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  • Determine ahead of time which work well for you, especially if you are going into a timed writing situation. Making the effort to think through what you want to say, and finding the best way to say it, will sig¬nificantly improve your essay.

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  • Mark Twain commented on golf by saying, “it is a good walk spoiled.” You might gather that he was not a golfer. You’d be wrong. He was, but like most, he was continually frustrated by the game. Certainly there are those days when “it is a good walk spoiled,” but thankfully there are moments when it is “a good flight made better.” I’m passionate about three things in life: flying, golfing, and dining. Those of you who have read The $100 Hamburger: A Guide to Pilots’ Favorite Fly-In Restaurants or visited the companion website www.100dollarhamburger.

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  • Appendix C Planning, Drafting and Proofreading PLANNING Whenever you have an important essay, letter, report or article to write, it’s well worth taking time to work out in advance exactly what you want to say. Consider also the response you hope to get from those who read the finished document and decide on the tone and style which would be most appropriate. " Next, jot down, as they come into your head, all the points that you want to include. Don’t try to sort them into any order. Brainstorm. (It’s better to have too much material at this stage than too little.)...

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  • Community leaders in Sukumaland are calling for a strong lead from the Government. One was quoted as saying: ‘‘It is a question of educating the people. In other areas of the country where people are better educated, we don’t face this problem.’’ Until recently, the Government was reluctant to acknowledge that belief in witchcraft still existed. Now the subject is being widely discussed and officially condemned. In 1999, the Tanzanian Government made witchcraft the theme for International Women’s Day.

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  • There are three types of consumer perception about organic product: pro-organic, health conscious, and skeptic and it shown at the figure 2. The most pro-organic say that organic farming is better for the environment. Since the organic farming can avoid pesticides and other toxins, so it might be the number one reason of the health conscious one. In the other hand, there are skeptic minds which say that organic products are too expensive, so they don’t want to spend their money for it. In figure 3, it showed the survey that had been done in Ireland, Germany,...

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  • Yes, Rev'rend Doane, and a better boy never stepped, if I do say it as shouldn't. I've trusted him to drive team for me since he was eleven, and you can't say more than that for a farm boy. Way back when he was a little shaver so high, when the war came on, he was bounden he was going to sail with this Admiral Farragut. You know boys that age—like runaway colts. I couldn't see no good in his being cabin boy on some tarnation Navy ship and I told him so. If he'd wanted to sail out on a whaling ship, I 'low I'd have...

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  • They dreamed of a better browser . . . and before you could say "explore no more," Firefox was born. But already you want more. Tighter security, greater functionality. A custom installation for Linux. Maybe even that unique extension you've always dreamed of creating. Well, if you want to tweak the Fox, here are over 400 pages of ways to do it. From hacking profile settings to cracking links and cleaning out the cookie jar, this is the stuff that puts you in control.

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  • I have conducted training with my maintenance personnel in seal repair, pump repair, laser alignment, etc. but we don’t seem to get any better at it. As you say in your article, we operate in the ‘‘Breakdown or Run-to-Failure Maintenance Mode.’’

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  • You have something you want to sell on the Internet. Maybe it's a book, or a CD or a piece of software you wrote. You are in luck. The time has never been better. Internet shopping has become a mainstream activity. Increasing numbers of people are willing to open the wallet to purchase items or services over the Net. "But," you say, "How do I collect the money from the customer?" Good question. There are several methods of collecting monies from online sales. Many online merchants offer 2-3 choices of payment methods so customers will have options....

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  • It's as simple as that. What you say you want means almost nothing. When every action you make contradicts your words, your words don't mean a damn thing! This may be a new idea for you, or not. It doesn't matter! Aligning our intentions with our actions is something we can all learn to do better. It is the key to unlock your potential, get out of debt, and get ahead in life. It is something you can learn, but in exchange you have to give something up.

