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  • he blank screen You have an advertising assignment of some sort. If you’re sitting with a blank computer screen and struggling about what to do, stop. There’s a better way. To start with, forget that daunting assignment for a while. Instead, gather facts that will interest and inform your audience. And hey, take it easy. This gathering process won’t stress you at all. Rather than grappling for the right words, you can turn the radio on, muse about good things, and – oh, yeah – collect information. Best of all, fact-finding is the right thing to do at this stage....

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  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990 applies with regard to statutory nuisance (section 80). However, mobile operators will rarely stay at a single location long enough to satisfy the criteria for statutory nuisance. If the operation is at defined premises, eg a supermarket car park or at a residential or commercial address, action could be taken against the owner or occupier of the land. There are also requirements under this legislation for the correct disposal of waste.

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  • This paper addresses a problem that may arise in c]assificatzon tasks: the design of procedures for matching an instance with a set ~f criteria for class membership in such a way as to permit the intelligent handling ~f inexact, as well as exact matches. An inexact match is a comparlson between an instance and a set of criteria (or a second instance) which has the result that some, but not all, of the criteria described (or exemplified) in the second are found to be satisfied in the first. An exact match is such a comparison for which all of...

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  • The only distinctions remaining to be made here are between ‘fine’ art and ‘applied’ art, or ‘popular’ art and ‘high’ art, between ‘amateur’ art and ‘professional’ art, and, of course, between good art and less good art. Selecting a very poor, amateurish, depiction (say a businessman’s deskpad doodle) and presenting it in a nice frame in a serious exhibition might be interesting, but it would not satisfy the criteria Duchamp established for the Readymade. The doodle is already nominated as art and the operation of the Readymade in regard to it is redundant....

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  • The following strategy is used to reconstruct the strange hyperon Ω. In the LHCb experiment, the hadrons p, π and K are identified by the RICH detector with PT threshold > 100 MeV. Only Lambda particles (from channel Λ → p + π) with PT > 500 MeV are chosen to combine with kaon daughter particle in order to reconstruct a strange hyperon Ω. The reconstructed particles are accepted as Ω candidates in the case it satisfies several criteria such as its invariance mass must be located within the window mass ±50 MeV/c2 around the nominal value.

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  • Boolean functions play important role in cryptography, since in convention a symmetric encryption algorithm can be designed by composing Boolean functions satisfying good cryptographic criteria. In this paper; state of the art in mathematical and practical study of the most important cryptographic criteria of Boolean functions and how to implement algorithms that fulfill these criteria are introduced. Also; the most known constructions for generating Boolean functions that satisfy good cryptographic criteria are summarized.

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  • Econometricians, as well as other scientists, are engaged in learning from their experience and data - a fundamental objective of science. Knowledge so obtained may be desired for its own sake, for example to satisfy our curiosity about aspects of economic behavior and/or for use in solving practical problems, for example to improve economic policymaking. In the process of learning from experience and data, description and generalization both play important roles.

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  • Subject to the right of suppliers or contractors to protect their intellectual property or trade secrets, the procuring entity may require suppliers or contractors participating in procurement proceedings to provide such appropriate documentary evidence or other information as it may deem useful to satisfy itself that the suppliers or contractors are qualified in accordance with the criteria referred to in paragraph.

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  • Production scheduling problems concern the allocation of limited resources over time to perform tasks to satisfy certain criteria.

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  • This problem is due to the abundance of satisfying search criteria and the lack of knowledge about rules of composition, location, coding grammar etc.

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  • The email was sent to over 2500 international students. More than 100 students replied to the email seeking further information. Although this was a small percentage of those contacted, most of these respondents did not meet the criteria. Either their IELTS result was obtained before 1 July 2007 or they had satisfied the university English language proficiency requirements through other means, for example, a pathway program that issued certificates deemed to be ‘at an equivalent level as IELTS 6.5’.

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  • Discuss the general objective of the timing of revenue recognition, list the two general criteria that must be satisfied before revenue can be recognized, and explain why these criteria usually are satisfied at a specific point in time.

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  • Production scheduling problems concern the allocation of limited resources over time to perform tasks to satisfy certain criteria. Resources can be of a very different nature, for example, manpower, money, machines, tools, materials, energy, and so on. Tasks can have a variety of interpretations from machining parts in manufacturing systems up to processing information in computer systems. A task is usually

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa học quốc tế đề tài : The Cervical Dystonia Impact Profile (CDIP-58): Can a Rasch developed patient reported outcome measure satisfy traditional psychometric criteria?

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  • My editorial objective in this new series is to present to the scientific public a collection of texts that satisfies one of two criteria: the systematic presentation of a specialised but important topic within materials science or engineering that has not previously (or recently) been the subject of full-length treatment and is in rapid development; or the systematic account of a broad theme in materials science or engineering. The books are not, in general, designed as undergraduate texts, but rather are intended for use at graduate level and by established research workers.

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  • An inexact match is a comparlson between an instance and a set of criteria (or a second instance) which has the result that some, but not all, of the criteria described (or exemplified) in the second are found to be satisfied in the first. An exact match is such a comparison for which all of the criteria of the second are found to be satisfied.

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  • Metagrammaticai formalisms that combine context-free phrase structure rules and metarules (MPS grammars) allow concise statement of generalizations about the syntax of natural languages. Unconstrained MPS grammars, tmfortunately, are not cornputationally "safe." We evaluate several proposals for constraining them, basing our amae~ment on computational tractability and explanatory adequacy. We show that none of them satisfies both criteria, and suggest new directions for research on alternative metagrammatical formalisms. ...

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  • This unit could be assessed in conjunction with any other units addressing the safety, quality, communication, materials handling, recording and reporting associated with applying fabrication, forming and shaping techniques or other units requiring the exercise of the skills and knowledge covered by this unit. Assessors must be satisfied that the candidate can competently and consistently perform all elements of the unit as specified by the criteria, including required knowledge, and be capable of applying the competency in new and different situations and contexts. ...

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  • In this paper, a new Space-Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation (SM) scheme based on the Golden Code, called the Golden Coded Spatial Modulation (GC-SM), is proposed and analyzed. This scheme still keeps some main benefits of the Golden Code by satisfying the non-vanishing Space Time Block Code (STBC) criteria. In the signal constellation domain, the GC-SM spectral efficiency is twice that of the STBC-SM.

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  • OPTIMAL FUZZY CONTROL In control design, it is often of interest to synthesize a controller to satisfy, in an optimal fashion, certain performance criteria and constraints in addition to stability. The subject of optimal control addresses this aspect of control system design.

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