Tendency using decision

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  • In every text, some words have frequency appearance and are considered as keywords because they have strong relationship with the subjects of their texts, these words frequencies change with time-series variation in a given period. However, in traditional text dealing methods and text search techniques, the importance of frequency change with time-series variation is not considered. Therefore, traditional methods could not correctly determine index of word’s popularity in a given period.

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  • The purpose of this book is to use sabermetric methods to appraise the overall performance and particular tendencies of baseball’s field generals—its managers. Although this is not the first sabermetric study of managers to be done, it is a bit different from much of what has come before it. Most other attempts to quantify managerial performances focused on the ingame decisions made. Individuals much smarter than myself have looked at very specific decisions managers make—such as sacrifice bunting, issuing intentional walks, attempting to steal, etc.

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  • Despite worldwide evidence of the low levels of female participation in social, educational, economic and political spheres, there is still a tendency to see it as a real problem only in a limited number of countries. Yet, as noted above, the reality is that no country in the world, no matter how advanced, has achieved true gender equality, as measured by comparable decision- making power, equal opportunity for education and advancement, and equal participation and status in all walks of human endeavour.

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  • ALFRED MARSHALL MEETS LAW AND ECONOMICS: RATIONALITY, NORMS, AND THEORIES AS TENDENCY STATEMENTS.Thomas Ulen (2000, p. 797) has recently argued that the ‘‘most important’’ characteristic of the economic analysis of law is ‘‘its use of rational choice theory to examine legal decisions

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  • Mental accounting is the common tendency to create artificial budgets covering different categories of spending and saving. People use this technique to evaluate and keep track of their finances but it can lead to seemingly irrational decisions such as saving at low interest rates whilst simultaneously borrowing at high rates. Status quo bias is the tendency for people to stick with their prior choices. It is therefore relevant to the selection of financial products and the incentive to stay informed.

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