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  • New Headway Intermediate is a practical and imaginative addition to the New Headway English Course. Its aim is to help students to express themselves both clearly and confidently, by training them in the key areas of pronunciation, in particulary the production of individual sounds, word and sentence stress and intonation. The course, with its accompanying audio cd, is suitable for self-study as well as for classroom use.

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  • If you have an English teacher, ask her to help you understand Word Stress. Try to hear the stress in words each time you listen to English – on the radio, or in films for example. Your first step is to “hear” and recorgnise it. After that, you can “use” it! (Điều này xảy ra trong tất cả các từ có 2 vần trở lên ... Các vần không nhấn thì gọi là ‘yếu’ hay ‘nhẹ’. Người bản ngữ nói tiếng Anh lắng nghe các vần được nhấn chứ họ không để ý nghe những vần ‘yếu’. Nếu bạn sử...

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  • New Headway Upper-Intermediate Pronunciation Course is a practical and imaginative addition to the New Headway English Course. Its aim is to help students to express themselves both clearly and confidently, by training them in the key areas of pronunciation, in particulary the production of individual sounds, word and sentence stress and intonation.

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  • This paper is part of an MSc. report on a program called GENIE (Generator of Inflected English), written in CProlog, that acts as a front end to an existing speech synthesis program. It allows the user to type a sentence in English text, and then processes it so that the synthesiser will output it with natural-sounding inflection; that is, as well as transcribing text to a phonemic form that can be read by the system, it assigns this text an fO contour. The assigning of this stress is described in this paper, and it is asserted that the...

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  • Abstract. Speaking English as well as native English speaking people is the ambition of all English learners.However, this is beyond the power of Vietnamese learners.Whereas we cannot speak English as well as the American or the British, we can speak a universal acceptable English, an English with its owm features in pronunciation. These features are; Word stress and sentence stress. Intonation with rising and falling. Word linking in connected speech. Strong forms and weak forms in pronunciation of function words Tóm tắt.

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  • Unit 2: Relationship RELATIONSHIP UNIT OBJECTIVES At the end of this unit, students will be able to: • Use vocabulary relating to the topic (relationships, linking or not linking someone, family, getting together… ) • Pronounce strong and weak auxiliaries, sentence stress • Make a conversation • Develop listening, reading and speaking skills via practical exercises relating to this topic OVERVIEW 1 2 3 WARMING UP • Relationships between people • Ways people keep in touch with other GRAMMAR • Relative clauses • Some special uses of relative pronoun...

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  • Pronunciation involves far more than individual sounds. Word stress, sentence stress, intonation, and word linking all influence the sound of spoken English, not to mention the way we often slur words and phrases together in casual speech. 'What are you going to do?' becomes 'Whaddaya gonna do?' English pronunciation involves too many complexities for learners to strive for a complete elimination of accent, but improving pronunciation will boost self esteem, facilitate communication, and possibly lead to a better job or a least more respect in the workplace....

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  • B:2a Listento the minimal pair sentences. c and n;zud Listento six of the sentences write I for lrcl (soundl) or 2 for leel (sound 2). e;zae sentencestress againand underlinethe sentence Listento the minimal pair sentences stress(on page73). EXAMPLEHow do you spell'hear'? szs f Tick the wordsa) or b) that you hear in the sentences.

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  • Section B focuses on pronunciation units which are bigger than individual sounds- The units are in three blocks, dealing in turn with syllables, word stress and sentence stress. As the title of the section suggests, these features are looked at more or less in isolation from a communicative context.

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  • Listen and repeat the words. Notice that the target sound is quieter in thewordbag. t:t tt' b You will hear five words from each minimal pair. For each word, write I for /k/ (sound l) or 2 for lgl (sound 2). E X AMP L E Pa i r l : I,2 ,I,1 ,2 pairsentences Minimal clsa c Listen to the minimal pair sentences. crsu d Listen to five of the sentencesand write I for /k/ (sound l) or 2 for lgl (sound 2). crsae sentence stress In spoken English sentences,the most important words for the speakers meaning are strongly stressed....

