Sexual development

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  • A plethora of corroborative genetic studies led to the view that, across the animal kingdom, the gene-regulatory cascades triggering sexual develop-ment bear little resemblance to each other. As a result, the common emerg-ing picture is that the genes at the top of the cascade are not conserved

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Textbook of clinical embryology" presents the following contents: Mammalian reproductive physiology, sexual development, the male reproductive tract and spermatogenesis, female reproductive tract and oocyte development, ovulation and regulation of the menstrual cycle,...`

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  • Intimate partner and sexual violence affect a large proportion of the population – with the majority of those directly experiencing such violence being women and the majority perpetrating it being men. The harm they cause can last a lifetime and span generations, with serious adverse affects on health, education and employment.

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  • Each mental health professional’s life offers a personal opportunity to diminish the sense of bafflement about how health, suffering, and recovery processes work. Over decades of work in a mental health field, many of us develop the sense that we better understand some aspects of psychology and psychopathology. Those who devote themselves to one subject in a scholarly research fashion seem to have a slightly greater potential to remove some of the mystery for themselves and others in a particular subject area.

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  • Male Sexual Dysfunction: Treatment Patient Education Patient and partner education is essential in the treatment of ED. In goaldirected therapy, education facilitates understanding of the disease, results of the tests, and selection of treatment. Discussion of treatment options helps to clarify how treatment is best offered and stratify first- and second-line therapies. Patients with high-risk lifestyle issues, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, or recreational drug use, should be counseled on the role these factors play in the development of ED.

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  • Sexual differentiation and normal subsequent development are fundamental to the continuation of the human species. In recent years, our understanding of the control of this process has greatly increased. Following fertilization, the human embryo will differentiate into a male or female fetus, and subsequent development is genetically controlled. This chapter describes the processes involved and discusses the subsequent evolution to full maturation.

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  • the main lesson to draw from this broad range of strategies is the importance of community engagement and the key leadership role that women living with Hiv have to play in tailoring the Hiv response to their needs.

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  • Bacterial Vaginosis This syndrome (formerly termed nonspecific vaginitis, Haemophilus vaginitis, anaerobic vaginitis, or Gardnerella-associated vaginal discharge) is characterized by symptoms of vaginal malodor and a slightly to moderately increased white discharge, which appears homogeneous, is low in viscosity, and evenly coats the vaginal mucosa. An interesting observation is that new genital HPV infection in young women is associated with increased subsequent risk of developing bacterial vaginosis.

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  • Perihepatitis and Periappendicitis Pleuritic upper abdominal pain and tenderness (usually localized to the right upper quadrant) develop in 3–10% of women with acute PID. Symptoms of perihepatitis arise during or after the onset of symptoms of PID and may overshadow lower abdominal symptoms, thereby leading to a mistaken diagnosis of cholecystitis. In perhaps 5% of cases of acute salpingitis, early laparoscopy reveals perihepatic inflammation ranging from edema and erythema of the liver capsule to exudate with fibrinous adhesions between the visceral and parietal peritoneum.

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  • Within developing countries, health sector reform, often including decen- tralized priority setting, increases the information and advocacy burden for inclusion of SRH concerns. Central functions (like operating logistic systems and service quality control) require high-level commitment and a supportive policy and regulatory framework. The international discussion on SRH emphasizes an outcome-oriented public health approach but people react to multiple dimensions. Strong pas- sions and intensive debates continue on a range of issues: abortion, adolescent SRH and even family planning.

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  • I have spent most of my professional career since the 1980s working on reproductive and sexual health programs, but I first developed a passion for these issues while working on a project in Chile from 1972 to 1973 at the time of Salvador Allende’s government. A multinational group of women friends got together to adapt Our Bodies Ourselves1 for a Chilean audience, which was to appear in the government’s women’s magazine, Paloma.

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  • Family poultry is rarely the sole means of livelihood for the family but is one of a number of integrated and complementary farming activities contributing to the overall well-being of the household. Poultry provide a major income-generating activity from the sale of birds and eggs. Occasional consumption provides a valuable source of protein in the diet. Poultry also play an important socio-cultural role in many societies. Poultry keeping uses family labour, and women (who often own as well as look after the family flock) are major beneficiaries.

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  • The presence of extraN- andC- terminal residues can play a major role in the stability, solubility and yield of recombi-nant proteins. Pfg27 is a 27Ksoluble protein that is essential for sexual development in Plasmodium falciparum.It was over-expressed using the pMAL-p2 vector as a fusion pro-teinwith themaltosebindingprotein. Sixdifferent constructs were made and each of the fusion proteins were expressed and purified.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Shaw’s textbook of gynaecology" presents the following contents: Puberty, paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, gynaecological diagnosis, normal histology, malformations of the female generative organs, imaging modalities in gynaecology, endoscopy in gynaecology, sexual development and development disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease,... and other content.

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  • Given the unusual circumstances of Cambodia and their likely impacts on the older population, considerable effort was made to develop a survey questionnaire that not only would cover the standard issues about elderly economic, social and physical well-being that are the focus of recent surveys of older age populations in the region but also issues specific for the situation in Cambodia.

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  • As you begin your study of psychology, you will find that it is different from any of your other classes. This is because psychology is connected to both the social sciences, such as history or economics, and the natural sciences, such as biology and chemistry. As a social science, psychology explores the influences of society on individual behavior and group relationships. As a natural science, psychology looks for biological explanations for human behavior.

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  • Viewed from above, the city of Mataram appears as a patchwork of green fields, and red and brown rooftops, strategically clustered around gleaming white mosques. Plots of water spinach and wet rice are dotted throughout the city and still feed many of its people, despite the steady encroachment of housing and commercial developments. Horse-drawn carts carry people along dusty laneways, to and from school, work and the neighbourhood markets, and up to the main thoroughfares where mini buses run the length of the city. Mataram is hot and humid, or hot and wet.

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  • This toolkit is the result of teamwork between sexual and reproductive health practitioners working with young people in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda. The first version of the toolkit was developed with International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia, Young, Happy, Healthy and Safe, the Ministries of Health and Education, and peer educators and young people in rural Eastern Province, Zambia. The toolkit was tested by peer educators and revised on the basis of their experience and the lessons learned in monitoring.

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  • Advertising can be expensive, but there are plenty of budget-conscious options, too. No matter what you’re spending, your approach should be strategic—don’t squander opportunities to talk with your markets. n Start with your markets/needs list developed in “Get Prepared: Step 2.” What are the media reaching these markets? Radio stations, newspapers, newsletters, etc. Contact them to get their ad rates and schedules. Advertising salespeople can help you with good editorial matches (for example, perhaps there’s a back-to-school segment featuring homework tips for parents).

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  • Increasing evidence suggests that serious mental illness is neurodevelopmental and the onset of pre-psychotic symptoms occurs in adolescence, at a time when the cerebral cortex is still developing. As with many complex disorders (e.g. hypertension, epilepsy, and diabetes), there appear to be many aetiological pathways that might lead to the final mixture of behavioral signs and symptoms we label ‘schizophrenia’.

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