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Techniques for collaborative

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  • This paper presents the result of a research on application of robotic welding for welding system of truck chassis in a car factory. This work takes part in a project in collaboration with Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company. This paper particularly focuses on presenting optimization problems to minimize the welding time of truck chassis.

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  • The main topics covered in part 2 of document "Advanced operating systems and Kernel applications: Techniques and Technologies" include: the exokernel operating system and active networks; dynamic analysis and profiling of multithreaded systems; exploiting disk layout and block access history for I/O prefetch; sequential file prefetching in linux; peer-based collaborative caching and prefetching in mobile broadcast;...

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  • In the last decades, several papers have shown that quantum techniques can be successful in describing not only events in the micro-scale physical world – for which they were originally invented – but also in describing social phenomena, e.g., different economic processes. In our previous paper, we provide an explanation for this somewhat surprising successes. In this paper, we extend this explanation and show that quantum (and more general) techniques can also be used to model research collaboration.

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  • Modern biomedical research is often organized in collaborations involving labs worldwide. In particular in systems biology, complex molecular systems are analyzed that require the generation and interpretation of heterogeneous data for their explanation, for example ranging from gene expression studies and mass spectrometry measurements to experimental techniques for detecting molecular interactions and functional assays.

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  • Chapter 8 - Working and writing in teams. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Different kinds of productive and nonproductive roles in teams, group decision-making strategies, characteristics of successful teams, techniques for resolving conflict, techniques for making meetings effective, technologies to use in teamwork, techniques for collaborative writing.

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  • The agricultural sector has already seen phases of raising crop productivity but this had huge impacts on the environment. This time, there is a need of „sustainability‟ to come into play. This is possible by increasing the base genetic variability and emphasizing on the Evolutionary Phase of plant breeding. This further requires the collaboration of classical or traditional breeding techniques with the modern biotechnological tools.

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  • The Monterey Bay Region benefits from science-based adaptation planning that places value on a healthy social-ecological ecosystem. We co-developed a methodological engagement framework to support an iterative place-based process among natural resource managers, the planning community, and the community of technical experts (e.g., economists, scientists, lawyers). In collaboration with local decision makers, we are evaluating the effects of adaptation strategies on ecosystem services provided by natural dune and wetland systems to inform decision making at the local government level.

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  • Characterization of user activities is an important issue in the design and maintenance of websites. Server weblog files have abundant information about the user’s current interests. This information can be mined and analyzed therefore the administrators may be able to guide the users in their browsing activity so they may obtain relevant information in a shorter span of time to obtain user satisfaction.

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  • This special issue of the Knowledge Management & E-Learning: an international journal(KM&EL) aims to stimulate interest in the web based issues in both teaching and learning, expose natural collaboration among the authors and readers, inform the larger research community of the interest and importance of this area and create a forum for evaluating innovations and challenges. We intend to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in developing and enhancing web-based learning environment.

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  • Reliable and accurate positioning and navigation is critical for a diverse set of emerging applications calling for advanced signal-processing techniques. This book provides an overview of some of the most recent research results in the field of signal processing for positioning and navigation, addressing many challenging open problems. The book stems from the European Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications NEWCOM++, in which I was privileged to be involved as both an external observer and a contributor.

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  • Consensus is always difficult. Even in the setting of level I evidence, competing interpretations, experiences and interests present challenges to the best-intentioned analyses. Consensus requires commitment to the process, time, a spirit of collaboration and, above all, leadership. For many, Andy Novick’s career was both the quintessence of leadership and the embodiment of the best in academic urology.

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  • ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission) form the specialized system for worldwide standardization. National bodies that are members of ISO or IEC participate in the development of International Standards through technical committees established by the respective organization to deal with particular fields of technical activity. ISO and IEC technical committees collaborate in fields of mutual interest.

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  • Other content-driven online resources include the aforementioned and the Google Art Project. Although these center on the art world, they are not resources centrally intended for user contribution. They still entertain the format of the textbook, with one or several authors prescribing the material and methods of content to study. GDHit attempts to provide faculty and students with the online tools to publish works and content both collaboratively and individually. In the graphic design field, there are very few online content-driven applications. Beyond TDE.

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  • We describe an application that generates web pages for research institutions by summarising terms extracted from individual researchers’ publication titles. Our online demo covers all researchers and research groups in the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. We also present a novel visualisation interface for browsing collaborations.

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  • The Sync Framework is Microsoft’s innovation to address the dilemma of occasionally connected systems. It is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices. In particular, it features technologies and tools that enable device roaming, sharing, and the ability to take networked data offline before synchronizing it back to the networked application at a later time.

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  • It is a pleasure to edit the second volume of papers presented at the Mathematical Finance Seminar of New York University. These articles, written by some of the leading experts in financial modeling cover a variety of topics in this field. The volume is divided into three parts: (I) Estimation and Data-Driven Models, (II) Model Calibration and Option Volatility and (III) Pricing and Hedging. The papers in the section on "Estimation and Data-Driven Models" develop new econometric techniques for finance and, in some cases, apply them to derivatives.

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  • The second of these new initiatives launched in September of 2008 is a similar partnership between an organization called World of Good, Inc. and online auction giant eBay. This collaboration is known as World of Good by eBay and their tagline is “Where your Shopping Shapes the World.” The partnership was formed with the idea that there is a growing consumer need for trusted information, and for transparency into how and where products are made. Both World of Good and Worldstock.

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  • Fostering Immunization Uptake in Argentina The pneumococcal vaccine was incorporated into the Argentinian national immunization scheme in April 2011, providing a way for infants to receive the vaccine for free beginning in 2012.

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  • Innovestment Grants to provide funding opportunities to support clinical innovations in patient care; Fasttrack Innovation in Technology Awards to offer software development resources dedicated to rapid cycle development of promising innovative ideas in clinical care; Innovators’ Forum to help innovation community at Boston Children’s; Telehealth Task Force to develop hospital-wide strategy for a telehealth program that includes the remote delivery of care and physician to physician virtual consultations.

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  • This initial stage of the project also provides the project manager with opportunities to get to know the team and help them get to know each other. The time-honored kick-off group lunch can be combined with techniques often using in training sessions such as sharing personal and professional information with a colleague who then makes the group introduction. In addition, the project manager should ensure that the physical workspace is arranged in a way that facilitates collaborative activities such as pair programming and team problem solving.

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