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  • How to Prepare a Case Study While there is no one definitive "Case Method" or approach, there are common steps that most approaches recommend be followed in tackling a case study. It is inevitable that different lecturers will tell you to do things differently, this is part of life and will also be part of working for others. This variety is beneficial since it will show you different ways of approaching decision making.

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  • This book has been prepared with the idea that teachers generally would be glad to introduce into their classes work dealing with the real objects of nature, provided the work chosen were of a character that would admit of its being studied at all seasons and in all localities, and that the subject were one of general interest, and one that could be taught successfully by those who have had no regular scientific instruction.

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  • Clearly, interest rate policy implemented by the Fed’s current operating procedures could not survive in this case. If the Fed persisted in implementing interest rate policy with its current procedures, the Fed would continually sell securities to withdraw reserves and currency. Reserves, for example, would be withdrawn to keep their marginal narrow liquidity services yield from falling below the interest opportunity cost represented by the federal funds rate target.

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  • It is a pleasure to recommend this useful and well-written little book to English readers. It will both interest and help. There are, for instance, a few pages devoted to the question of evidence that will be an aid to every one desirous of getting at the truth respecting any series of facts, as well as to the student of history. No one can read it without finding out that to the historian history is not merely a pretty but rather difficult branch of literature, and that a history book is not necessarily good if it appears to the...

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  • This study contains two objectives. The Örst is the identiÖcation of the public perception of monetary policy to establish a relationship between this perception, the behaviour of monetary authorities and some key economic variables. The second objective is the identiÖcation of the relationship between monetary policy and the term structure of interest rates. In particular, we are interested by the link with long-term interest rates. From this perspective, the works of Kozicki and Tinsley (1998, 2001a, 2001b) are interesting for two reasons.

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  • The authors investigate the relationship between sports-related event sponsorship and stock market valuation and identify factors that influence the financial rewards of sponsorship using World Cup and PGA tour sponsorship data. In particular, relationship between sports sponsorship with financial performance is examined in terms of sponsorship fit, event characteristics, and brand equity.

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  • This book on investigative electrocardiography is addressed to investigators who are using electrocardiology as a research tool in epidemiological or clinical research or in investigations on possible adverse responses of new pharmacological agents. The primary emphasis of the book is on prognostic implications of ECG abnormalities in the conditions covered, including the prevalence and incidence of ECG abnormalities in contrasting populations. We excluded from our book cardiac disorders with a relatively low population prevalence that otherwise may be of great clinical interest.

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  • The uptake of five fluorescein labeled cell-penetrating peptides (Tat, Tat2, mutated-Tat, peptide vascular endothelial-cadherin and transportan) was studied in wheat immature embryos. Interestingly, permeabilization treat-ment of the embryos with toluene⁄ethanol (1 : 20, v⁄v with permeabiliza-tion buffer) resulted in a remarkably higher uptake of cell-penetrating peptides, whereas nonpermeabilized embryos failed to show significant cell-penetrating peptide uptake, as observed under fluorescence microscope and by fluorimetric analysis....

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  • As natural language understanding research advances towards deeper knowledge modeling, the tasks become more and more complex: we are interested in more nuanced word characteristics, more linguistic properties, deeper semantic and syntactic features. One such example, explored in this article, is the mention detection and recognition task in the Automatic Content Extraction project, with the goal of identifying named, nominal or pronominal references to real-world entities—mentions— and labeling them with three types of information: entity type, entity subtype and mention type. ...

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  • This book, as I explained in the preface to its first edition, published in 1876, is designed to serve and entertain those interested in the transactions of the Theatre. I have not pretended to set forth anew a formal and complete History of the Stage; it has rather been my object to traverse by-paths connected with the subject--to collect and record certain details and curiosities of histrionic life and character, past and present, which have escaped or seemed unworthy the notice of more ambitious and absolute chroniclers.

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  • The operational procedures of the Bank of Greece underwent major changes during the 1990s. These shifts in operational strategy made interest rates the main tool of monetary policy for the first time in Greece. This paper examines the effects of changes in the bank’s operational interest rates on market interest rates at eight maturities and for different operational regimes. A major feature of our study is the application of the event study methodology used in finance, which has not been employed in any previous study on this subject.

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  • Determinants of net interest margin of commercial banks in Vietnam. This study provides an insight into the determinants of net interest margin (NIM) of commercial banks in Vietnam during the recession period. We employ secondary data collected from published audited consolidated financial reports of Vietnamese commercial banks from 2008, the year marking the outbreak of the global financial crisis, to the end of 2012.

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  • (BQ) This book will be of particular interest to students and academics working in sport studies, leisure studies, gender studies, queer and sexuality studies, social and cultural geography, and sociology.

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  • The [BMIM][PF6] ionic liquid that derived from dialkylimidazolium cations was synthesized using MW-assisted method under solvent-free condition. The synthesis of paraanisidineacetylacetone was then conducted in [BMIM][PF6] ionic liquid as solvent with good conversion after 6 hours under ambient condition without added catalyst. Interestingly, the recycle of [BMIM][PF6] ionic liquid was performed. The results showed that [BMIM][PF6] ionic liquid can be recovered and successfully recycled into subsequent reactions without significant loss of activity.

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  • We demonstrate the interest of expanded beam microlenses (around 55 µm of mode field diameter) to relax positioning tolerances and to decrease reflectance in single mode fiber to fiber interconnections . We also point out the interest of micro-lenses of very small mode field diameter (around 2 µm) to improve coupling efficiency in specialty fibers and integrated waveguides for non linear effects based functions and for sensors applications at a wavelength of 1.55 µm.

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  • A study was performed using density functional theory at the PW91PW91/DGDZVP2 level to investigate the structures and stability of the neutral nitrogen-doped titanium clusters TinN (n = 1-10). The most stable isomers may have spin state ranging from doublet to quartet to sextet. Interestingly, the ground-state structures of these clusters are consistently formed by adding an N atom on an edge and a face of the pure titanium cluster and the N atom prefers to stay on surface of the clusters.

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  • The results show that, before the program is introduced, only 8.47% of the technical students have shown high interests in engineering field with only 7.5% female students are interested in engineering compared to 18.42% for male students. After the program is introduced, as high as 33.05% students rated their interest in engineering field as ‘most interested’, with 39.47% in male students and 30% in female students. It proves that an engineering event is crucial in increasing students’ interests in engineering.

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  • The genus Litsea Lam. (Lauraceae) and Lepisanthes Blume (Sapindaceae) are wildly distributed in Vietnam, especially in the mountainous areas. The reports in the literatures indicated that these two genus contain many constituents with interesting structures and potential biological activities. In order to find interesting substances for development of new pharmaceutical ingredients or functional food products we would like to conduct the resarch thesis ‘‘Study on Chemical constituents and biological activities of Litsea glutinosa (Lour.) Rob. (Lauraceae) and Lepisanthes rubiginosa (Roxb.

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  • Hot Topics is a three-level reading discussion series written for inquisitive, mature students of English language learners. Each chapter contains several high-interest readings on a specific controversial and thought-provoking topic.One idea is a concept or mental impression.

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  • Many books exist that are guides to academicw riting for native speakersT. here are also a number for non-native speakersO. f these,q uite a few deal with the use of graphs, tables and other visuals. However, they normally explain how to insert or use these visuals to make your work more interesting and easy to understand. They do not usually explain how to write about these visual aids. The primary purpose of this book is to help you with the \Writing Thsk I of the IELIS Academic test.

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