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  • In the qualitative aspect of work was used structured interview form, face to face interviews which were identified to code-categories and analyzed the data. As a result of the work, students had difficulty in drawing the volume of concept but they had expressed that the volume of concept was clearer. Moreover, it was determined that the rate of preference volume of concept during the exam was low.

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  • This study is a report on the validity of the hypothesis that students’ perception of the learning environment in a psychology classroom reflects their attitude, confidence and sense of satisfaction with regards to psychology. It examines data obtained from 110 students in 2 psychology classes of the Faculty of Education, An Giang University, to identify how students’ perceptions of the classroom learning environment varies and the extent to which this reflects attitudes, confidence and satisfaction.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "investments" has contents: the investment environment, asset classes and financial instruments, how securities are traded, mutual funds and other investment companies, capital allocation to risky assets, optimal risky portfolios, index models, the capital asset pricing model,...and other contents.

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  • This book got its start as an experiment in modern technology. When I started teaching at my present university (1998), the organization and architecture course focused on the 8088 running MS-DOS—essentially a programming environment as old as the sophomores taking the class. (This temporal freezing is unfortunately fairly common; when I took the same class during my undergraduate days, the computer whose architecture I studied was only two years younger than I was.

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  • Chapter 14 provides knowledge of capacity to contract. This chapter include objectives: Explain concept of capacity, list the classes of persons without capacity and the effect on a contract, describe the rights to disaffirm or ratify and duties of disaffirmance.

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  • Chapter 14 - Capacity to contract, learning objectives of this chapter include: Explain concept of capacity, list the classes of persons without capacity and the effect on a contract, describe the rights to disaffirm or ratify and duties of disaffirmance.

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  • Three-dimensional virtual environments have gained wide popularity due to improvement in graphic rendering technology and networking infrastructure. Many education institutions have been trying to leverage the potential of 3D virtual environments in their application in education. In this research, we aim to evaluate the students’ perception of virtual environments in teaching and learning activities. We set up a virtual classroom, where a short presentation was delivered to students through virtual projectors in Second Life, the most widely adopted 3D virtual environment.

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  • In present times, complexity in the business environment, and advanced technology has intensified the challenges for more management accounting information to meet global competition. Therefore, contemporary management accounting practices (CMAPs), which focus on financial and non-financial information, have emerged to support managers’ decision-making processes.

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  • I am an admitted object-oriented fanatic. I have been designing and implementing object-oriented software for more than twenty years. When I started designing and implementing object-oriented MATLAB ® , I encountered many detractors. They would say things like “The object model isn’t complete,” “You can’t have public variables,” “The development environment doesn’t work well with objects,” “Objects and vector operations don’t mix,” “Object-oriented code is too hard to debug,” and “MATLAB objects are too slow.” None of these statements matched my experience with MATLAB objects.

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  • This is a business improvement book for everyone. Whether you are a small business, large company, head of a division, run a department or are an individual employee who simply wants better results, this book is for you. We're all feeling the effects of the recession and generalized economic malaise that has gripped our country and the world. The need now is to operate more effectively in a more competitive environment with fewer customers. The business improvement methodologies you need to be more successful are contained here in this book....

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  • Learn Visual Basic 6.0 is a self-paced course. The suggested approach is to do one class a week for ten weeks. Each week’s class should require about 4 to 8 hours of your time to grasp the concepts completely. Prior to doing a particular week’s work, open the class notes file for that week and print it out. Then, work through the notes at your own pace. Try to do each example as they are encountered in the notes. If you need any help, all solved examples are included in the VB Code folder.

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  • FOR THE PAST SEVERAL DECADES instructors in the field of educational technology have focused on training instructional designers. A quick survey of graduate programs in this area indicates that the majority of the classes are geared toward instructional design from the viewpoint of learning psychology or from the viewpoint of using multimedia tools for the latest technological advances. Courses have emphasized a systematic approach to the development of instructional products usually consisting of various approaches to analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

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  • Bonds will play a crucial role in financing the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. Investor interest in the asset class is growing, but what is the current investment opportunity already out there? This report, commissioned by the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence and prepared by the Climate Bonds Initiative, presents a first estimate of the outstanding global bond market size linked to key climate change themes, and examines future drivers and trends in the short term.

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  • Formal specification of agent behaviour through environment scenarios introduces a formal notation for the specification of scenario s in agent based systems. The autonomous and collaborative behavior of an agent can be formally specified by a set of rules describing its activity in various scenarios. The power of the approach is illustrated by the formal specification of maes.


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  • Liquid fuel consumption by medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs) represents 26 percent of all U.S. liquid transportation fuels consumed and has increased more rapidly—in both absolute and percentage terms—than consumption by other sectors. In early recognition of these trends, which are forecast to continue until 2035 (DOE, EIA, 2009), the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA; Public Law 110-140, Dec. 19, 2007), Section 108, was passed, requiring the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), for the first time in history, to establish fuel economy standards for MHDVs.

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  • VSP techniques provide information in the vicinity of the borehole. VSP is a class of seismic measurements that can obtain high resolution images near the wellbore (Hardage, 2000). VSP acquisition utilizes sensors deployed within a borehole and sources located at the surface, whereas crosswell tomography uses sources and receivers both deployed in boreholes. The advantage of VSP, crosswell seismic, and other high resolution methods is to obtain more precise estimations of the CO2 induced effects on seismic properties.

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  • Gestalt structures of purely formal beauty. Objects of sensation manifest themselves very rarely, if ever, in isolation. They normally occur in association with each other in such a way as to manifest Gestalt structures of different types, and such structures, too, may be beautiful or ugly. Thus melodies, tones, geometrical patterns, blends of perfumes or of tastes, rhythms, colour-harmonies, etc., will constitute Witasek's second class of elementary aesthetic objects (39ff.).

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  • The decision to implement a virtual learning environment (VLE) in a primary aged school presents advantages to, and raises issues for, school management, and is certainly not one that should be taken lightly (Gill & Shaw 2004, qv Visscher & Wild 1997, p264, Hargreaves 1999, p123, Visscher et al 2003, p364).

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  • The modules ‘Psychology of Change Projects’ and portions of the modules ‘Project Management’, ‘Communication Management…’ and ‘Silicon Valley…’ constitute the communications and leadership view on change. Coordinated by experienced executives, students get in touch with tools and concepts for business case planning, project management, and financial aspects of change projects. Less theoretical, but valuable personal experience can be gained in a one-week outdoor module that takes place in the mountains.

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  • The Cocoa frameworks are some of the most powerful frameworks for creating native desktop applications available on any platform today, and Apple gives them away, along with the Xcode development environment, for free! However, for a first-time Mac developer, just firing up Xcode and starting to browse the documentation can be a daunting task. The Objective-C class reference documentation alone would fill thousands of printed pages, not to mention all the other tutorials and guides included with Xcode.

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