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  • SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems) áp dụng ngôn ngữ lập trình để phân tích số liệu. Riêng SAS/STAT bao gồm trên 60 phương thức phân tích số liệu áp dụng cho phân tích phương sai, hồi qui, phân tích tổng hợp, và phân tích đa biến. Dữ liệu lập trình trên word để xử lý thống kê của SAS ngắn gọn, khoảng 9 hàng với 24 từ, được thiết kế trước và số liệu được chuyển trực tiếp từ file word, excel, là dạng lưu trữ số liệu thống kê phổ biến nhất. Ngoài ra có thể sử dụng số liệu lưu...

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  • We propose a statistical dialogue analysis model to determine discourse structures as well as speech acts using maximum entropy model. The model can automatically acquire probabilistic discourse knowledge from a discourse tagged corpus to resolve ambiguities. We propose the idea of tagging discourse segment boundaries to represent the structural information of discourse. Using this representation we can effectively combine speech act analysis and discourse structure analysis in one framework.

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  • The processes through which readers evoke mental representations of phonological forms from print constitute a hotly debated and controversial issue in current psycholinguistics. In this paper we present a computational analysis of the grapho-phonological system of written French, and an empirical validation of some of the obtained descriptive statistics.

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  • SPSS Statistics provides a powerful statistical-analysis and data-management system in a graphical environment, using descriptive menus and simple dialog boxes to do most of the work for you. Most tasks can be accomplished simply by pointing and clicking the mouse. In addition to the simple point-and-click interface for statistical analysis, SPSS Statistics provides: Data Editor. The Data Editor is a versatile spreadsheet-like system for defining, entering, editing, and displaying data.

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  • Because of the fast-evolving nature of technology and the issues and opportunities faced by public-sector managers as they wrestle with the information age, it is perhaps not surprising that this second edition of the Handbook of Public Information Systems contains approximately two thirds new material, including a whole new section on e-government. I wish to thank all those in government service, schools of public administration, and elsewhere who contributed to this volume, either directly or as reviewers.

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  • The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related to education in the United States and other nations.

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  • This paper describes an approach to utilizing term weights for sentiment analysis tasks and shows how various term weighting schemes improve the performance of sentiment analysis systems. Previously, sentiment analysis was mostly studied under data-driven and lexicon-based frameworks. Such work generally exploits textual features for fact-based analysis tasks or lexical indicators from a sentiment lexicon. We propose to model term weighting into a sentiment analysis system utilizing collection statistics, contextual and topicrelated characteristics as well as opinionrelated properties.

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  • In this paper we build user simulations of older and younger adults using a corpus of interactions with a Wizard-of-Oz appointment scheduling system. We measure the quality of these models with standard metrics proposed in the literature. Our results agree with predictions based on statistical analysis of the corpus and previous findings about the diversity of older people’s behaviour. Furthermore, our results show that these metrics can be a good predictor of the behaviour of different types of users, which provides evidence for the validity of current user simulation evaluation metrics.

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  • Risk analysis for well known, well documented and steady-state systems (or stable phenomena) can be performed by methods of statistical analysis of available data. These include, for example, maximum likelihood estimations, and analyses of variance and correlations. More generally, these methods require a projection in the future of risk estimates based on a sufficient sample,

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  • The concept of managing the individual performance in Not-for-profit organisations has met with some hesitations and difficulties in using the HRM employee performance management system. This study critically evaluated the use of employee performance management system in the Not-for-profit sector. The hypothesis of the study was accepted by the survey statistical analysis p<500.

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  • Rainfall is a prime input for various engineering design such as hydraulic structures, water conservation structures, bridges and culverts, canals, storm water sewer and road drainage system. The detailed statistical analysis of each region is essential to estimate the relevant input value for design and analysis of engineering structures and also for crop planning. The present study comprises statistical analysis i.e. frequency analysis of daily maximum rainfall data of Udaipur district.

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  • The present study was carried out to determine the dynamics of water productivity under agriculture and agroforestry land use system in Jabalpur region of Madhya Pradesh. The statistical analysis was carried out in spilt plot design, there were two treatments and three sub treatments were taken. The main treatment was farming practices that was agroforestry and agriculture where sub treatment was different date of showing.

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  • This research aims to examine the system of inland logistics nodes in Vietnam in view of the relationship and integration between inland logistics nodes and main seaports, as well as the transport legs connecting those terminals. The inland logistics nodes defined in this study include dry ports, ICDs, logistics centers and rail/inland waterway terminals existing in the country. We first determined the major charateristics of inland logistics nodes based on the desk research of literature review.

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  • Oncology is a field that profits tremendously from the genomic data generated by high-throughput technologies, including next-generation sequencing. However, in order to exploit, integrate, visualize and interpret such high-dimensional data efficiently, non-trivial computational and statistical analysis methods are required that need to be developed in a problem-directed manner.

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  • This self-study course is organized into subject matter areas, each containing learning objectives to help you determine what you should learn along with text and illustrations to help you understand the information. The subject matter reflects day-to-day requirements and experiences of personnel in the rating or skill area.

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  • Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting is an annual publication designed to disseminate developments in the quantitative analysis of finance and accounting. The publication is a forum for statistical and quantitative analyses of issues in finance and accounting as well as applications of quantitative methods to problems in financial management, financial accounting, and businessmanagement.The objective is to promote interaction between academic research in finance and accounting and applied research in the financial community and the accounting profession....

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  • objective or subjective, when making decisions under uncertainty. This is especially true when the consequences of the decisions can have a significant impact, financial or otherwise. Most of us make everyday personal decisions this way, using an intuitive process based on our experience and subjective judgments. Mainstream statistical analysis, however, seeks objectivity by generally restricting the information used in an analysis to that obtained from a current set of clearly relevant data.

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  • Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis is basically spatial problem-solving. It can be quite challenging at first, especially if you get bogged down in syntax and details. The hardest part is to conceptually understand the problem, and the GIS tools available to solve your problem. This book will help you understand conceptually how various GIS tools work. So for now, forget about workspaces, libraries, spatial database engines, dangling nodes, fuzzy tolerances, requests and instances....

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  • As Microsoft's first foray into the tablet market, the Surface is packed with all the features you're looking for to stay entertained and get things done wherever you go. Written by bestselling veteran author Andy Rathbone, this full-color, easy-to-understand book is packed with information on how to use the new interface, figure out the operating system, navigate the new app environment, and take full advantage of this exciting new tablet device.

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  • The density matrix offers an effective technique for dealing statistically with a system consisting of many electrons using the quantum theory for an electron. Amixed state consisting of a statistical distribution of various quantum states can be specified by a set of probabilities pj with which the electron is found in a quantum state j ji.

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