Reliability of mems

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  • The miniaturization and performance improvement in semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (ICs) are expected to continue through leveraging of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. This evolution should accelerate the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) trend, i.e., singlechip integration of multifunctional, mixed-signal electronic components, toward realizing embedded nanoelectronic systems.

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  • Software Technology Software – at air interface, applications, protocol and network levels – is at the heart of the promise of software radio. At all levels the potential is vast and the implications are profound – the need for effective design tools to give functional reliability will be key to successful commercialization.

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  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices are widely used in multitude of device concepts mainly in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and communication electronics. As such, SAW based micro-sensors, actuators and communication electronic devices are well known applications of SAW technology. Due to their solid state design and fabrication compatible with other modern technologies such as Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC), MEMS, (Charge Coupled Devices) CCD and integrated optic devices, SAW based sensors are considered to be extremely reliable....

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  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have played an increasingly important role in sensor and actuator applications. And its key contribution is that it has enabled the integration of multi-components (i.e., electronics, mechanics, fluidics and etc) on a single chip and their integration has positive effects upon performance, reliability and cost. Compared to conventional electrostatic, thermal or magnetic actuating schemes, piezoelectric MEMS inkjet has the advantages of lower power consumption, lower voltage operation and relatively larger driving force....

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  • NetWare 6 is a reliable, highly-scalable version of NetWare which takes advantage of high-powered Multi-Processor (MP) server hardware by MP-enabling the complete packet transfer from the wire to the storage media. This AppNote provides background information about NetWare 6’s MP functionality and explains how MP-enabled programs run on NetWare 6. It details the MP-related improvements made in NetWare 6 and discusses development opportunities for the new OS.

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  • Novell’s NetWare 6 is the Net Services software solution that brings one Net accessibility to networked environments. But, you may ask, isn’t NetWare 6 just a new version of the NetWare operating system workhorse? Why would I want to upgrade my stable, reliable NetWare 5.1 network to NetWare 6? What’s so special about NetWare 6? This AppNote provides an overview of the new and enhanced features in NetWare 6 that make it a compelling upgrade for existing customers and an attractive choice for new network installations....

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  • The term “CMOS MEMS” most often describes pro- cesses that create microstructures directly out of the metal/ dielectric interconnect stack in foundry CMOS. The metal- lization and dielectric layers, normally used for electrical interconnect, now serve a dual function as structural layers. For example, the suspended n-well of Figure 3(d) is consid- ered CMOS MEMS, since its beam suspension is made from the CMOS interconnect stack. There is significant motivation for making MEMS out of CMOS. Leveraging foundry CMOS for MEMS is fast, reliable, repeatable, and economical.

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  • In the MEMS industry, systems for deep reactive-ion etching (DRIE) utilize fast pumping, fast-response mass-flow controllers inductive coupling of power, and heated chamber and pump lines that are critical to achieve reliable etch rates. In contrast, we have achieved 8:1 aspect-ratio PhC structures with 62nm vertica membrane walls using a standard reactive-ion etching process based on a sidewall passivation processes. In the remainder of this section we discuss this fabrication process.

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