The bell tree

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  • This paper proposes a new approach for coreference resolution which uses the Bell tree to represent the search space and casts the coreference resolution problem as finding the best path from the root of the Bell tree to the leaf nodes. A Maximum Entropy model is used to rank these paths. The coreference performance on the 2002 and 2003 Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) data will be reported. We also train a coreference system using the MUC6 data and competitive results are obtained.

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  • The history of an invention, whether of science or art, may be compared to the growth of an organism such as a tree. The wind, or the random visit of a bee, unites the pollen in the flower, the green fruit forms and ripens to the perfect seed, which, on being planted in congenial soil, takes root and flourishes. Even so from the chance combination of two facts in the human mind, a crude idea springs, and after maturing into a feasible plan is put in practice under favourable conditions, and so develops. These processes are both subject to a thousand accidents which are inimical...

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  • There is renewed interest in examining the descriptive as well as generative power of phrase s~-~uctur~ grammars. The primary motivation has come from the recent investigations in alternatives to t-~ansfor~ational gremmmrs [e.g., i, 2, 3, 4]. We will present several results and ideas related to phrase structure trees which have significant relevance to computational linguistics. We %~_nT to accomplish several objectives in this paper. I.

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  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Table of Contents Data Structures and Algorithms Alfred V. Aho, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey John E. Hopcroft, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Jeffrey D.

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  • The costume of our progenitors was chiefly remarkable for its extreme simplicity; and, as far as we can gather, no difference in design was made between the sexes. A few leaves entwined by the stalks, the feathers of birds, the bark of trees, or roughly-dressed skins of animals were probably regarded by beaux and belles of the Adamite period as beautiful and appropriate adornments for the body, and were followed by garments made from plaited grass, which was doubtless the origin of weaving, a process which is nothing more than the mechanical plaiting of hair, wool, flax, &c.

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  • This interesting and valuable rug is of antique Tabriz weave, of finely blended colors, and rare design. It represents the individual squares on the floor of a mosque, each one of which may be occupied by a worshipper kneeling in prayer. Rugs with a single design of this kind are usual, but a grouping of many such spaces in one rug is rare. Forms of the Tree of Life are represented in different panels, and the border is very rich and handsome. The fabric is fine, the texture soft and firm.

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  • THE VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR Preparation for Tet cleaning their houses, polishing their copper and silverware and paying off all their debts. Decorating the tree with bells, flowers, and red streamers

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