Satisfaction and consistency

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  • This study used a large‐scale, international data set – the Organization for Economic Co‐ operation and Development (OECD) – Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2013, consist‐ ing of 14,583 teachers from 34 countries – to examine the manner in which feedback from administrators, time spent observing colleagues’ classes, job satisfaction, and work enjoyment predicted teachers’ instruc‐ tional self‐efficacy.

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  • The discipline known as Mathematical Logic will not specifically be defined within this text. Instead, you will study some of the concepts in this significant discipline by actually doing mathematical logic. Thus, you will be able to surmise for yourself what the mathematical logician is attempting to accomplish. Consider the following three arguments taken from the disciplines of military science, biology, and set-theory, where the symbols (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) are used only to locate specific sentences....

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  • While these fi gures show that engagement priorities are shifting, marketers also understand the importance of integrating communications across all of these channels—not managing each independently—to deliver a more consistent and personalised buying experience to consumers. “Our go-to-market strategy is to win wherever people shop,” says Alex Tosolini, vice-president of global e-business at Procter & Gamble (P&G). “As more people move their shopping habits online, we want to be present when and where they want to make a purchase.

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  • Controlled Cooking Test: This lab-based test involves local cooks preparing a local dish. Adding these variables limits comparability of results to a given setting but provides important feedback as to the likely acceptability of a stove by local users. The results relate to specific consumption, speed of cooking and user satisfaction. Kitchen Performance Test: This is the most difficult and resource-intensive test. It consists of a survey and a fuel consumption test with families using both the traditional and the improved cook stove.

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  • In this paper I will consider parsing as a discrete combinatorial problem which consists in constructing a labeled graph that satisfies a set of linguistic constraints. I will identify some properties of linguistic constraints which allow this problem to be solved efficiently using constraint satisfaction algorithms. I then describe briefly a modular parsing algorithm which constructs a syntactic graph using a set of generative operations and applies a filtering algorithm to eliminate inconsistent nodes and edges. ...

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  • Backtracking = depth-first search with one variable assigned per node; variable ordering and value selection heuristics help significantly; forward checking prevents assignments that guarantee later failure; constraint propagation (e.g., arc consistency) does additional work to constrain values and detect inconsistencies; the CSPs representation allows analysis of problem structure.

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  • Chapter 3: Constraint satisfaction problems presents about What is a CSP? Posing a CSP; Generate-and-test-algorithms; Standard backtracking algorithm; Consistency algorithm; Look-ahead Schemes and somethings else.

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  • The study examines the relationship between the Big five personality traits of NCC female students and life satisfaction in Tiruchirappalli. This study consists of 208 female respondents, who had attended the Annual training camp in Tiruchirappalli. Finings revealed that the Big five personality traits explained about 30.1% of variance in life satisfaction.

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  • This book will help you coach other people simply and easily to improve their performance at work and in any other areas of their lives. We have brought this book together after many years of practice, development, refinement, modelling and analysing what really works for coaches. We have incorporated some of the techniques from disciplines such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Other techniques are just ‘common sense’. And some we developed because we couldn’t find anything else that worked to our satisfaction.

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  • We seek to be people who are honorable, forthright, and upright at all times. Our commitment to integrity demands more than mere satisfaction of legal and ethical obligations, although we comply with the law and conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our commitment to integrity means that we actively discern what is right from what is wrong, that what we do flows directly from who we are, that we seek consistency between our inner self and our outward conduct. We value people, we speak the truth, we have the courage of our convictions, and we keep our commitments....

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  • Telch and Telch (1986) randomized 41 cancer patients with different diagnoses and stages of disease to a coping skills instruction group, an emotional support group or a no-treatment control group. The coping skills group showed consistent improvement in affective state, cognitive distress, communications, coping with medical procedures, and satisfaction related to work, social activities, physical appearance, sexual inti- macy, physical and social activities.

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  • Believing that sufficient and well-deserved prominence was not being given to the use of tin foil and its combinations, the author decided to present a brief historical résumé of the subject, together with such practical information as he possesses, before the profession in order that it may have the satisfaction of saving more teeth, since that is the pre-eminent function of the modern dentist.

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  • A study objective is to identify key factors of QMS (Quality Management System) influencing the organizational performance in pharmaceutical factories getting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate. The original research model consists of eight independent factors (leadership, process management, education and training, supplier management, customer focus, employee involvement, product design, and continuous improvement) and three dependent factors related to organizational performance (productivity, product quality and customer satisfaction).

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  • To gain excellence in customer satisfaction something extra is needed in addition to applying good strategy. Successful implementation of strategy requires craft, methods and skills to bind customers in strong ways.

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  • Globalization is everywhere, in this regard, every organization should change according to the needs and requirement of the environment. In addition, in today’s economy, it’s critical to have effective, and efficient organization. Failure to effectively engage employees can result in wasted resources, unboptimal organizational performance, and deteriorating employee morale.

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  • The present volume of the series of English translations of M. Arago's works consists of his own autobiography and a selection of some of his memoirs of eminent scientific men, both continental and British. It does not distinctly appear at what period of his life Arago composed the autobiography, but it bears throughout the characteristic stamp of his ardent and energetic disposition.

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  • One of the advanced technologies in e-learning deals with the systems’ ability to fit the students’ preferences. It emerged based upon the common conception that every person has different learning style. However, despite the many options of learning style models toward using personalized elearning, there are considerable challenges to assess the usability degree of the e-learning. The aim of this study is the evaluation of usability of personalized adaptive e-learning system that has been developed based on students’ learning style and initial knowledge level.

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