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  • Already big in Asia and Europe, retort flexible packaging is poised to penetrate deep into lucrative North American markets still dominated by metal cans and glass bottles. by Andrew Mykytiuk, Editor-in-Chief Strength of the pouch has always been an issue. Most people associate metal cans with strength and can’t believe plastic can be as strong as steel—even people in the packaging industry. “I had one client take a #10 pouch and It tastes better throw it across the factory floor to see if Food packaged in a conventional can the seal would hold,” says Hoss.

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  • We'd better wait (for Rachel). You'd better lock it/lock your bike. I'd better tidy my room. You'd better not drive/We'd better not go too fast. We'd better do some revision. 1 Would you like a cup of tea? OR Will/Won't you have a cup of tea? 2 What shall/can/should I say in my letter? 3 Let's have/We could have a cup of coffee, OR Shall we have a cup of coffee? 4 I'll/I can walk home with you. OR Shall/Can I walk home with you? 5 Would you like to visit me one weekend? (Also possible: Will/Won't you visit me...

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  • Email marketing does NOT have to involve any fancy "mass control" techniques or super-sophisticated 26 step "product launch formula" schemes. All those things are nice - and they can make you a lot of money - but for me, I like to keep things simple. Simple can be insanely profitable, too. And I'll show you how in this report. The Best Way To Use Scarcity (It's Honest, Too!) Damn - truth in marketing works so much better than anything else. Especially in email marketing. Say you're launching a new product. And it's going to be priced at $97. Here's what you do....

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  • How many of you would agree with Pat’s statement? I think it’s safe to say that most people have used golf to assist them in some business opportunity. The premise of Business Golf is to show you how a simple round of golf, when planned and played properly, can be one of the most valuable relationship-building tools you have at your disposal, in a world that is more competitive than ever before.

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  • Orley Ashenfelter really loves wine: "When a good red wine ages," he says, "something quite magical happens." Yet Orley isn't just obsessed with how wine tastes. He wants to know about the forces behind great and not-so-great wines. "When you buy a good red wine," he says, "you're always making an investment, in the sense that it's probably going to be better later. And what you'd like to know is not what it's worth now, but what it's going to be worth in the future.

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  • Biologists study living things, but what do philosophers of biology study? A cynic might say “their own navels,” but I am no cynic. A better answer is that philosophers of biology, and philosophers of science generally, study science. Ours is a second-order, not a first-order, subject. In this respect, philosophy of science is similar to history and sociology of science. A difference may be found in the fact that historians and sociologists study science as it is, whereas philosophers of science study science as it ought to be.

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  • Since you happen to be reading through the opening pages of Foundation Version Control for Web Developers then it’s safe to say you have some interest in finding out a little bit more about version control. It may be true that this new interest isn’t actually your own, but instead comes from a friend, colleague, or employer who thinks getting a bit more knowledge on the subject would be beneficial to you.

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  • Excusing himself for not undertaking to write a life of Balzac, Monsieur Brunetiere, in his study of the novelist published shortly before his death, refused somewhat disdainfully to admit that acquaintance with a celebrated man's biography has necessarily any value.

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  • I write these few introductory sentences to this volume only to second so worthy an attempt to quicken and enlarge the general interest in our birds. The book itself is merely an introduction, and is only designed to place a few clews in the reader's hands which he himself or herself is to follow up. I can say that it is reliable and is written in a vivacious strain and by a real bird lover, and should prove a help and a stimulus to any one who seeks by the aid of its pages to become better acquainted with our songsters. ...

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  • Simple, nonmedical terms should be used in explanations to the patient. Health care workers should be specific about the behaviors expected from the patient. For example, it is much more helpful to say, “This pill will help you get better,” than to say, “This drug, isoniazid, is a bactericidal agent that is highly active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.” Using words that are familiar to patients can make the information relevant to them, therefore increasing the likelihood that the patient will comply with the prescribed treatment regimen. ...

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