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Study English grammar

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  • (BQ) Ebook English phrasal verbs in use advanced (2nd Edition): Part 2 include all of the following: Work, study and finance (from unit 31 to unit 36); Personal life (from unit 37 to unit 46); The world around us (from unit 47 to unit 55); Key verbs (from unit 56 to unit 60).

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  • Ebook English vocabulary in use pre-intermediate (Fourth edition): Part 1 include all of the following: Functional language, Word formation, Phrase building, Key verbs, Words and grammar, Connecting and linking, Style and register. This book can be used in class or for self-study. It is intended for learners at the upper A2 level and B1 level on the Council of Europe scale, and teaches more than 2,000 words and phrases.

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  • This is an attempt to find out the similarities and differences of conceptual metaphors of “moon” and “trăng” used in the 19th and 20th century poems in English and Vietnamese. To achieve the purposes, this paper chooses the descriptive, quantitative and qualitative approaches throughout the study.

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  • The findings show that there are significant differences in terms of lexico-grammatical choices and process selections in transitivity system relating to translating indeterminate behavioral clauses with ambiguous and “dumb” processes, as well as understanding behavioral clause complex from English to Vietnamese.

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  • This is a four-week study aimed to investigate the influence of group activities on grammar mistakes of EFL students’ writing. The study was conducted with the random selection of 25 second-year students from non-English major classes at Dong Nai University, in which 13 are female and the rest are male. The study used pre- and post-trial writings, and after-school classes for group activities during the pre-and post-treatment to unveil the result of the study.

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  • The paper investigates some commonly-used topic-comment structures in Vietnamese and their negative transfers to English by the first-year English majors at the University of Foreign Languages Studies, the University of Danang.

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  • "Oxford English practice grammar intermediate" is a series of three books, each written at the right level for you at each stage in your study of English. The series is intended for your use either in a classroom or when working independently in your own time.

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  • "Advanced English practice grammar with answers" is a series of three books, each written at the right level for you at each stage in your study of English. The series is intended for your use either in a classroom or when working independently in your own time.

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  • The ebook "Smart choice 2 (Workbook)" is the perfect self-study companion to the Smart choice student book, providing additional practice for all course vocabulary and grammar as well as extra reading, listening, and pronunciation practice. Please refer to the ebook for details!

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  • (BQ) Focus on advanced English C.A.E. - Grammar practice is divided into 14 chapters concentrating on different topics like "Severe Weather," "The Ages of Man," "Mind and Body," "State of the Union" and "Globe Trotting." As you can tell from titles such as "Mind Your Manners" and "Testing Times" you are going to be learning about idiomatic expressions as well as the proper use of grammar structures.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Developing grammar in context offers a learner-centred approach to grammar study for intermediate level students. Developing Grammar in Context provides clear explanations and lively practice focusing on key grammar areas. Using spoken and written examples drawn from the Cambridge International Corpus, Developing Grammar in Context will help learners consolidate and deepen their understanding of how English really works. This edition, with answers, is ideal for self-study.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Developing grammar in context (intermediate) is a grammar reference and practice book which can be used by learners for self-study, or can be used in class. A basic premise of the book is that learners need to meet examples of a grammatical structure in an authentic context, and think about its use, before they try to use it for themselves.

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  • (BQ) New Cambridge Advanced English is specially designed to be suitable BOTH for students who are preparing for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam AND for students who aren't preparing for this exam, but who want to develop their English for their work, studies and social lives. Ebook New Cambridge advanced English: Part 2 presents the following topics: Fame and fortune, Education and science, Communication, The English - speaking world, How strange! Body and mind, Love stories, The natural world, What's in the news? The real world.

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  • (BQ) If you are using the book by yourself, use the Index and the Contents list to find the area that you want to study, read the grammatical explanation, and then do the exercise. To check your answers, you will need to use the edition of Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate Students with Answer key. This part presents the following content: gerunds and infinitives, reported speech, sentence structure, prepositions, phrasal verbs.

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  • (BQ) In ebook Schaum's outline of English Grammar (2nd Edition): Part 2, the following content will be discussed: Chapter 4 pronouns, chapter 5 adjectives, chapter 6 adverbs, chapter 7 prepositions and conjunctions. In this book, the author presents a clear and lively picture of the English grammar. Available with answers -making it ideal for self-study-, the book seems to have been done to make material and exercises as straightforward as possible without any "catches" or special difficulties -including a glossary of grammatical terms that the author prepared with great care.

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  • (BQ) The grammar of words - An introduction to linguistic morphology (Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics) introduces the reader to the basic methods for the study of the internal structure of words, and to the theoretical issues raised by analyses of word structure concerning the organization of the grammars of natural languages. This book is divided into 2 parts, part 1 presents the following main contents: Chapter 1 morphology: basic notions, chapter 2 morphological analysis, chapter 3 derivation, chapter 4 compounding, chapter 5 inflection, chapter 6 inflectional systems.

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  • In our study, we aim to analyze the beliefs of pre-service teachers of foreign languages concerning teaching grammar and to pilot one of the instruments that will be used in studying pre and in service foreign language teachers’ belief on teaching and learning grammar.

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  • My research was conducted in a class studying the second English course at Thuyloi University. Specifically, within three periods, learners went through vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and four language skills. Vocabulary only made up a small part at the beginning of each lesson. As a result, in later activities making use of the words, many of them failed to keep pace with their partners because there were not sufficient practices before that.

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  • In summary, role play is motivating and effective to practicing speaking. The classroom is easily set up and broadened to the outside world with a much wider range of language opportunities. This enables students to practice the target language, interact with one another, build confidence and put learning into action.

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  • The research of “Difficulties and mistakes in writing English of grade 10th students at The Asian International School, Cao Thang campus” is write to find out difficulties when students write English. This study will point out fields that students mostly have such as grammar, vocabulary, coherence, logic or structure of an essay. Therefore, this research can provide us with solutions to answer this problem.

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