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  • Then Iisten and repeat. b You will hear five words from each minimal pair. For each word, write I for /b/ (sound I) or 2 for lvl (sound 2). E X A M P LE P a i r I: I,2 ,1 ,2 , I ' -al oairsentences c Listen to the minimal pair sentences. d Listen to six of the sentencesand write I for lbl (sound l) or 2 for lvl (sound 2). e Sentence stress Listen to the minimal pair sentences again and underline the two strongly stressedwords in each sentence (on page 136). f Tick the words a), b)...

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  • In the case of word stress, it is the form as it may appear in a dictionary that is dealt with here. Similarly, in the case of sentence stress* we focus on an unmarked form in Section B. For example, 'What do you think?' is presented with the stress pattern. In a specific conversational context, this same sentence could be said with the stress pattern, but sentences in conversational context are dealt with in Section C rather than Section B.

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  • nglish for Academic Study: Pronunciation This fully updated 2012 edition of English for Academic Study: Pronunciation will help you develop the pronunciation skills you need to communicate clearly and effectively in an academic environment.

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  • “Stress sentence”- bí quyết để giao tiếp tiếng Anh hoàn hảo ."Stress sentence” - trọng âm câu được ví như là chiếc chìa khóa kỳ diệu giúp bạn hiểu và giao tiếp tiếng Anh như người bản ngữ. Vậy đâu là bí quyết? Mời các bạn tìm hiểu trong bài luyện nói tiếng Anh ngày hôm nay. Trọng âm câu rất quan trọng vì trong khi nói tiếng Anh, từ mà bạn nhấn trọng âm cũng như cách bạn đánh trọng âm vào cùng một từ có thể làm thay đổi hoàn toàn nghĩa hàm chứa trong câu nói.

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  • In the work of abridgement, my first concern has been to preserve a complete statement of the theory, since less thorough accounts are readily available elsewhere. This has meant retaining most of Chap- ters II, HI, and IV and parts of Chapters I and V. Even in Chapters II- IV, however, I have not hesitated to cut footnotes, paragraphs, and whole pages where the discussion seemed to go pretty far afield, as well as deleting superfluous sentences and phrases.

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  • INKA is a natural language interface to facilitate knowledge acquisition during expert system development for electronic instrument trouble-thooting. The expert system design methodology develops a domain definition, called GLIB, in the form of a semantic grammar. This grammar format enables GLIB to be used with the INGLISH interface, which constrains users to create statements within a subset of English. Incremental patting in INGLISH allows immediate remedial information to be generated if a user deviates from the sublanguage.

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  • The stories in the corpus were chosen randomly and the only criterion for rejection was too large a percentage of quoted material. Only the first two hundred words or so of each story were included in the corpus in order to allow a greater samplin~ of reports. The discourse principles at work are fairly represented in an excerpt o ~ this length. The input to the DUMP program consists of a llst of hand-~6rsed sentences making up each story.

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  • How can grammar be viewed as a functional part of a cognitive system) Given a neural basis for the processing control paradigm of language performance, what roles does 'Sgrammar" play? Is there evidence to suggest that grammatical processing can be independent from other aspects of language processing? This paper w i l l focus on these issues and suggest answers within the context of one computational solution. The example model of sentence comprehension.

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  • To extract this temporal information from a sentence, it must be parsed into a semantic representation which captures the meaning of tense, temporal adverbs, and temporal connectives. Representations were developed for the basic tenses, some temporal adverbs, as well as some o f the temporal connectives. Five criteria were suggested for judging these representations, and based on these criteria the representations were judged. Introduction English sentences contain many types of temporal information. ...

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  • Choose ONE of the words or phrases given in the box to fill in the blank of each of the following sentences garlic to your diet! 16. What did the diet of the ancient Greeks mainly include? 17. Does beef have more fat than chicken? 18. Which countries do these foods: Aioli and tzatziki come from? 19. What do they all have in common? 20. According to the passage, what should we eat more often in order to reduce the risk of heart attack? 3. Read the passage and answer the questions below it A key word in the modern American vocabulary is “stress”. Stress is the...

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