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  • Part 1 book "Antibiotic basics for clinicians - The ABCs of choosing the right antibacterial agent" includes contents: Cell envelope; protein production; reproduction, measuring susceptibility to antibiotics, antibiotics that target the cell envelope, antibiotics that block protein production, antibiotics that target dna and replication, antimycobacterial agents, summary of antibacterial agents,... and other contents.

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  • In the case of length weight relationship (LWR), the coefficient of determination value (r2 ) was found 0.96 and the slope was found b = 1.50 which indicated the pattern of negative allometric growth of this species as b < 3. In contrast, an increase was recorded in the fecundity associated with the rise of total length, body weight and gonad weight showed a significant linear relationship. This study would assist in the development of induced breeding techniques and provide valuable information for the sustainable management of this population in the inland open ecosystem.

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  • The taxonomic treatment with a description is provided, along with photographs, distribution, ecology, a conservation assessment, and morphological comparison with its alliance species. It is similar to Zingiber orbiculatum and Zingiber mioga in having whitish flowers and bright yellow anthers but differs in many aspects of vegetative and reproductive characteristics. Moreover, a taxonomic key for all species of sect. Cryptanthium in Vietnam is included.

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  • This third recorded yellow-flowered species of the genus is characterized by the absence of stolons, glabrous young leaves, smaller leaves with short petioles, compacted inflorescence with short peduncles, rays and pedicels, white upper lobes of corolla with yellow margin and purple lines throughout, undulate disc-lobes and glabrous ovary. The new taxon is described and illustrated with field photographs of detailed botanical characteristics and assessed as CR following the IUCN Redlist Categories. A key to all yellowflowered Billolivia taxa is provided.

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  • In summary, our study provides novel insights into the lipid composition and content of Pacific oysters cultured in Van Don, Quang Ninh. The results demonstrate the temporal variability in lipid classes and fatty acid composition throughout the year, with the highest lipid content observed during the pre-reproductive period. These findings could contribute to better understanding the nutritional value of Pacific oysters and inform future aquaculture practices.

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  • Part 1 book "Textbook of gynecology - Including contraception" includes content: Anatomy of the female pelvic organs; blood vessels, lymphatic drainage and innervation of pelvic organs development of genital organs and gonads; congenital malformation of female genital organs; puberty normal and abnormal; menopause; neuroendocrinology in relation to reproduction; menstruation; examination of a gynecological patient.

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  • Part 2 book "Netter’s illustrated human pathology" includes content: Kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder; diseases of the male reproductive system; diseases of the female reproductive system; integumentary system (skin); hematopoietic and lymphatic tissues; bones, joints, and soft tissues; endocrine system; nervous system.

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  • Part 1 book "Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology - A multidisciplinary approach" includes content: Embryology of the female genital tract, molecular genetics of gonad development, gonadotrophin receptors, normal childhood, puberty and adolescence, acontrol of the menstrual cycle and fertility, nutrition and reproductive function, management of developmental abnormalities of the genital tract.

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  • Part 2 book "Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology - A multidisciplinary approach" includes content: Disorders of growth and puberty, turner’s syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndromes, the XY female, the gynaecology of the major genitourinary anomalies, congenital adrenal hyperplasi, gynaecological cancers in childhood, late reproductive sequelae of treatment for childhood cancer.

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  • Part 2 book "Human physiology" includes content: The blood; body defenses; the respiratory system; the urinary system; fluid and acid–base balance; the digestive system; energy balance and temperature regulation; principles of endocrinology - the central endocrine glands; the peripheral endocrine glands; the reproductive system.

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  • Part 2 book "Junqueira’s Basic histology - Text and atlas" includes content: Digestive tract, organs associated with the digestive tract, the respiratory system, skin, the urinary system, endocrine glands, the male reproductive system, the female reproductive system; the eye and ear - special sense organs.

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  • The article presents the theoretical framework for the infrastructure formation in the economic systems specializing in mineral raw materials, by using supply chain strategy. It is determined by objective processes of economic development and sectoral peculiarities, in the form of synthesis of reproduction, structural-functional and systemic approaches in supply chain management. It allows developing adequate mechanisms aimed at maintaining and further developing infrastructure of territorial economic systems (TES).

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  • This article substantiates the need to strategize food markets’ development in the region as components of the region's reproduction cycle of food products by using supply chain management. The authors suggest two approaches in terms of this development in the region. Within the framework of the product-territorial approach, strategies have been defined for the development of markets for individual food products in order to activate internal sources of forming product supply.

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  • In the scientific work has been modified the impact of the exploitation of natural resources (nonrenewable oil and gas reserves) on balanced economic development and been researched Karl Marx's production scheme. Marx's simple and extensive reproduction scheme based on supply chain management, rather I-capital sector was divided into 3 parts for physical, natural and human capitals, and at first, theoretically modified and analyzed added value from the exploitation of natural capital (oil and gas reserves).

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  • Ebook "Biology and conservation of horseshoe crabs" is organized, as the title implies, into two main sections: biology and conservation. The biology section is divided into two subsections: (1) populations and habitats and (2) physiology, reproduction, and development. The conservation section is divided into three subsections: (1) commercial use and management of populations and habitat, (2) culture and captive breeding, and (3) public awareness and community-based conservation.

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  • Professional teaching competence is significantly influenced by beliefs about teaching and learning. Prospective teachers start their teacher training with quite persistent beliefs about learning processes. The present study investigated how prospective teachers remembered their previous biology lessons as well as how they imagine the lessons they will conduct in the future.

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  • Ebook "Current and future reproductive technologies and world food production" addresses the impacts of current and future reproductive technologies on our world food production and provides a significant contribution to the importance of research in the area of reproductive physiology that has never been compiled before. It would provide a unique opportunity to separate the impacts of how reproductive technologies have affected different species and their contributions to food production.

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  • This article is a continuation of a previously published study devoted to the interaction analysis of the national and regional economies through a twosector model. The concept is based on the proportion between the resource-rich and resourcepoor sectors. In the previous article, we showed the fundamental possibility of using this two-sector model for the study of regional economy.

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  • Ebook "Relaxin and related peptides" discusses the established paradigms, the contradictions, and the most recent findings and future directions in the field of relaxin research. The array of diverse topics are highlighted, ranging from evolution of relaxin family peptides and receptors to their cell signaling, from the role of relaxin in reproduction to the newly discovered functions in cancer progression and in the nervous system.

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  • Ebook "Kisspeptin signaling in reproductive biology" is to summarize and celebrate the key fi ndings from the past decade of kisspeptin research, as well as stimulate both future experimentation and further re fi nement of clinical use of kisspeptin for medical and therapeutic endeavors.

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