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  • A Summary of W.D. Gann's Techniques of Analysis and Trading presents about Master yourself master yourself (do not overtrade; see if your trade is based on hope or logic and systems developed by you); trading strategies; tops, bottoms and consolidations.

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  • To help you have more learning materials and research, invite you to consult the document content "Desiree’s Baby – Summary and Analysis version 2". Contents of the document presents a summary story of Desiree's baby.

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  • Dissertation summary for doctoral philosophy program in education: Methods to develop communication skills for children with autism 3 - 4 years old: Based on theoretical and practical foundation about communication skills of CwA, the dissertation proposes and experiments methods to improve the communication skills for CwA.

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  • Leading text extracts created to support some online Boolean retrieval goals are evaluated for their acceptability as news document summaries. Results are presented and discussed from the perspective of commercial summarization technology needs.

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  • In this paper, we define a new type of summary for sentiment analysis: a singlesentence summary that consists of a supporting sentence that conveys the overall sentiment of a review as well as a convincing reason for this sentiment. We present a system for extracting supporting sentences from online product reviews, based on a simple and unsupervised method. We design a novel comparative evaluation method for summarization, using a crowdsourcing service.

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  • Subject of Summary a Ph D thesis of pedagog: Study developing process of the multigrade class at primary schools in Viet Nam: Activity of style of multigrade class at primary schools in Viet Nam in general and the Mekong Delta areas in particular.

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  • Doctoral thesis summary of agriculture: Application of chlorophyll and ratio vegetation indexes to calculate nitrogen rates at 10 days before tassel emergence period for two hybrid maize varieties LVN99 and LVN14.

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  • The main focus of this work is to investigate robust ways for generating summaries from summary representations without recurring to simple sentence extraction and aiming at more human-like summaries. This is motivated by empirical evidence from TAC 2009 data showing that human summaries contain on average more and shorter sentences than the system summaries. We report encouraging preliminary results comparable to those attained by participating systems at TAC 2009.

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  • In summarization, sentence ordering is conducted to enhance summary readability by accommodating text coherence. We propose a grouping-based ordering framework that integrates local and global coherence concerns. Summary sentences are grouped before ordering is applied on two levels: group-level and sentence-level. Different algorithms for grouping and ordering are discussed. The preliminary results on single-document news datasets demonstrate the advantage of our method over a widely accepted method. ...

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  • This paper presents DEPEVAL(summ), a dependency-based metric for automatic evaluation of summaries. Using a reranking parser and a Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) annotation, we produce a set of dependency triples for each summary. The dependency set for each candidate summary is then automatically compared against dependencies generated from model summaries. We examine a number of variations of the method, including the addition of WordNet, partial matching, or removing relation labels from the dependencies. ...

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  • Web search engines today typically show results as a list of titles and short snippets that summarize how the retrieved documents are related to the query. However, recent research suggests that longer summaries can be preferable for certain types of queries. This paper presents empirical evidence that judges can predict appropriate search result summary lengths, and that perceptions of search result quality can be affected by varying these result lengths. These findings have important implications for search results presentation, especially for natural language queries. ...

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  • In this paper, we present a study of a novel summarization problem, i.e., summarizing the impact of a scientific publication. Given a paper and its citation context, we study how to extract sentences that can represent the most influential content of the paper. We propose language modeling methods for solving this problem, and study how to incorporate features such as authority and proximity to accurately estimate the impact language model. Experiment results on a SIGIR publication collection show that the proposed methods are effective for generating impact-based summaries. ...

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  • This paper describes a program which revises a draft text by aggregating together descriptions of discourse entities, in addition to deleting extraneous information. In contrast to knowledgerich sentence aggregation approaches explored in the past, this approach exploits statistical parsing and robust coreference detection. In an evaluation involving revision of topic-related summaries using informativeness measures from the T I P S T E R SUMMAC evaluation, the results show gains in informativeness without compromising readability. ...

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  • Knowledge of HIV/AIDS is generally high, with sexual behaviour changes taking root in encouragingly low numbers of sexual partners and high levels of abstinence among the youth. There is still great uncertainty of the relationship between HIV and AIDS and popular myths. South Africans from all walks of life are at risk. In particular, wealthy Africans have the same levels of risk as poorer Africans - whereas in other race groups, poorer people are more vulnerable to infection.

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  • This monograph is the executive summary for MG-530-A, written by Frank Camm, Cynthia R. Cook, Ralph Masi, and Anny Wong, and titled What the Army Needs to Know to Align Its Operational and Institutional Activities. These two documents were produced as part of a project called Adapting the Institutional U.S. Army to the Emerging Operating Force for the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (ODCSOPS, G-3). The study presents a way to define the expectations of the U.S. Army leadership about future performance in the institutional Army. This project is...

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel approach to automatic generation of summary templates from given collections of summary articles. This kind of summary templates can be useful in various applications. We first develop an entity-aspect LDA model to simultaneously cluster both sentences and words into aspects. We then apply frequent subtree pattern mining on the dependency parse trees of the clustered and labeled sentences to discover sentence patterns that well represent the aspects.

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  • Despite its long history, and a great deal of research producing many useful algorithms and observations, research in cooperative response generation has had little impact on the recent commercialization of dialogue technologies, particularly within the spoken dialogue community. We hypothesize that a particular type of cooperative response, intensional summaries, are effective for when users are unfamiliar with the domain.

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  • This paper describes an extractive summarizer for educational science content called COGENT. COGENT extends MEAD based on strategies elicited from an empirical study with domain and instructional experts. COGENT implements a hybrid approach integrating both domain independent sentence scoring features and domain-aware features. Initial evaluation results indicate that COGENT outperforms existing summarizers and generates summaries that closely resemble those generated by human experts.

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  • We investigate elaborative summarisation, where the aim is to identify supplementary information that expands upon a key fact. We envisage such summaries being useful when browsing certain kinds of (hyper-)linked document sets, such as Wikipedia articles or repositories of publications linked by citations. For these collections, an elaborative summary is intended to provide additional information on the linking anchor text. Our contribution in this paper focuses on identifying and exploring a real task in which summarisation is situated, realised as an In-Browser tool. ...

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  • In the context of the Document Understanding Conferences, the task of Query-Focused Multi-Document Summarization is intended to improve agreement in content among humangenerated model summaries. Query-focus also aids the automated summarizers in directing the summary at specific topics, which may result in better agreement with these model summaries. However, while query focus correlates with performance, we show that highperforming automatic systems produce summaries with disproportionally higher query term density than human summarizers do.

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