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  • The purpose of this lab is to explore the dynamics of the simple harmonic oscillator (SHO). To make things a bit more interesting, we will model and study the motion of an inverted pendulum (IP), which is a special type of tunable mechanical oscillator. As we will see below, the inverted pendulum contains two restoring forces, one positive and one negative.

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  • Provides insight into advanced tool materials, physical theory and research understanding of metal cutting processes. The text highlights technology developed internationally, and reviews available technology of metal cutting processes, such as turning, boring, milling and drilling. It also elucidates optimum choices for tool material and cutting conditions, and more.

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  • Exciting new observational and theoretical advances lead today's solar physicists to challenge many of the predictions of even recent models. This volume summarizes the major questions at the forefront of solar physics theory and observations, and proposes priority recommendations to explore these questions.

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  • We shortly review the metric formalism for the f(R) gravity. Based on the metric formalism, we study the spherically symmetric static empty space solutions with the gravity Lagrangian L = R+λR 2 . We found the general metric that described the static empty space with the spherically symmetry. Our result is more general than Schwarzschild solution, specially the predicted metric is perturbed Schwarzschild metric of the Einstein theory.

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  • Such a breathtaking pace of research has allowed to explore the field in several directions within just a few years. The synthesis of free-standing nanowire structures now nvolves a large variety of methods and materials, including elemental and compound (both binary and multinary) semiconductors as well as complex modulated nanostructures.

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  • The contributed articles are presented in two volumes. The readers interested in ex- perimental studies of graphene are referred to the fi rst volume. The second volume contains theoretical contributions, divided into fi ve Sections. In Part I ab initio studies of the electronic structure of graphene in the presence of defects and impurities are described. In Part II the theory of graphene nano-fl akes and nano-ribbons is presented.

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  • An equation is a statement of equality: Whatever is on the left-hand side of any equation is equal to whatever is on the right-hand side. The symbols in an algebraic equation usually cannot have arbitrary values if the equality is to hold. To solve an equation is to find the possible values of these symbols. The solution of the equation 5x − 10 = 20 is x = 6 because this is the only value of x for which this equation is a true statement. The algebraic procedures that can be used to solve an equation are all based on the principle that any operation...

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  • At present, particle physics faces problems related with disparity in diphoton decay of Higgs boson, discrepancy between theory and experiment of about 3.6σ in anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and neutrino physics. Moreover, the existence of Dark Matter and the Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry are challenges for any physical model. In this review I present some solutions in the framework of the 3-3-1 models. The simple (by Higgs sector) models contain the hybrid inflationary scenario and the first-order phase transitions, from which leptogenesis needed for BAU is followed.

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  • Ionic Liquids (ILs) are one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas of modern physical chemistry, technologies and engineering. This book, consisting of 29 chapters gathered in 4 sections, reviews in detail and compiles information about some important physical-chemical properties of ILs and new practical approaches. This is the first book of a series of forthcoming publications on this field by this publisher.

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  • Several years ago, I was invited to write a review surveying the recent theoretical work on consciousness by authors in several fields, ranging from quantum physics and chemistry through neuroscience and psychology to philosophy and literature. A swift survey of the good new books lined up on top of my book- shelf (it numbers 78, today, January 28, 2004, and those are just the books) persuaded me that I should beg off the job. It has been a tumultuous decade, so rambunctious that several people are writing books just about the tumult.

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  • The operational amplifier ("op amp") is the most versatile and widely used type of analog IC, used in audio and voltage amplifiers, signal conditioners, signal converters, oscillators, and analog computing systems. Almost every electronic device uses at least one op amp. This book is Texas Instruments' complete professional-level tutorial and reference to operational amplifier theory and applications.

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide both an introduction and a state-of-the-art review of the essential physics and signal processing principles of diagnostic ultrasound in a single reference volume with a unified approach. This book draws together many of the ideas from seminal papers, the author’s research, and other sources in a single narrative and point of view. Unlike texts that present only the theory of acoustic fundamentals, this book relates topics to each other in the context of ultrasound imaging and practical application.

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