The future of information technology

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  • Globalization, caused by the rapid development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is becoming an inevitable trend in the present world. Globalization offers clear opportunities and benefits for the world economies but comes with substantial social costs that often appear to affect people, especially the youth. The world’s researchers have paid most of their attention to adolescents, the special group of youth whose transition from being children to adulthood, has been most affected by the globalization period.

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  • Climate change and accelerating socioeconomic developments increasingly challenge environmental problems in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD) – a typical large, economically dynamic, and highly vulnerable delta. The amount of people exposed to climate changes in VMD is estimated to increase shortly. This paper collects information of the important discoveries about future climate changes from the global climate models (GCMs) indicating that VMD will likely be warmer in the future with an average temperature over 1.5o C and sea-level rise (SLR) will be 100cm in 2100s.

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  • Oxford English for Information technology (Second edition): Part 2 has present the contents: communications systems, computing support, data security 1, data security 2, softwware engineering, people in computing, recent developments in IT, the future of IT, planning group presentation, defending a decision;...

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  • Lecture Information technology project management (Eighth Edition): Chapter 9, after studying this section will help you understand: Explain the importance of good human resource management on projects, including the current state of the global IT workforce and future implications for it; Define project human resource management and understand its processes.

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  • The present review tries to bridge an existing gap in literature – huge no. of research material is available of the technological advancements and applications of nanomaterials, paving the path for future research in this area, yet very limited information is available on their possible toxicity of living forms (plants, animals, humans alike) as well as the environment.

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  • Principles of Supply Chain Management (Second edition): Part 2 has contents: Need for Integration; Financial and Information Technology Perspectives; The Future.

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  • The significant development in the construction of microscale cell culture platforms and the interest in bioanalytical analysis have recently resulted in the emergence of a new concept of ‘organ-on-a-chip’ systems. Organon-a-chip is a new three-dimensional (3D) in vitro microfabricated unit that contains a multichannel microfluidic cell culture. Even if many informative and useful data are obtained from animal models and in vitro assays, they are still limited for extrapolation to human systems during drug design and development.

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  • The industrial sector is consuming 35% of the total energy production in Pakistan. Furthermore, many emphases are given in this domain during the past few decades. Energy crises have incredibly influenced the industrial sector which affects the country’s economy directly. Electricity saving is possible in the industrial sector by using techniques of energy management (EM). By using this technique, we can save enough energy that will offer financial and conservational help in upcoming.

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  • In the digital era, ICT competency is a fundamental component of the teachers’ professional competencies. Therefore, it is necessary to empower pre-service teachers with sufficient ICT competencies to perform their professional activities in the future.

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  • Customer satisfaction terminology applied in the project problem and solution method has been increasingly important in construction industry. The method presented is using design phase of project life cycle as the study case. The interaction process or input and output method developed is a process of combining a project life cycle and a customer-oriented process. The internal and external customers were introduced to define the strategic objectives and next phase objectives. The method has ascertained the customer requirements through the design phase of project life cycle.

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  • Lichen is a combination of two organisms one is alga and another one is fungus. There is symbiotic relationship between alga and fungus. The algal part provides nutrition to the whole organism and the fungus part provides structural support to the organism.

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  • There are always a wide range of opinions about internet and social media and how useful or harmful, it can be. As a marketer, I can say for certain that used in the right way, it can be a very powerful communication tool and an unsurpassed platform for engagement. There’s a lot to learn about internet and social media, and a huge variety of social media that you could employ, but this article will give you a strong start on knowing what’s out there and how it can help you.

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  • Cloud computing is an architecture for facilitating computing service through the internet on requirement and pay per user access to a group of shared resources namely networks, storage, servers, services and applications, without physically acquiring them Cloud DBMS is a distributed database that gives computing as a service. It is sharing of web infrastructure for resources, software and information over a network. The cloud is used as a storage location and database can be accessed and computed from anywhere. In this paper I have discussed about cloud and its use.

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  • Greater emphasis on future constraints to agricultural production is motivated by the projections of environmental change. The speed of population, change in climate and environmental has pressurized the crop community to understand the importance of those stresses which may result in the significant declines in yield. Advances in data availability, advance information technology, and new and improved methods to target genotypes to environments have benefited the crop improvement practices. No methodology is found in literature which integrates factors like climate, soil, land cover etc.

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  • The newest waste management technology is bioconversion using fly larvae converting organic waste to insect larval biomass and organic residue. Bioconversion is a practice of recovering resources while simultaneously limiting the amount of organic material affecting landfill behaviour. Several organisms have been used in this treatment process. Several studies have been done using the black soldier fly larvae to degrade organic material.

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  • Enterprises that want to develop sustainable business with high competitiveness need to balance three factors: economic, environmental and socially responsible, towards a green economy - ensuring the long-term development of future generations starting from the sense of environmental protection. The goal of sustainable development also brings certain benefits to the business when it directly contributes to business value.

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  • This article presents the successive changes and evolution of the frameworks for 21st century competencies, since the appearance of the first conceptual models during the final years of the last century, and also it is a review of the competencies that are needed in the 21st century with a special focus on the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) competencies. The included frameworks have been elaborated by diverse institutions such as international organizations, private consortia and also governments as a guideline for educational policies in elementary and secondary schools.

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  • Many organizations have implemented knowledge management systems to support knowledge management. However, many of such systems have failed due to the lack of relationship networks and IT capability within organizations. Motivated by such concerns, this paper examines the factors that may facilitate the success of knowledge management systems. The ten constructs derived from social capital theory, resource-based view and IS success model are integrated into the current research model.

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  • Canadian provincial governments have made significant investments in nurse advice telephone lines and Internet resources as non-traditional options to reduce emergency department visits and improve access to health care for the population. However, little is known about the characteristics of users of these services, and who chooses to use them first, before accessing other sources of health advice. Additionally, individuals with lower levels of education tend to be late adopters of technology and have inconsistent utilization of health services.

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  • This study proposes a framework that incorporates mobile peer assessment and augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance interaction and learning effectiveness. According to the framework, a mobile AR peer assessment system has been developed to facilitate students to improve work interpretation, frequently interact with peers, represent their thinking and reflect upon their own works anytime anywhere.

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