one singular foliations in dimension three By Felipe Cano Contents 0. Introduction 1. Blowing-up singular foliations 1.1. Adapted singular foliations 1.2. Permissible centers 1.3. Vertical invariants 1.4. First properties of presimple singularities 2. Global strategy 2.1. Reduction to presimple singularities. Statement 2.2. Good points. Bad points. Equi-reduction 2.3. Finiteness of bad points 2.4. The influency locus 2.5. The local control theorem 2.6. Destroying cycles 2.7. Global criteria of blowing-up 3. Local control 3.1.

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  • The cathodic reduction of nitrate and nitrite ions on a copper electrode in aqueous potassium chloride solutions was studied using cyclic voltammetry technique. The cyclic voltammograms showed that nitrate and nitrite ion reduction occurred in the 0.14 M KCl solution with peak potentials of -1.25 to -1.30 V and -1.20 to -1.25 V (Ag/AgCl) respectively.

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  • Let X = G/H be a reductive symmetric space and K a maximal compact subgroup of G. The image under the Fourier transform of the space of K-finite compactly supported smooth functions on X is characterized. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Notation 3. The Paley-Wiener space. Main theorem 4. Pseudo wave packets 5. Generalized Eisenstein integrals 6. Induction of Arthur-Campoli relations 7. A property of the Arthur-Campoli relations 8. Proof of Theorem 4.4 9.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences" has contents: Uncertainties in measurements, probability distributions, error analysis, estimates of mean and errors, monte carlo techniques, least squares fit to a straight line, least squares fit to a polynomial.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences" has contents: Least-Squares fit to an arbitrary function, fitting composite curves, direct application of the maximum likelihood method, testing the fit.

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  • Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems (LCFRSs) are a grammar formalism capable of modeling discontinuous phrases. Many parsing applications use LCFRSs where the fan-out (a measure of the discontinuity of phrases) does not exceed 2. We present an efficient algorithm for optimal reduction of the length of production right-hand side in LCFRSs with fan-out at most 2. This results in asymptotical running time improvement for known parsing algorithms for this class.

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  • For ambiguous sentences, traditional semantics construction produces large numbers of higher-order formulas, which must then be -reduced individually. Underspecified versions can produce compact descriptions of all readings, but it is not known how to perform -reduction on these descriptions. We show how to do this using -reduction constraints in the constraint language for -structures (CLLS). They are based on dominance constraints (Marcus et al., 1983; Rambow et al., 1995) and extend them with parallelism (Erk and Niehren, 2000) and binding constraints. ...

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  • Statistical machine learning methods are employed to train a Named Entity Recognizer from annotated data. Methods like Maximum Entropy and Conditional Random Fields make use of features for the training purpose. These methods tend to overfit when the available training corpus is limited especially if the number of features is large or the number of values for a feature is large. To overcome this we proposed two techniques for feature reduction based on word clustering and selection.

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  • This paper proposes the use of uncertainty reduction in machine learning methods such as co-training and bilingual bootstrapping, which are referred to, in a general term, as ‘collaborative bootstrapping’. The paper indicates that uncertainty reduction is an important factor for enhancing the performance of collaborative bootstrapping.

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  • We also present a variant of the algorithm that performs modular multiplication by interleaving the shift-and-add and the modular reduction steps. The modular multiplication algorithm can be used to obtain efficient VLSI implementations of exponentiation cryptosystems.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Cost reduction and control best practices" has contents: Corporate cost control strategies, human resource department costs, benefits costs, compensation costs, plan costs, training and development costs, accounting department costs.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Cost reduction and control best practices" has contents: Accounts payable costs, credit and collections costs, purchasing costs, inventory costs, export costs, outsourcing, outsourcing, consultants' costs, business tax costs.

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  • This paper aims to develop a framework for a regional approach identifying the connections from rural areas to urban areas and growth centres, and clusters’ impact on poverty reduction.

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  • Among the solutions, a solution economists and government agencies have mentioned recently is to strengthen the role of FDI to poverty reduction. This will make the process of poverty reduction more active as the poor are not only waiting for government subsidies but also escaping poverty actively with their greatest asset: their labor.

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  • Since Đổi mới (Renovation) was initiated by the Communist Party of Vietnam for the first time in 1986, both theoretically and practically significant achievements have been gained in all economic, political, social and cultural fields. One of the most outstanding achievements is the development of the Party’s and the State’s awareness and thinking on social justice and poverty reduction. The paper presents the development stages through major landmarks of Đổi mới in our country.

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  • This is a comprehensive, problem-solving engineering guide on the strategic planning, development, and maintenance of public and private transportation systems. Covering all modes of transportation on land, air, and water, the Handbook shows how to solve specific problems, such as facility improvement, cost reduction, or operations optimization at local, regional, national, and international levels.

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  • State-Space Kalman Filters 7.2 Sample-Adaptive Filters y(m) e(m) µ α w(m) α z –1 wk(m+1) ADAPTIVE FILTERS 7.3 Recursive Least Square (RLS) Adaptive Filters 7.4 The Steepest-Descent Method 7.5 The LMS Filter 7.6 Summary A daptive filters are used for non-stationary signals and environments, or in applications where a sample-by-sample adaptation of a process or a low processing delay is required.

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  • The purpose of this state of the art review is to assess what is currently assumed and believed about the relationship of skills development to poverty reduction, and to place that in historical perspective. There will be a particular attempt, where possible, to examine what is known about skills in rural areas. This task is made more complex by the fact that both ‘skills development’ and ‘poverty reduction’ are neologisms; they have not been in common parlance for much more than a decade.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Descriptive inorganic chemistry" has contents: The electronic structure of the atom - A review; an overview of the periodic table; covalent bondin; ionic bonding; solvent systems and acid base behavior; oxidation and reduction,...and other contents.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài:Reduction of motion artifact in pulse oximetry by smoothed pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution

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