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  • Cross-cultural communication 1: Some differences between the vietnamese and the american in communication styles has many contents: introduction, some differences between the Vietnamese and the American in communication styles greeting, getting acquainted with others, praising and criticizing, being modest, giving present, conclusion.

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  • The aim of the thesis is to apply the theory in cognitive linguistics to Vietnamese to establish the conceptual structure and conceptual domain “food”, discover the target domains, the source domains, mapping system and the mapping mechanism among the conceptual domains; codifying metaphorical notion of "food" in Vietnamese in order to study cognitive characteristics and Vietnamese cultural identity through conceptual metaphor of "food”.

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  • The East Asia has an ancient history and has created many typical values that immortalized, though the vicissitudes of history. The Confucianism is one of these values. Crossing over the Chinese border, Confucianism arrived Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, which formed a Confucian cultural region. However, the Confucianism was selected and adapted to each culture where it penetrated. Thus, it created Vietnamese Confucianism, Korean Confucianism, and Japanese Confucianism.

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  • A field experiment was conducted during kharif season of 2018 at Research Farm, Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani to assess the co-inoculation effect of different bacterial cultures with Rhizobium phaseoli on nutrient dynamics.

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  • Health is largely determined by our social, economic, physical and cultural environment. Although, as we move further into the 21st century, we can see improvements for many people, inequalities in health and health outcomes still persist. The differences in life chances are dramatic and there is a direct correlation between low socio- economic status and poor health outcomes4. Health inequalities affect both women and babies.

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  • The main purpose of this paper is to investigate and discuss how to motivate Generation Y employees at workplace, increasing their performance and satisfaction, and helping the organization to achieve its goals. The concern about motivation has increased as business environment becomes more competitive and organization‟s Human Resources (HR) happen to be more important to the business success.

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  • There has undoubtedly been rapid economic growth in China over the last few decades and the importance of the Chinese market for the aviation industry has greatly increased as China opens up its skies to the West. One of the key challenges for any foreign executive conducting business in China is to understand how cultural differences can impact on business deals. Therefore this study addressed the interesting question of how Chinese culture and in particular the traditional concept of guanxi can impact Irish executives in the aviation industry when conducting business in China.

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  • The androgenic potentials of various cucumbers were significantly (P < 0.01) influenced by the different macronutrient strengths and agar concentrations, although anther culture responses could vary according to the cucumber type.

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  • This struggle asks us to have the concrete and practical solutions. It is important for us to build new ethics in the process of social and economic development. We should combine social benefits with collective and individual benefits harmoniously. We should overcome and check the causes that make ethics to be downgraded. Of course, building of new ethics in a market economy is not easy and simple problem. We have the suitable means to develop values of the new ethics.

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  • There is increasing appreciation that non-cancer cells within the tumour microenvironment influence cancer progression and anti-cancer drug efficacy. For metastatic prostate cancer (PCa), the bone marrow microenvironment influences metastasis, drug response, and possibly drug resistance.

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  • This research used Hofstede's theory of culture (1980, 1991) and the development of Sharma's personal cultural aspects (2010) includes: Independence and interdependence, Power and social inequality, Risk aversion and ambiguity intolerance, Masculity and gender equality, Tradition and prudence.

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  • "Lesson International business" prsent the content globalization; national differences in culture environment; national differences in political situation; national differences in economics environment; international business strategies; country evaluation and market selection; modes of entries; the organizational structure...

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  • Chọn lọc những giáo án Unit 2 Lớp 12 Cultural diversity được biên soạn chi tiết, rõ ràng với mong muốn giúp cho bạn đọc gặt hái những thành công việc dạy và học. Với những giáo án này, quý thầy cô có thể sử dụng để củng cố cho học sinh những nội dung chính của bài, thông qua bài học, học sinh được học thêm một số từ vựng mới, phát triển một số kĩ năng Tiếng Anh cần thiết để có thể phục vụ cho việc học và làm sau này.

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  • Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo các bài giảng của Unit 2 lớp 12 để có thêm nhiều tài liệu giảng dạy cho học sinh. Với nội dung của bài Cultural diversity giáo viên có thể hướng dẫn học sinh tìm hiểu về vai trò và sự đa dạng của văn hóa, học thêm một số từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề, biết cách sử dụng các từ mới thông qua hỏi và trả lời về văn hóa. Hy vọng rằng những bài giảng này sẽ giúp các giáo viên bộ môn 24p minhbao_151 31-03-2014 228 35   Download

  • The thesis aims to point out the similarities and differences in the way English and Vietnamese native speakers making invitations. The thesis, in addition, aims to give an insight into making invitations for English majors in Dong Thap university. moreover, it is intended to provide some reliable implications for teaching invitation making to English majors in Dong Thap University.

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  • The number one predictor of your success in today’s borderless world is not your IQ, not your resume, and not even your expertise. It’s your CQ, a powerful capability that is proven to enhance your effectiveness working in culturally diverse situations. And CQ is something anyone can develop and learn. Research conducted in more than thirty countries over the last decade has shown that people with high CQ are better able to adjust and adapt to the unpredictable, complex situations of life and work in today’s globalized world.1...

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  • Landscapes of a New Cultural Economy of Space is the fifth volume of the series. Focusing on the transformations and changes in human life that influence landscape development, the book presents ‘landscape’ as the interface of human-environment interrelationships where the different processes of change are perceived and expressed. Theano Terkenli and Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre use this approach as a way to introduce a collection of contemporary discussions in landscape research and geography which look specifically at the cultural transformation and representation of landscapes.

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  • This study is expected to investigate linguistic and cultural features of names of food and drinks in Vietnamese and in English so that we can clarify similarities and differences in the way that restauranteurs in Hoi An Ancient Town name food and drinks. Moreover the study help people who serve in restaurants in minimizing misunderstand between the two cultures in communication, particularly in ordering in restaurants, bars, coffee shops,....

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  • Unstructured modelling growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus as a function of the temperature: We present modelling software developed under MATLAB in which parameter estimations are obtained by using non-linear regression techniques. The different parameters appear in a set of non-linear algebraic and differential equations representing the model of the process. From experimental data obtained in discontinuous cultures a representative mathematical model (unstructured kinetic model) of the macroscopic behaviour of Lactobacillus acidophilus has been developed.

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  • Chapter 4 - Differences in culture. In this chapter, you will learn to: Explain what is meant by the culture of a society, identify the forces that lead to differences in social culture, identify the business and economic implications of differences in culture, recognize how differences in social culture influence values in the workplace, demonstrate an appreciation for the economic and business implications of cultural change.

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